Jerry raised his hand, cast a spell, and tossed it towards Aisha, who was still sleeping, after noticing that Haas had parked the car.

The Reviving Charm may instantly wake up people, regardless of how much sleep they have had, and they won’t feel sleepy for a short while after using it. It is not merely a counter for the Sleeping Charm.

Giving yourself a Reviving Spell is a smart move if you fall asleep in class. But if you keep using the Reviving Charm on someone, there’s a chance they’ll have trouble falling asleep for days and pass away unexpectedly.

Aisha’s awakening has never been an easy affair. After all, it is highly problematic for kids, and this Reviving Spell can effectively resolve the issue. The enchantment allowed Aisha to wake up so early today.

Jerry is currently donning the magical bracelet. He can now use magic without a wand, making it more covert and practical. He intends to wear the bracelet when not acting as a wizard, and to swap it out for his wand if that happens.

If not, he would pose as a wizard while holding the wristband. In the event that something happens, he might not be able to keep it a secret from S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Under my power, destroy! Hahaha!”

In her dream, Aisha was riding a broom, wielding a magic wand, casting spells that would destroy the world, and engaging in battle with her two sisters against countless demons when she felt an evil attack coming from the bottom of the abyss.

She immediately felt as though her crown had fallen, the broom had been broken, the strong magic power had slowly faded away, and her spirit had started to trance.

When she awoke once more, everything vanished, the dream was over, and she was back in the car.

“Wake up, Aisha, it’s time. We should leave the car now that we are here.” Jerry greeted Aisha as soon as he saw her dejected expression and promptly opened the car door.

Aisha unwillingly stepped out of the car after giving Jerry a final glance. She had a persistent sense that something was off.


The four of them entered the elevator and soon arrived on the first floor of the exquisite villa.

“Master is waiting for you in the living room, Miss Belle.”

An elderly butler who had long since heard the news from the bodyguards was already waiting for the four of them at the elevator entrance.

The four of them took the old butler’s directions as they made their way through the area before arriving at the villa’s living room.

Aside from a few bodyguards who were present at the time, there was also an elderly man in the living room with half-balding hair who occasionally flashed sly eyes.

One can observe a man in a suit who looked to be in his mid-fifties. He accidentally displayed a hint of contempt on his face when he turned to face Haas, but he immediately covered it up.

“Belle, it’s been five or six days since you last visited me. If you have nothing to do, why can’t you go home and spend more time with me?” The old man immediately stood up with a full face of adoration at seeing Belle.

“Dad, don’t I usually have to go to teach? And you are so far away from the school. Running back and forth is too time-consuming.”

Belle started introducing the others, “Dad, this is the Haas I told you about last week, and this is Jerry and Aisha.”

“Haas, this is my father. Chuck Pizarro.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Pizarro.” Haas hurried forward a little cautiously and extended his hand in salutation.

Haas and Pizarro clasped hands as Pizarro grinned, “Yes, Haas. Don’t be nervous, come and sit down.”

“Who is this fellow, Father?” At this point, Belle pointed to the man in a suit seated on the sofa to the left.

“This is Mr. Justin Hammer from Hammer Industries, who is young and promising and also a very significant partner of the group. Today, because he had some issues about collaboration, he came here to chat with me, and we just so happened to be together.” Pizarro said with a smile.

Hammer got up very genteelly and shook hands with Belle with a smile on his face, saying, “Hello, Ms. Belle. I have long heard that Miss Belle is gorgeous, and she really comes up to her reputation.”

He shook hands and then turned to face Haas once more. Haas quickly stood up and prepared to extend his hand, but Mr. Hammer directly ignored him, withdrew his hand, and prepared to sit back down.

This Hammer guy obviously didn’t take Haas at all seriously.

“It appears that today’s meeting is much more complicated than Mrs. Belle had anticipated.”

Since entering the hallway with the “Refreshing” on, Jerry, whose five senses are incredibly sharpened, has been keenly analyzing everyone’s faces and demeanor, and soon he found some hints.

Clearly, Belle’s father wasn’t as eager to meet Haas as Belle claimed, and Justin Hammer most likely came to this location for some reason.

If that were the case, he wouldn’t have immediately felt disgusted at Haas. In any case, a significant partner’s son-in-law should get along well.

He obviously knew Haas, believed that they were not on the same level, and did not think that Haas could marry Pizarro.

Jerry even caught a glimpse of some of his plans for Belle through Hammer.

Jerry casually snapped his fingers on his right hand while wearing the wristband. Jerry had already made a rough guess.


He noticed that Hammer was ready to take a seat, but the sofa beneath him mysteriously slid back a short distance before he could react. He then fell down on the floor.

In the universe of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” wizards most frequently employ the power of Mind Control.

You can use your thoughts to control any being or thing everywhere you look. Those with more energy within are more challenging to control. The wizard’s proficiency with this magic determines the degree of mind control.

Jerry just mentally directed this magic to move the sofa beneath Hammer’s butt a short distance.

The magic of the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” world shares many similarities with the magic in the “Harry Potter” world, but it also has some unique elements.

For instance, although the impact of this Mind Control is comparable to that of the Levitation Charm, there is no need to chant the spell, and there is no obvious magic light. It is extremely challenging to protect against because it can be discharged with just a snap of the fingers.

If Hammer caused any trouble with Haas like now, Jerry wouldn’t hold back.

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