He also questioned Sun Lok about the claim that meditation may push the boundaries of the human body. Sun Lok assured him that it was normal because this is a common occurrence.

Breaking through human limitations is the goal of meditation practice. It is not common for them to be freed from the confines of the physical body because they can live forever.

Yet, since wizards already spend a lot of time practicing meditation and studying magic, under normal circumstances, no wizard would spend time training their physical body.

A few fireballs will completely burn a wizard’s body. Therefore spending a lot of time developing their body to be two or three times stronger than the average person makes little sense.

The most important factor is that magic is an artistic endeavor for wizards.

However, Jerry disagrees with this. Even if magic is crucial, the physical body is equally significant, and the two work best together.

He believed that one could defend themselves using both magic and physical prowess. Also, he has “Refreshing”. Once his physical foundation is strong, his combat abilities can be greatly improved.

Imagine how fantastic it would be when the enemy believed you to be a weak wizard, eventually managed to get past your different magics, and came up to you, only for you to shove and punch them in return.

Of course, magic should be used as much as possible to win the battle. Close combat can be used just as an ace card that is played when it matters most.

Therefore, using magic to handle the problem remotely is safer because close-quarters fight is riskier.


A week later, in Queens’ most opulent and noticeable exhibition space. Following Pizarro, Jerry, Aisha, Haas, and Belle sat down in the seats that had been set aside for them.

At least a thousand individuals were in the exhibition hall at this time. Almost everyone who could sit here, with the exception of a few reporters and employees, was wealthy and influential in New York, along with their families.

Several military generals and lawmakers from the political world attended. Hammer Industries wants to demonstrate to everyone that combat robots can now take the place of actual men on the battlefield. If it goes well, it could alter how warfare is conducted in the future.

“Good Evening, Miss Potts. Is Mr. Stark present right now?”

Pizarro’s voice soon reached Jerry when he sat down. When he turned to look, he saw that Pizarro was conversing with someone and that the person seated next to the blond beauty was a friend.

Jerry used the hair-removal magic on the plane a while back to assist Natasha, the Black Widow, in shaving her hair.

“Pizarro, Mr. Stark is unable to attend today’s event since he must attend to some pressing business.” Potts looked at Pizarro, then answered with a smile.

Potts still values Pizarro highly because he is one of Stark’s primary industrial raw material suppliers and a crucial collaborator.

She has to do all the jobs by herself, especially now that Tony is not available. She wants Stark Industries to be trouble-free, despite the fact that she is still bitter in her heart.

“Wow, that’s extremely unfortunate.” Pizarro sighed softly as he turned to face Potts.

Initially, Tony’s presence was the reason. He had complete faith in Stark Industries, so Stark Industries received preference over Hammer Industries when it came to the delivery of raw materials.

But as of right now, Tony has actually given Pepper Potts control over the whole Stark Industry. Also, there have been numerous absurd behaviors spread today regarding Tony.

He began to focus on Hammer Industries as a result of this gradually. He will have to carefully evaluate future collaboration to determine if Hammer Industries’ robots are actually as potent as Hammer claimed this time.

“Who is this?” Potts regarded Haas and Belle.

“Oh, that’s Belle, my daughter, and her partner.” Pizarro concentrated on introducing the three and his daughter.

At this point, music began to play on the stage in front of the exhibition hall as well as throughout the entire show hall. Hammer, who was dressed in a gray suit, moved to the podium’s middle while being applauded.

He then launched into an eloquent speech.

The fundamental point of the entire speech is that with robot troops, conflicts won’t require actual soldiers to enter the battlefield. Instead, victory would be achieved by remotely controlling a computer in the back.

Jerry, who was seated further away, laughed at Hammer’s remarks. Because hacking technology is so simple in a technologically advanced society like Marvel, he has always believed that using robots to wage war is incredibly unreliable.

They should be worried that all the robots they have worked so hard to create with so much money will end up serving someone else if they run into a strong hacker.

Rows of steel robots from Hammer Industries also started to emerge from the underground elevator halfway through the speech. Each of the four arms—Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Forces—has eight robots that stand close to three meters tall and appear menacing.

Ultimately, according to a military department directive, Colonel Rhodes, Iron Man’s close friend, also made an appearance while donning the War Machine armor.

However, a golden and crimson figure swooped towards him in the distance and gracefully landed on the podium as the audience cheered.

Nearly everyone in the exhibition hall stood up and cheered when they saw the figure step up to the podium.

The war robot displayed on the stage is excellent. But how can they be compared to Iron Man, who has a distinct personal charm, when they are just soulless machines?

Until this point, many observants in the exhibition hall had realized that, despite Hammer Industries’ remote control robot performing properly this time, it was utterly impossible for him to stand shoulder to shoulder with Iron Man, and that they were not even on the same level.

The same is true for Pizarro, who is currently standing as well.

Tony would undoubtedly be the center of attention when wearing the iron suit, regardless of how absurd his actions were beforehand.

“Hey, what’s happening?”

All of a sudden, Colonel Rhodes in armor and the Hammer Industries robots simultaneously displayed their weapons and pointed at Tony.

This scene caused the audience to panic.

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