Late at night, in Jerry’s room.

“30,000 red stars. It is true that I can earn many red stars by participating in such a big incident.”

Jerry was pleased as he counted the red stars on his panel, which had climbed during the robot riot to a total of 30,000.

You must be aware that his “Refreshing” negative effects are now progressively less noticeable. Also, he has spent this time focusing on researching magic and strengthening his powers, thus he hasn’t really been out fighting crime.

His red star amount has consequently always been low. The approach was a little risky this time, but the results were quite substantial.

That is why he was thrilled at this moment. Red stars are Jerry’s most valuable resource, despite the fact that they cannot directly boost his strength.

The effectiveness of learning magic will be significantly decreased without the red star. It is difficult to enter the parallel world in order to increase his power without them. In particular, he intended to spend some time in the “Harry Potter” world since there were just two days left until the cooldown ended.

Since his last visit, he has purchased a sizable amount of magic books, including seventh-grade textbooks, allowing him to study a sizable number of spells for the higher grades. After he read it, there was still a significant lack of understanding and extensive spell usage.

The Transformation Charm should be the finest magic spell to use while dealing with those robots. He can easily win the battle as long as he can change some crucial components of those robots into other substances.

It’s unfortunate that he studied too much magic during this time and didn’t put enough effort into transfiguration, as a result of which he was unable to turn those challenging and intricate robots accurately.

Relying on magic you learned on your own is still far worse. He would still require the teacher’s careful guidance if he wished to increase his magic ability swiftly.

Sun Lok is now in charge of the magic discovered in the “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” universe, which is sufficient for the time being.

Yet he still needs to visit Hogwarts to spend time with the professors studying the magic in the “Harry Potter” universe.

After clearing his mind, he put on his wizard robe once more and took off on a broom for Manhattan.

“I haven’t been out in a long. The criminal must be active in Manhattan once more right now.”


The S.H.I.E.L.D. branch in New York two days later.

“The first is a detailed report on the robot riot in the Queens exhibition hall, and the second is a report on Tony Stark’s personal assessment.” Black Widow said, placing two documents on Nick Fury’s desk.

After carefully reading the two documents, Fury questioned Black Widow in-depth questions regarding the details before responding.

“Make contact with Tony Stark and ask him to come to me tomorrow morning. I need to talk to him about something.” After hearing this, Black Widow nodded and walked out of the room.

Upon Black Widow’s departure, Fury sat back in his chair and lowered his eyes gradually.

A little while later, he abruptly opened his eyes, clicked a desk button, and stated into a desk-mounted microphone, “Tell Agent Hill to come to my office.”

Five minutes later.

“Are you looking for me, director?” Agent Hill entered the workspace.

“What’s going on with Captain America?” Fury asked directly.

Hill’s face lit up with a smile, “Tests conducted by our experts indicate that it might be due to the ice or the super soldier serum. Captain America still has a very strong life vital after having been frozen for 70 years.”

“Captain America should be able to recover from it fully, provided that we melt the sealed ice and after a period of time.”

“Really good, thank you.” After hearing Hill’s explanation, Fury cracked a smile.

The Avengers’ formation is currently not going very well. Hawkeye and Black Widow are without a doubt easy to be taken care of. The Wizard, Iron Man, and the Hulk each have their own issues.

The Hulk cannot be controlled. Before taking out the opponent, he might assault one of his own comrades.

Black Widow believes that Iron Man has an impetuous nature and could be very difficult to work with.

The Wizard, on the other hand, is excellent in every way. He used to believe that she was too young to be a decent support. She demonstrated good combat skills throughout this time.

On the other hand, the Wizard appears to be extremely apprehensive of S.H.I.E.L.D., even going to great lengths to hide their true identity, and they are not at all willing to join.

The unintentional finding of Captain America surprised him. Since Captain America satisfies his requirements for Avengers members in every way, and because a captain is definitely required if the Avengers are to be established.

Not having the best combat skills is not a requirement for the role of a captain. Rather, you must possess great leadership and tactical command skills.

Captain America has fought Hydra before. He is a person with actual military expertise, and he has led his team on numerous occasions, taking down the powerful Hydra at the time. Finally, Captain America gave his life so that all of New York would not be devastated by nuclear bombs.

“I will take over the matter of Captain America in person. You can find a way to see if you can contact The Wizard. I have something to talk to her.”

“Did Coulson already inform you about the “Hammer that dropped from the sky”?” Hill had a general idea of why Fury was seeking the Wizard as soon as she heard him mention it.

Fury nodded, “It’s not easy to handle that hammer. We’ve tried everything up to this point, but it won’t budge even a millimeter. The most qualified crew that was sent over, utilized the most advanced technological tools, and they are unable to identify what it is. I believe magic may be involved.”

Fury might not have given it much thought if he hadn’t met the Wizard and witnessed her many unexplainable magics, but now that he has. He feels that some things that science cannot explain may need to be explained by magic.

“You might have to wait until after midnight if you want to speak with The Wizard. There is no simple way for us to get in touch with her.” Hill shrugged.

You can only visit Manhattan after midnight if you wish to speak with The Wizard because her true identity is unknown.

“Maybe you should ask her for her cell phone number when we next meet.”

“I’m worried that she won’t hand it over to us.”

The wizard is shrewd despite her youth. She must be aware that her genuine identity cannot be concealed if they have her phone number.

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