Ivan Vanko was having a great time at the Hammer Industry Headquarters when he besieged and attacked Iron Man, who was wandering around by using a computer to command 32 robots and Colonel Rhodes’ War Machine, much like a cat chasing a mouse.

Iron Man’s father expelled his father, Anton Vanko. He assisted Hammer, this time in taking down Stark Industries, eliminating Iron Man, and avenging his father.

After working for a time on the computer, the eight army robots that were already in place on the plaza outside the exhibition hall stretched out a few long pliers and firmly embedded themselves, securely fixing their enormous bodies on the ground.

Then they slowly extended anti-aircraft guns that were made specifically to fire at air units. Iron Man was the target of the anti-aircraft gun.

Jarvis is undoubtedly better than those robots. As soon as it was locked, it sounded an alarm, allowing Iron Man to calmly avoid being shot while also using a repulsor to destroy the robots that were lying on the ground.

Eight robots were scurrying through the crowd on the other side, searching for Iron Man’s flight path in an effort to take him down with the homing missiles they carried.

Upon passing through the crowd, one of the special robots unexpectedly saw a young child donning an Iron Man helmet. It mistakenly thought he was Iron Man, so the robot immediately lifted the machine gun behind him.

When Tony noticed this, he accelerated, threw off Colonel Rhodes’ War Machine, and flew toward the young boy. But before he could get there, a kid on a broom emerged one step ahead of him, grabbed up the young boy, and carried him away from the robots’ line of fire.

“It’s the wizard.” Tony knew right away that the wizard who had saved his life was the same wizard who had saved before.

“Handle the robots in the air, leave the ones on the ground to me.” Jerry waved his hand towards Tony in the air, and led the boy to the top of an empty building.

Tony nodded, and flew into the air once more to lure all the robots away.

“Hey, kid, don’t move and just stand still. After I’ve dealt with these robots, I’ll send you down.”

Jerry said to the boy after seeing all the robots fly in Tony’s direction. He retrieved a 20-meter-long plastic, the custom-made dragon that he had made two days ago, from the suitcase using a summoning spell.

The boy removed his Iron Man helmet, gave a brief nod, and then turned to face the 20-meter-long plastic dragon.

The dragon-shaped sculpture immediately sprang to life when Jerry touched his wristband on the compass after chanting the Dragon Transformation Spell.

Following the movement of the dragon-shaped sculpture on the compass, the plastic dragon on the roof turned into a magic dragon covered in black scales in an instant.

The model and the dragon-shaped engraving on the compass are two important components of the Dragon Transformation Spell.

He sensed that a portion of his spirit entered the magical dragon’s body due to the Dragon Transformation Spell’s accomplishment.

“This feeling is really amazing.”

He exhaled when he felt the magic dragon’s body, leaving some of his mind in his main body to allow the magic to be discharged in case his body is in danger. Jerry commanded the dragon and dove from the top of the more than ten meters high building.

He quickly took control of the dragon after landing with a thud and raced for the robot in front of him.

The magic dragon consumes a lot of mana, so he needs to fight quickly.

“What the hell is that? A dragon?” The citizens who had fled in terror due to numerous explosions were instantly terrified and stopped fleeing when they saw the dragon coming down from the sky.

They are able to comprehend the appearance of robots. After all, there was Iron Man, and Hammer Industries’ robot warriors received a lot of press.

They flee because of fear of being unintentionally hurt by the robot’s shots. They were surprised to discover a living dragon instead of what they had anticipated.

Whether it’s eastern dragons, western fire dragons, or prehistoric dinosaurs, it’s not “Jurassic Park” and these animals can’t exist in the real world.

Hence, when a huge dragon that was longer than 20 meters came in the square, everyone momentarily forgot about the danger posed by the robot and stopped moving.

“Turn the camera to the dragon right away!”

In order to continue reporting, Lucy, hiding on a balcony on the second floor of the hall, urged the cameraman to switch to the dragon immediately.

Lucy is also qualified to visit the exhibition hall this time because she is a reporter with a reputation for writing about wizards.

She was so brave that, after the recent events, she didn’t flee in terror like the rest. Instead, she ran head-on through the crowd to the second level of the hall with her cameraman, where they discovered a balcony from which to conduct an in-depth analysis of the robots and Iron Man in the sky.

“Guess Who I just saw? It was the wizard! Please pan to the right and enlarge the area around the roof where the dragon has just appeared. Had you noticed that? The wizard is perched atop the structure. I suppose the wizard used magic to control the giant dragon just now!”

While drawn to the dragon. She instantly moved her head to the roof where the dragon had just jumped off, where she saw the wizard doing magic.

Jerry concentrated most of his efforts on the dragon, which he directed to approach the first robot at a very fast speed.

Jerry was not Iron Man, the robot’s electronic eyes ignored that information and carried on scanning the sky. Jerry, however, didn’t give a damn. He took direct control of the dragon, lifted his powerful dragon claws, seized the robot’s calves, and smashed it to pieces.

Although the robot’s steel body is sturdy, a dragon’s might is unmatched.

The robot was flung out of the ground and its entire body shattered into pieces after taking such a string of blows.

|Lost Contact|

His attention is abruptly drawn to an alarm on the computer informing him that an army robot has been obliterated. Ivan Vanko continues to attack Iron Man inside the Hammer Industrial Building as he commands the robots.

At first, he didn’t care about it. But as soon as the computer reminded him that three robots had been destroyed, he understood something wasn’t right. He briefly delegated the responsibility of encircling Iron Man to an AI, and the computer screen shifted to the ground robot.

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Published On: April 18, 2023

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