Unexpectedly, Drake Stone’s location was easy to locate. Jerry didn’t need to use any magic to get this person’s present address in New York; he utilized the cell phone he had earlier stolen and performed an Internet search.

He is unsure if this is because he lacks practical battle experience or because he is living in excess comfort. This man did not reply at all when Jerry approached his bedside as if he were sound asleep.

Jerry escorted this man to the home’s safe and pulled out the dust-covered Morganian wizard book after casting an Imperius Curse.

Jerry didn’t do anything to him after receiving the book. Instead, he used the Sleeping Charm, stole his magic ring, and then quietly left. Drake Stone, the latest generation of Morganian wizards, is not a bad person.

His master passed away when he was fifteen, leaving him to pursue magic on his own. Later, he realized that things had changed and that a lot of little magic was all he needed to lead a comfortable life as a magician. Thankfully, he focused on being rich and enjoying life.

Because of his little talent and lack of a teacher to provide ongoing guidance, the likelihood of him achieving level 300 is incredibly low. It is preferable to utilize magic to become wealthy and well-known.

Simply put, once someone has money, they tend to turn wicked, especially if they have magic powers. Therefore, it is certain that they will engage in some unethical behavior behind closed doors.

In the movie, Horvath would not have assisted in stealing the Grimhold if he hadn’t shown up at the door. In the end, Horvath used magic to drain his magic strength and perished.

He picked up the book on the Morganian wizard around two in the morning.

Jerry entered the suitcase again after locating a lonely alley near Dave’s lab. All wizards in this world, except Merlin and Morgana, must release magic through a medium, yet their bodies are stronger than those of regular humans.

Thus, after coming to an agreement with Sun Lok, he stopped placing restrictions on Sun Lok’s movement, allowing Sun Lok to move around and normally live inside the suitcase.

In the suitcase are a backyard and a small villa. The villa is furnished with a wide variety of items. In contrast to the matryoshka doll where he was before sealed, it is much more comfortable here.

Jerry woke early the following morning, rested well, and went to Dave’s lab.

The following day, Jerry stayed in the lab with Dave to learn magic and meditate, and at night, he went outside to the suitcase to study magic with Sun Lok.

Jerry discovered that he will never again need to sleep. Since he began to meditate, he has learned that it is possible to substitute sleep with meditation, and the results are far superior to his deep sleep.

He spends his time this week learning magic, practicing magic, and recharging the weariness brought on by “Refreshing” by meditating. However, the usage of red stars was a little bit more than usual.

Thankfully, he assisted in the sealing of Horvath and helped stop Morgana from being resurrected beforehand, which was also a good deed, earning him more than 10,000 red stars.

Overall, the number of red stars did not only not decrease during the week he joined the second world, but even slightly increased.

The only thing he regrets is that, after a week of learning magic, he discovered that, in this world, he already knew how to use Hogwarts magic to use whether that be either Morganian or Merlinian magic.

While many of them are unleashed with effects that are comparable to those of some Hogwarts magic spells, they are not practical to use.

For instance, the Hogwarts Transfiguration Charm can entirely replace the magic known as the Rabbit Summoning Spell in this world, which can summon a rabbit out of thin air.

Jerry is already pretty satisfied. Since he has already got a lot of benefits using just one meditation technique, and also because he believes that magic in general is simpler to employ.

“Jerry, you must come to New York to play again later.” Dave and Jerry exchanged farewells in the subway.

After getting together for a week, Jerry regularly assists Dave, who doesn’t know anything, because he rapidly picks up magic. Dave continues to think highly of Jerry.

Jerry smiled and replied, “Yeah, it will take four to five months if there are no incidents. As soon as my business is taken care of, I will return and continue to study magic.”

“While your magic is already quite good, your level of strength is too low. Improve your meditation techniques. When you attain level 300 as soon as possible, you can study magic with confidence because magic is the foundation.” Balthazar reminded Jerry.

He has recently witnessed Jerry’s impressive magical abilities. Nonetheless, Jerry can very effectively release all the magic he taught within a few days, even if the power is not as strong as his.

Jerry often taught himself magic using the magic book, even when he didn’t teach it. Still, he occasionally came to him for advice.

Also, this helped him fully comprehend how Jerry learned so many different magics at such a young age. He indeed has a little bit of an unorthodox learning style.

At times, he even had the impression that his teacher, Merlin, who was his age, did not have Jerry’s aptitude for learning magic.

He has been guiding Dave for a week now and still doesn’t know how to employ the lightning ball in the most basic manner.

He was unaware that Jerry’s magical abilities were actually only average and that the only reasons he was able to accomplish this feat were via hard work and the effective use of “Refreshing”.

Dave sees magic as a hobby, and he must devote some of his days to finishing his studies and pursuing the girl he had a crush on, while Jerry sees magic as the center of his existence.

This week, he employed meditation rather than even a single minute of sleep. One is interest and the other is survival. Dave cannot defeat Jerry, even if his magic skills are equal to Merlin’s.

“I understood.” Jerry nodded respectfully.

The degree of magic strength and its ability to last eternally is determined by meditation. He obviously places a lot of value on it, but he doesn’t express it particularly.

Balthazar will now discover that Jerry’s magician level is no longer level 30 if he performs another test to determine his level.

Jerry exited the basement laboratory after bidding farewell to Balthazar and Dave, found an empty alley, opened the panel, and pressed the exit button.

He eventually emerged from his trance and found himself back in the main world, in his home city of New York. He jumped into the suitcase after opening it as he spotted Sun Lok at the villa, a smile formed at the corner of his mouth.

“It appears that bringing people from the parallel world into the main world is actually feasible.”

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