In wizard duels, using the Tickle Spell to divert the opponent’s attention by making them pass out from laughter is common.

Under Jerry’s spell at this point, Hammer stood in the living room with his head held high and laughed for fifteen minutes. He laughed till he passed out on the couch, then stopped and returned to being himself.

He was shocked to see everyone’s faces, including Pizarro’s when he regained consciousness.

“Actually… this… is just a misunderstanding. I don’t typically laugh in this way.”

“Mr. Hammer, I believe you should go if you don’t have anything to do. I still need to take care of a few personal issues here.” Hammer was addressed after Pizarro gave him a half-smile and a nod.

He came here because he genuinely believed Hammer was excellent and deserving of his daughter, but given Hammer’s recent behavior, he began to worry that he might be psychologically unstable.

He doesn’t think highly of this Haas in terms of class, aptitude, or familial circumstances, but at least he acts normally.

Pizarro has enough money. All he wants is for his daughter to find a better man. Hammer isn’t nearly as good as Haas if he has mental health issues.

Pizarro’s attitude had changed, and Jerry nodded happily to himself. He is aware of the fact that there cannot be a gap without comparison. Pizarro cannot make Haas ideal in his eyes, but he can make Hammer worse.

As long as Jerry is willing, he can use spells like dancing, disorientation, and hair loss to transform Hammer in Pizarro’s eyes utterly.

In truth, Pizarro wouldn’t have given the go-ahead for their relationship until after everything he does to improve Haas. He would deploy unconventional techniques like the Imperius Curse and the False Memory Curse.

“Well, since that is the case. Although I won’t trouble you too much, I still hope Mr. Pizarro will be able to attend the new product display I will have in Queens on Sunday.”

Hammer didn’t say anything. Instead, he placed the invitation letter he had made on the coffee table, aware that his dumb actions earlier had diminished Pizarro’s affection for him to an unworthy level.

He thought Pizarro would undoubtedly change his mind the moment he saw the potent robot made by Hammer Industries at the expo the following week.

As for Haas, he never paid much attention to it.

As for Belle, a simple woman in her twenties, there are not too many ways to deal with her.

Pizarro initially intended to decline but changed his mind since he believed that everyone from all spheres of society must attend Hammer’s exhibition, “Alright, I’ll come. Nonetheless, I’ll give my daughter’s blessing to date this Officer Haas and his two kids.”

Hammer looked at Haas with a serious expression on his face, smiled, and remarked, “That is obviously not an issue. I’ll leave because I have to accomplish something.”

Following his words, Hammer turned around impeccably and moved with his bodyguards in the direction of the basement garage.


The handcrafted, high-end crocodile belt around his waist unexpectedly broke as he was ready to leave the room, causing his trousers to drop off and trip him quickly.

Pizarro saw this and shook his head helplessly. He couldn’t comprehend why he believed such an unworthy person would be perfect for his daughter. Jerry silently withdrew his right hand from the sofa.

Jerry waved his hand and cast a magic spell to punish him a little bit because it turned out that he could clearly sense the hatred that Hammer emanated when he looked at Haas.

He has spent so much time practicing that he can still use the Sectumsempra to chop off Hammer’s belt at a distance precisely.

Hammer may have failed to perform well, or he may have sensed that Belle’s expression was off. After Hammer left, Pizarro treated Haas, Jerry, and Aisha with much greater intent.

A specialist French chef prepares a table of French cuisine for dinner, which is served at the villa. The meeting came to an official close after dinner.


Hass arrived home at nine o’clock that evening and appeared a little dejected.

Pizarro didn’t make it very clear during this meeting. Haas was clearly aware of Pizarro’s displeasure with him.

“You don’t need to worry about anything, Hass. I sincerely hope I can get my father’s approval. But even if I can’t, I still won’t change my mind since I will always love you.” As Belle noticed Haas’s anxiety, she went to him and softly reassured him by holding his head in her hands.

She has a reputation for having a very good emotions, despite being an elementary school teacher. She may appear weak on the outside, but in actuality, she has always been a strong character with her own beliefs.

She demonstrated her bravery by offering to be taken as a hostage when the robbers commandeered the school bus.

There are instances when people who appear to be tough, sarcastic, and uncaring are actually quite frail on the inside. Yet occasionally, the feeling is quite positive and soft, and those who smile at everything are actually very resilient on the inside.

The choices Belle made were all for her own benefit because she was aware of how much her father loved her. However, the decisions your parents make for you aren’t always the best ones.

Because no matter how poor a decision you make, you will be responsible for the results, and anyone who decides for you—even with the best of intentions—cannot be held responsible for the results.

Haas was surprised by Belle’s consolation, then he took a big breath and eloquently uttered, “I don’t like to give up easily. I’ll make an effort to win your father’s approval because I also love you.”

In his capacity as police chief, Haas had no fear whatsoever while confronting bandits brandishing powerful weapons, but he trembled like a child when facing Belle’s father. He truly did fall head over heels in love with Belle.

When someone truly cares about you, he will be very worried about how your parents perceive him and even be willing to put up with some minor inconveniences because he loves you.

“Haas.” Belle looked into Hass’ eyes and kissed him affectionately.

“Oh, come on.”

Jerry was eating melons on the sofa and hastily covered Aisha’s eyes with his hands as he took her back to the room while two adults whose hormones were about to explode. Jerry had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

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