He observed how, as Iron Man shot into the air, the robots stationed at the stage immediately turned on their weapons, and the bullets erupted madly in his direction, shattering all the glass over the entire exhibition hall in an instant.

As soon as Jerry realized this, an invisible air shield emerged above him, shielding him from any glass shards that might harm Aisha and the others in the wreckage.

“Is Hammer crazy? How could he shoot something up here?!” At this point, Pizarro or the majority of people believe that Hammer is the brains behind everything. He did create these robots, after all.

“Quick, get out of here. It’s not safe here!” Quickly picking up Aisha, Haas drew Jerry in the direction of Belle and Pizarro.

As Tony was being pursued by half of the robots, the other half of the ground robots—which were incapable of flight—jumped off the stage.

As Belle heard the remarks, she hurriedly assisted Pizarro in getting to his feet and then quickly left the exhibition hall with Haas.

The safety of the crowd below wasn’t a concern for the robot. Everyone who stood in front of them, no matter who they were, would be mercilessly knocked aside by them when they sprang off the stage and dashed outside.

Being struck by a three-meter-tall steel robot traveling at top speed is probably not that much worse than getting struck by a moving vehicle.

The machine guns and grenades mounted on these robots’ shoulders were still being used to attack Iron Man as they ran. Although many attacks failed, they all still splashed blood into the nearby buildings and crowds.


Just as Haas and the others were ready to leave the exhibition hall, a general in military uniform was rushing away from them when an army robot struck him. He quickly vomited blood and fell on the yelling throng among them.

The general is thought to have sustained at least a major injury, and the robot’s speed was very high. In an instant, it moved in the direction of Belle, who was helping Pizarro after striking the general.

Belle ended up in the robot’s walking path by accident, and it was clear that the robot had no intention of avoiding her.

“Watch out!”

Haas swiftly released Jerry’s hand at this point, took out a police gun, and fired twice at the robot in an effort to stop it from advancing forward.

Yet, the protection of this robot is too strong for the attack capability of standard police weapons. The bullet struck the steel body of the robot, bounced off, and disappeared without leaving a trace.

Haas handed Aisha to Jerry and turned to face Belle with a huge stride, using his hands to stop the robot before it could strike her before she could respond. He pushed Belle away and collided with the approaching robot.

Haas will undoubtedly use his own body to stop the three-meter-tall robot and give everyone time to flee.

A loud boom wasn’t caused by the robot hitting Haas. But the robot was tossed upside down by Haas and fell heavily to the ground. Haas was astounded to see the robot flying backward.

What is happening? He didn’t even touch the robot, why then did it take off on its own?

“Haas, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go!”

Haas didn’t have time to consider what was going on when he saw Belle assisting Pizarro and running over with concern on his face. He quickly grabbed up Aisha once more, dragged Jerry along, and fled outside.

Jerry silently withdrew his right hand at this point. In reality, Jerry had foreseen the robot’s impending impact on Belle when it happened just now.

Nonetheless, he refrained from acting at the moment because he believed that the situation was urgent. The advantages of Haas could be most clearly seen, and every action Haas took after that would win Pizarro more admiration.

So he didn’t lift his hand and cast a spell until the robot was about to strike Haas, at which point the robot was sent flying.

As there are so many people around and Black Widow can be seen nearby, Jerry is unable to employ any overt magic and must instead use a spell to ease the situation temporarily.

The air cannon can’t harm the robot because of its strength. Yet, in this instance, as long as it can be flown out, Haas won’t be harmed.

“You leave first, and I’ll return later to take a look.” Haas explained a few things and then led Belle and the others into Pizarro’s car before turning around and running towards the exhibition hall.

Although Haas advised Jerry not to push himself to prevent risk, he has never been cautious in his work as a police officer. Even if he couldn’t handle those robots, at least he could protect the civilians from robot injuries.

“Take care!”

Belle was concerned, but she didn’t intervene. She spoke to Pizarro instead, who was going to start the vehicle after Haas had departed.

“Father, this is why I like Haas. He is brave, kind, and just. He won’t think twice about risking his life to save me if I’m in danger. Can those young individuals that you know accomplish this? What else is there save the fact that they are good at making money?”

During a little period of silence after hearing what his daughter had said, Pizarro sighed and added, “Belle, maybe your choice is right this time.”


Jerry flicked his fingers and silently released a Sleeping Charm when he noticed that Pizarro was preparing to start the car and leave this place.

Of course, he can’t go right now for two reasons. He’s a little concerned about Haas’ safety, and this is a prime opportunity to earn red stars.

He didn’t gain them for a few days, so his red star reserves have significantly decreased.

Unlock the door and, using the Levitation Spell, load Belle and the entire vehicle into the suitcase. Jerry located an alley, changed into his wizard robe, and then flew on a broomstick to the square outside the hall.

At this point, Iron Man was engaged in a lone battle in the sky above the square. He had to pay attention to evading the attacks of the land robots below while dodging the chase of flying robots and Colonel Rhodes.

They can currently only direct such remote-controlled robots to clash in the air more quickly. He planned to remove those robots from the city and destroy them one at a time.

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Published On: April 17, 2023

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