In a one-on-one fight with any human or beast, Jerry still stands a fair chance of winning thanks to his present strength and the various magics he has learned.

It is a little challenging to fight if there are too many foes and they can cover an entire area of the battlefield. Jerry was well aware of this.

In the end, there isn’t enough time to master magic. He will only have enough time to learn magic—even with the aid of “Refreshing”—in one year.

In particular, he studied a variety of magics from several sources rather than specializing in a handful.

Although magic’s short-term power was diminished, its capacity to save lives was substantially enhanced. When you can’t win the battle, it’s not a problem to employ any form of magic to run away.

Also, he is no longer battling by himself. Two people are now fighting in front of him.

Jerry pulled out the mirror, touched the surface with his hand, chanted a magic spell, and the mirror rippled at once.

The Hungarian Mirror Trap has the ability to briefly generate a small world in the mirror. After being thrown within, the enemy will become imprisoned in the mirror world and unable to escape.

It is said that if the enemy deployed a bomb in the mirror world, it will be destroyed instantly because the mirror world’s strength is correlated to the wizard’s strength.

Jerry nevertheless released this magic at this time because it could only control the robots that were being commanded remotely.

He silently peered out after using magic to levitate it and observed Tony and Colonel Rhodes engaging the robot soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.

“Find a way to fling those robots at the mirror!”

Jerry stepped back and once again hid himself in the park’s forest after using the Amplifying Charm to make his voice more audible.

As Tony unexpectedly heard Jerry’s voice while carrying a robot army gun, he turned to look and saw a big mirror floating in the air. Tony flung the robot soldier in his palm in the direction of the mirror even though he didn’t understand what Jerry meant.

The imagined smashing of the mirror did not happen. Just after making contact with the mirror’s surface, the robot dropped into the mirror, appeared in the mirror’s world, and stopped moving.

Jerry would undoubtedly be unable to sustain the mirror world if the robot soldier stood up and began to bombard the mirror world.

The robot soldier was no longer in the same universe as reality once it entered the mirror world.

Ivan is operating these robots from a distance, which is why they are currently attacking Tony. They won’t attack again after entering the mirror world since they will naturally be unable to receive the remote-control signal.

After the recent series of intense battles and flights, Tony was still utilizing the outdated palladium Arc reactor, therefore the energy was severely lacking at this point.

This briefly rendered many of his attack temporarily unusable, including the repulsor on his hand.

He is now essentially engaging in hand-to-hand combat while wearing the iron armor. Thankfully, he has been looking for trainers to practice different fighting techniques like boxing, martial arts, and fighting ever since he became Iron Man.

All of these robots’ body parts are composed of tough steel. Even though they don’t have as good of a defense as his iron suits, it’s still challenging to defeat them in hand-to-hand battle.

War Machine, which Colonel Rhodes is controlling, has some issues with the suit as well as running out of ammunition because of Tony’s repulsor back then.

“Man, I love magic.”

When Colonel Rhodes, who had just been crushed by the robot soldiers, saw that Jerry had created a magic mirror that could seal the robot soldiers, he loudly thanked him. The robot soldiers on his body slammed at the mirror with a powerful kick.

Although it is difficult to entirely destroy these robot troops, it is not too difficult to fling them into the mirror. These robots can’t be as adaptable as Tony and Colonel Rhodes in action because Ivan controls them remotely.

Just like that, the twelve robot soldiers were swiftly sent into the mirror world with tacit cooperation from Tony and Colonel Rhodes. Jerry was happy by the result of this.

He now has twelve robots at his disposal that can be controlled remotely. These robots have now contained in his mirror world. Of course, returning them to the government or Hammer Industries is not a good idea.

Tony, who still owes him two favors, knows how to control these robots.

If it fails, S.H.I.E.L.D. will step in. S.H.I.E.L.D. will ask for his assistance later and he may ask them to handle the command of these robot soldiers.

There are many skilled hackers in the world, and he’ll find a method to spend a lot of money to do it when the time comes, even though it might be a little challenging.

When Jerry was about to leave and felt the situation had been resolved, a robot soldier with an abnormally huge size and strange shape suddenly descended from the sky.

It opened its helmet to show a middle-aged man’s head. Ivan Vanko, the genius behind everything, arrived with a whip he had created while wearing an armor.

Ivan closed his helmet once more, swung his hands forcefully, and two long whips with lightning appeared in his hands after speaking harshly to Tony and Colonel Rhodes.

When he whipped the ground, two large cracks developed on it at once.

However, Ivan did not instantly attack Tony and Colonel Rhodes at this time. Instead, he swung his hand in the direction of the mirror, clearly intending to destroy the strange mirror that had initially sucked up the twelve robot soldiers.

When Jerry learned about the enemy’s plans at this point, he promptly used his Levitation Charm to recover the mirror.

If the whip hits his mirror with enough force, his mirror world will instantly explode, releasing the twelve robot soldiers once more.

Jerry hurriedly backed away after grabbing the mirror and threw it right into the suitcase. As soon as he stepped forward, the area where he was standing was immediately surrounded by heavy artillery fire.

It came out that Ivan had previously prepared before he landed as a result of a series of earlier incidents. Before the crucial fight with Tony, he sought to eliminate Jerry, a strange person with a variety of strange magic.

After all, magic can occasionally be confusing, especially for a scientist.

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Published On: April 19, 2023

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