“It appears that in the future, I will find a way to install soundproofing materials at home.”

Jerry could hear the living room’s progressively loud panting. A Sleeping Charm was used on Aisha. As soon as he placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket, he leaped into his suitcase.

Jerry recently chose to learn and absorb the magic of the Morganians and Merlinians rather than go out and earn red stars, and he focused on practicing meditation.

He even intends to teach meditation to Haas, Aisha, and Belle, even though they might not be able to pass level 300. If they can learn meditation, at least they can live longer.

Sun Lok informed him, however, that not everyone is able to study meditation. Otherwise, there would not be as few wizards.

You must have wizard blood to learn magic. Even if the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is not like the world of “Harry Potter”, becoming a wizard requires very strict talent.

Wizards are born with more brain power than common people, so that they can practice meditation. Ordinary people can only use one layer of the brain.

To put it another way, if a person has the aptitude of a wizard, even if he does not use magic, then in the world of regular people, if he studies diligently, he is extremely likely to become a top figure in a particular subject.

For instance, a limited percentage of highly well-known scientists, including biologists and physicists, may possess magical abilities. Haas can neither learn meditation nor has magical talent because he is a lousy math student.

“I’ll show you my most powerful magic today. Which is also a variation of my transmutation magic, Dragon Transformation Spell.”

Sun Lok sat cross-legged on the ground on the suitcase lawn and spoke quietly to Jerry. “You’ve seen the Dragon Transformation Spell before. I summoned a dragon during the battle in Chinatown using magic. Transmutation is the basis of it.”

“Traditional transmutation magic consists of changing an item into a particular form in accordance with one’s own ideas. Such as mimicking an ordinary classic car into a sports car, forklift, road roller, etc. In order to help you in battle, you can also directly give a statue a life like Balthazar.”

“The basic idea behind my Dragon Transformation Spell is the same as transmutation magic. Although I added the best flame magic to it and made other adjustments.”

“This implies that the enormous dragon summoned by the Dragon Transformation Spell has the ability to use fire in addition to its physical attacks.” Jerry chimed in.

He believes that the Dragon Transformation Spell is incredibly powerful and that he has no chance of winning if they face off. Apart from the fact that it cannot fly, he felt that the genuine fire dragons in the “Harry Potter” universe should be on par in a battle.

Yet, despite this magic is strong, it also has several drawbacks. Sun Lok made a point of it when he explained, “To begin with, unlike conventional transmutation magic. It lacks self-control. The wizard must concentrate on controlling it before it can attack normally.”

“The magic will be instantly revoked if the wizard is attacked at this time and is unable to maintain it. You must be well aware of this.”

Jerry nodded, knowing well that at the time, he had used the Snake Summoning Curse and the Disillusionment Charm to sneak attack Sun Lok and get away with it.

It would appear that he would need to choose a secure location first if he intended to use the Dragon Transformation Spell in the future.

“Second, a lot of mana is used by this magic. The medium for casting the spell must be ready in advance, and it cannot be utilized for an extended period of time. I won’t be able to use this magic if there isn’t a dragon dance performance that day.” Sun Lok went on.

Spells can be cast using a simple medium. When the time is right, he will invest money to hire a person to create a dragon-shaped medium, which he will then put in the suitcase and utilize when casting spells.

“And finally, you can’t be too far from the dragon. If not, you won’t be able to control it, and the magic will start to flow on its own.”

Jerry can handle this requirement. Because of his current level of magical power, it is impossible to cast pseudo-magic spells that are as powerful as Balthazar’s and summon a massive iron eagle to help in the battle.

This Dragon Transformation Spell is a little tricky to use and has a lot of drawbacks, but as long as you learn it and get your medium ready beforehand, you can use it right away.

Jerry then went to learn the Dragon Transformation Magic with Sun Lok.

He kept talking and studying until two or three in the morning, at which point he stopped and began his daily meditation in the Ring of Merlin that he had previously drawn on the lawn.

Jerry discovered that his meditation approach was very effective and that the brain became very active after turning on “Refreshing”; however, he is not sure if this was the reason.

He can tell that his magic strength has greatly increased almost every night. He may have been able to insist on conducting meditation every night rather than sleeping soundly because of this very thing.

People can be like this at times. Your motivation and perseverance will increase when you can see your progress. It is simple to give up if you don’t see results for a while.

When you are in school, it is simple to advance and become a top student as long as you put in the necessary effort.

But, major progress is rarely possible for students with exceptionally poor grades. It is challenging to continue since their foundation is too weak, making it tough to make significant development via hard work quickly.

Around six in the morning, after spending the entire night in meditation. Jerry opened his eyes, stepped away from the suitcase, and went back to Aisha’s room.

The Sleeping Charm on Aisha during this time has long since vanished as a result of time. Yet, based on how she seems, it is predicted that she won’t be awakened for a short while without the Sleeping Charm.

The living room was vacant when the door was pushed open. The two adults returned to their rooms to carry on their activities after apparently realizing it was wrong to be in the living room yesterday.

Jerry quickly showered before heading outside to begin his exercise.

Since time was of the essence, it was evidently not useful to devote time to physical training that could no longer benefit him. He stopped doing physical training frequently after understanding magic.

But, Jerry found a difficulty after trying meditation.

That is, despite meditation primarily being used to boost magic power and vitality, the benefits to the body are not immediately apparent. The shackles of his human body appear to be loosened as a result of the absorption of external energy.

He will start exercising again at this point, and his body will be able to tell the difference.

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