“Well, shit.”

Tony and Colonel Rhodes both assumed the same thing as soon as they saw Ivan emerge in the whiplash armor.

“Let me launch my “Ex-Wife” missile at him.”

As Colonel Rhodes saw Ivan was ready to attack Jerry, who was hiding in the jungle, he swiftly activated the ultimate weapon that had recently been added to the War Machine.

The military requested Hammer to load as many weapons as he could onto the War Machine armor after receiving it back from Tony in order to maximize its lethality.

Rhodes is using the most powerful weapon on the armor, the Sidewinder Missile affectionately named “Ex-Wife” by Hammer.

It contains cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine explosives, which are incredibly potent and capable of destroying a building and blowing up an entire bunker with just one shot.

Rhodes’ right shoulder’s armor began to shift mechanically, and a little launcher was swiftly elevated.

Then, with a “click,” a cigar-sized missile flew out, hit Ivan’s whip armor precisely, and then fell to the ground under him. The smoke disappeared and there was no more motion.

Tony glared at him and asked, “From Hammer Industries?”

Colonel Rhodes awkwardly nodded.

The “ex-wife” had little effect on him, so the two were forced to rush Ivan with plans to engage in a hand-to-hand combat.

Ivan has already done enough research on Rhodes’ War Machine and Tony’s armor. His whiplash armor is designed to withstand Tony’s armor.

The electric whip, a close combat weapon, and Tony and Rhodes armor pale in comparison to the Whiplash Armor in terms of size and power.

More significantly, the opponent can only engage him in close combat at this point because he has exhausted all the guns on Tony and Rhodes’ battle armor with his robots.

After a series of hand-to-hand fights, even if Tony and Rhodes were two against one, they were still no match for Ivan. If this continued, it would probably not be long before the two of them would have to be beaten to death by Ivan.

In the meantime, Jerry was keeping busy in the woods where he was hiding. He cast a summoning spell to bring up a picture book from the gap in the suitcase after anticipating Ivan’s strike and hastily flipped it to one side.

Several bison with large horns are rushing furiously across a prairie in the book. Jerry cast a spell by flicking his finger in the direction of the book. With a flick of his finger towards the book, Jerry casted a spell.

The buffaloes in the book began to emerge one by one after the spell was finished, and they all neatly stood in front of Jerry.

The animals in the image can become real thanks to the wizardry of the Morganians. Horvath’s pterosaurs and other gigantic dinosaurs are beyond of reach for Jerry’s strength, but he can still morph into common animals like bison.

“Go, Bison Charge!”

Jerry climbed up onto the final bison after dozens of them had been lined up. The bison bolted for the area where Ivan and the others were engaged in combat with a wave of his magic wand.

At this time, in the open space.

Ivan’s electric whip simultaneously locked Tony and Rhodes after a tough battle. The two struggled to break free from left to right.

The three of them noticed that a big area of trees in the direction of the forest started to tremble as if they had been touched by something as soon as there was a sharp tremor on the ground.

Following then, a sizable herd of bison dashed out of the forest. The herd of bison charged directly at Ivan at a pace of almost ten meters per second, their broad horns on their backs.

Jerry sat at the tail end of the herd of bison.

Ivan hastily retracted the electric whip and began to propel away in order to dodge the herds of approaching bison.

A bison can easily lift a car, with so many of them charging over at once, it is predicted that even with his whiplash armor, he will be crushed to death.

“Don’t let him fly!” Jerry shouted at Tony and Rhodes with an Amplifying Charm after noticing that Ivan tried to fly away from it.

Rhodes and Tony recognized it right away. They extended both hands to grab the electric whip when Ivan pulled it back, dragging Ivan who was about to take off as they did so.

The whiplash armor that Ivan specifically created to combat Tony’s armor rapidly distorted and split from the violent impact of numerous bison striking him one after the other.

Ivan regrets for using so many long-range weaponry back then. With his whiplash being restrained by the enemy, he doesn’t have any means of defense against the approaching bison.

The whiplash armor is made for close combat fight only. The main weapon is two powerful electric whips. Naturally, there are very few other weapons. In order to deal with Jerry who was hiding in the forest just now, Ivan had used all of his when he first landed.

It’s just that he didn’t expect Jerry to be aware of it in advance, and they all avoided it.

“I can’t hold it much longer!”

Under the strong impact of the bison, Tony and Rhodes, who were pulling two electric whips, were also knocked out together, and then let go of the electric whips in their hands while rolling.

Ivan finally brandished his electric whip once again without Tony and Rhodes’ restrictions.

After a few consecutive strokes, the electric whip, which has enough force to split an ordinary automobile in half, splits the approaching bison into two halves.

But when he used all of his effort to slay the bison, he failed to realize that Jerry was riding a bison that was approaching from behind him.

Jerry then formed his hands into the shape of his two palms. It was the magic that Balthazar’s created, a light sphere appeared between his palms.

The characteristic of the lightning ball magic is that there is no need to chant spells, and the speed is extremely fast, which is difficult for ordinary people to avoid. But, even with Jerry’s strength at this moment, the lightning ball he unleashed was not very potent. It couldn’t even penetrate Ivan’s armor.

Yet the magic has a peculiarity. If you don’t worry about the activation speed, you can output as much magic power as you can to condense the ball and boost its strength.

Yet the challenge is that it requires considerable magic control to keep it from blowing up before it is released.

Of course, this is nothing to Jerry. He will have extremely powerful magic control when he activates “Refreshing”.

As time passed, the ball in Jerry’s hand grew in size from a fist, to a rugby ball, then a volleyball, and finally it grew to the size of a basketball before stopping.

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Published On: April 20, 2023

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