“What the hell is this?”

Ivan saw a massive dragon head biting towards him with its teeth wide as soon as he switched to the first-person viewpoint of a ground robot. The computer informed him that another robot had lost communication before he had a chance to respond, and the entire screen went black.

“It seems that he noticed.”

They finally stopped searching for Iron Man in the air to fire anti-aircraft cannons and turned to point the machine gun and grenade gun on their shoulders at him. Jerry was aware that the person in charge should have done it himself.

But he had no fear of anything. The dragon was transformed by magic. It would still be fine even if it were killed. There would be no loss at all because he could simply make another later.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these robots will be able to defeat the dragon.

As he realized that Jerry was in control of the dragon, he violently flicked its tail like a bowling ball to instantly sweep away half of the robots that were in his immediate vicinity. The remaining robots’ machine guns and howitzers began to fire at him at this point as well.

The dragon is not only strong but also well-defended. Despite the strength of those machine guns and howitzers, it is difficult to destroy the dragon quickly.

Jerry, who felt no pain at all despite being surrounded by dense bullets, opened his lips and let out a mouthful of flame that looked like a high-pressure flame, instantly dousing the remaining robots in flames.

The dragon’s body began to break apart over time, and the robots’ bullets and explosives started to appear less frequently.

Machine guns and grenades ultimately succeeded in totally destroying the dragon, which then returned to its original plastic dragon form as the flames subsided.

Those robots were not having a good time. Practically all of them had been turned into a pile of scrap iron with only half of their body remaining, barely able to fire bullets.

Some of the brave civilians began to gradually come to this side after seeing that the dragon had been killed and the robots had been all but eliminated.

“What is happening? What caused the dragon to become plastic?”

“Take caution. That robot’s half is still moving!”

“Oh my gosh, my food truck was just destroyed by these goddamn robots!”

“Look, the wizard is coming!”

A wizard-clad figure on a broom came descending from the skies as everyone was talking. It was Jerry who came down with the little boy.

The robot’s barrel softened fully and drooped there like noodles with a wave of Jerry’s wand. He then turned to face the plastic dragon model.

The dragon model is currently covered in cracks and bullet holes, making it clear that it cannot be used once more.

“Reparo!” A mystical light appeared on the plastic dragon after tapping the wand.

It took only a few seconds to totally restore the already-damaged plastic dragon to its previous form.

It turns out that Jerry had given it some thought and believed that creating another plastic dragon would be difficult. He just so happened to recall a simple solution to this issue from the first-grade textbook: a magic spell.

One of the first grade’s fundamental spells, Repairing Charm, can make broken goods look as good as new and is frequently used to fix little items like glasses.

You can also fix some massive items, like houses if you have a specific level of proficiency in this magic.

In fact, Jerry had a nagging suspicion that the Repairing Charm might not be as straightforward as the introduction since he recalled that when Dumbledore visited Professor Slughorn’s home in the film, he returned everything to its former state.

He thought the spell was more akin to time magic, traveling back in time to return the object to its original state.

Jerry tossed the plastic dragon model back into the suitcase with satisfaction after seeing it in perfect condition. Everyone raised their hands in applause when they realized that the enormous dragon that was currently battling the robot had been summoned by the wizard using magic.

“Where did you go, Peter?” A concerned lady went to the little boy standing next to Jerry at this moment. She was wearing a red sweater and had long hair.

“Aunt, I was just about to get attacked by a robot, but the wizard sister saved me!”

“Um, wizard sister?” Jerry was momentarily startled until he realized that everyone still saw him as a girl.

“I’m May Parker and thank you for saving Peter.” The woman promptly hugged Jerry to show her appreciation after hearing this.

Jerry quickly broke away from his thoughts and replied, “Don’t mention it.”

But then he suddenly thought of something, and looked at the lady again, “You said your name was May Parker?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” May nodded in confusion.

“And you are his aunt?” Jerry pointed to the little boy.

May nodded again.

“So, your name should be Peter Parker.” Jerry turned to look at the little boy.

The little boy was stunned for a moment and then replied, “Yes, my name is Peter Parker. Didn’t I tell you on the roof back then?”

“Back then?”

He had just focused most of his attention on controlling the dragon on top of the building, so he wasn’t paying attention in what he was saying.

Surprisingly, the boy he saved turned out to be the well-known Spider-Man in the future.

Jerry enjoys Spider-Man. He has seen the entire Spider-Man trilogy that Tobey Maguire portrayed back then. He does not share Spider-Man’s philosophy but that does not stop him from admiring Spider-Man’s benevolence and sense of justice.

You must be aware that Venom’s possession magnifies the worst aspect of his heart in the third film. He goes to the bar to dance, begs his boss for a pay raise, and makes threats about throwing dirt in people’s eyes.

Jerry patted the boy on the shoulder and was about to head to the exhibition hall to see if Haas needed his assistance with anything when there was an abrupt roar in the distance.

Looking above, he saw Iron Man who, while being held tightly by Rhodes’ War Machine, had just destroyed a few robots in the air and crashed into the exhibition hall’s ecological park.

“It seems that Mr. Stark may need more help now.”

There was presumably no immediate threat to Haas because he had previously defeated all of the ground robots. Jerry ultimately decided to get back on the broom and fly over to the ecological park.

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Published On: April 18, 2023

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  1. Uh. Does this timeline match up? Maybe in the movie versions?

  2. i think they said at some point that the kid in the iron man mask from Iron Man 2 was supposed to be peter parker, so it matches up.

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