Colonel Rhodes and Tony both suffered significant falls in the park’s forest.

Although being shielded by his own armor, Tony was still unsteady from the fall and took some time to stand up. Even though Colonel Rhodes was inside the War Machine, which was remotely controlled, the armor rapidly stood up and charged at Tony.

War Machine’s M-134 machine gun began to fire, aiming at Tony’s head, who was underneath him with the intention of killing him with the weapon.

Thankfully, Tony finally responded at this point and firmly extended a hand to pinch the machine gun’s barrel in an effort to prevent it from aiming at his head.

His armor’s power is still the same as before, and a lot of energy was expended in the recent intense flight and robot combat because the new Arc reactor has not yet been fully developed.

He briefly felt overpowered after being restrained by the War Machine. Tony’s temporary relief from the life crisis brought on by the wizard’s magic cure made him motivated to explore his father’s belongings.

This also caused the new Arc reactor to be delayed at this time, despite the fact that he discovered a new element through his father’s relics that might totally replace palladium.

He had to put on his gear, rush over from Los Angeles, and utilize the previous Arc reactor to make an emergency call after the laboratory received a call from Ivan Vanko.

Thankfully, he no longer fears becoming poisoned because he is convinced that by returning, he will be able to fully construct the new reactor and permanently eliminate the threat of palladium poisoning.

Colonel Rhodes’ body, which was crushing on Tony just as he could no longer hold on, was quickly launched into the air when a magic light flashed. Jerry was the one who arrived on the broom.

“It’s you again!”

Ivan Vanko, who was flying from Hammer Industries to the ecological park while wearing his armor, noticed Jerry’s figure via the War Machine at this point, and his eyes grew cold.

This kid used cunning methods to get rid of all his ground robots. He would have used those air force robots to deal with him if he hadn’t wanted to kill Tony first.

“See if he can handle this.” Ivan started to launch a counterattack while being remotely commanded by his armor.

War Machine, suspended upside down in the park, obviously stopped for a while before the propellers on each of its feet were ignited instantaneously, directly shattering Jerry’s spell. War Machine then dropped to the ground.

People can rarely break spells in the air since there is nowhere for them to exert their strength. They can only be overcome by counter-curse, or the effect of the spell will disappear after the time is over.

War Machine, however, is a combat suit. It has propellers. He can forcibly fall on the earth even if he is hanging upside down in midair thanks to the force of the propellers.

Soon after touching down, War Machine set up the machine gun behind it and prepared to attack Jerry. Jerry waved at War Machine at this point while remaining calm and collected.

Because Tony had already been seen standing there and aiming the repulsor at the War Machine.

Sure enough, Tony’s repulsor barraged War Machine in advance before his machine gun could attack, sending him flying straight into a nearby tree. Tony also got a message from Black Widow at this point.

“War Machine has been restarted. Colonel Rhodes ought to be okay right now.”

It turned out that Black Widow had subdued all of Hammer Industries’ security at this point to go to Ivan Vanko’s computer. She effectively freed War Machine from Ivan’s control due to her excellent hacking abilities.

“Thanks, Agent Romanov.” Tony approached Colonel Rhodes and knocked on his helmet with his hand.

“Hey, wake up. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Colonel Rhodes opened his helmet and shook his unconscious head.

“Mr. Stark, I saved you again. Is it over now?” He approached both of them when Jerry saw that Colonel Rhodes was back to normal.

“Thank you, but I’m afraid the situation is not over yet. The robots that were after me just now are definitely coming soon.” Tony told Jerry as he picked up Colonel Rhodes off the ground.

Tony received a further alert from Black Widow at this point, and the computer displayed the arrival of twelve robots. Ivan might have utilized different controls to operate those robots once more.

“Best of luck to you all!” Jerry instantly rushed into the neighboring woods and vanished after hearing this.

Jerry currently has no effective means of combating those flying robots. He can still utilize his dragon, but it can’t fly and will likely be a moving target on the ground. The key is that he currently possesses little magic power.

Nevertheless, even with the Protego Charm on the wizard’s robe, they are not safe because there are so many flying robots, many of which carry machine guns and missiles.

He didn’t mean to flee, but he had to first hide in the shadows because fighting in front of those robots was plainly not a good idea.

He may then covertly deploy magic help in the dark while Tony and Rhodes stand in the front.

The robots have a strong defense, and the majority of his offensive magic is not lethal to them. He was able to inflict such harm on them just now by controlling the dragon from a distance and crushing the dozen or so ground robots that are incapable of flight.

Nevertheless, safety has always been first in Jerry’s mindset even though he was the last person to enter the park at this time.

“Ah, wait!”

Tony lifted his hand in utter silence before putting it down again after witnessing Jerry leave the area without hesitation. Even though the wizard can do magic tricks, he is still a little child. How can a child be permitted to take part in the upcoming fight?

“All right, buddy, what’s your next move?” Tony looked at Colonel Rhodes.

“I believe we should first establish a commanding height and then unleash an attack on them after they touched down.” Colonel Rhodes turned his head and peered around.

The twelve robots had already landed on the ground and were encircling them when they debated where to choose the commanding heights.

At the same moment, Jerry quietly took out a mirror from his suitcase as he was hidden in the bushes.

“Let me now demonstrate my mirror image wizardry.”

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Published On: April 19, 2023

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