There is a distinction between Sun Lok under the Imperius Curse and the regular Sun Lok, despite the fact that he has the Imperius Curse to control him.

He can use the Imperius Curse to make Sun Lok reveal his secrets and to make him do some things, but he wants to make Sun Lok his puppet so he can instruct him on how to learn magic, correct him when he makes mistakes and converses with him about magic, among other things.

One is the ongoing use of the Imperius Curse. To maintain control over Sun Lok, he must keep using the wand to cast the Imperius Curse, which drains mana and slows time.

The Imperius Curse cannot be applied to a target again, which is the second limitation. The target will develop resistance if applied repeatedly, significantly lowering the Imperius Curse’s success rate.

In order to get Sun Lok to give himself heartfelt magic tutoring, he planned to use his life and freedom as payment.

Sun Lok gave Jerry a long look before responding, “Okay then.”

Sun Lok woke up knowing his situation right away. Without the ability to perform magic, he is essentially just like any other person. He is powerless against this incredibly cunning young wizard.

As he has attained immortality and definitely does not want to pass away in this manner, He will undoubtedly follow Jerry’s instructions.

“You stay here for ten years, and throughout that time, you’ll do your best to assist me while I learn magic. I’ll return your freedom to you in ten years. How about that?”

Jerry presented the requirements he had long thought about after observing Sun Lok’s firm response and realizing that he was not a one-sided person.

Killing Sun Lok is just a total waste; ten years are sufficient for him to master all the magic in this world.

“Okay, I hope you can keep your promise.”

For Sun Lok, who has already attained immortality, ten years is not a very long time. He hopes that this young magician will honor his word and set him free ten years from now.

“Don’t worry. Even if I’m a bad person, I still stick to what I say. But just in case, I believe I still want you to apply my techniques.”

“What I want to say is, don’t try to lie to me. I will routinely use this magic to test your thoughts, and if you dare to purposefully make mistakes in teaching magic, I will kill you immediately.”

“Okay, enough talk. Where is your wizard book made by Morgana?”

Seeing that Sun Lok was about to lose his temper, Jerry was not joking, but asked the important point.

He had to dedicate time to memorizing everything in the Merlinian wizard book because he was unable to take it from Dave. But obtaining the Morganian wizard book would be excellent.

In fact, Jerry is also keenly interested in some of the Morganians’ magic.

For instance, the magic that may transform the creatures in the painting into actual objects, shatter the Disillusionment Charm, and the shield Horvath deployed are all great magic.

Sun Lok did not conceal his answer when he heard Jerry ask the question since he understood that doing so would be useless.

“I don’t have the Morganian book in my hands. More than a century ago, Balthazar took me and sealed me. It should now be in the hands of this Morganian generation.”

“Then, are you able to memorize every spell in the entire book?” Jerry did not find Sun Lok’s response surprising. After all, despite searching Sun Lok after defeating him, he was unable to locate the book.

Sun Lok shook his head and said, “Impossible, the book contains a variety of magic made by wizards from other eras. There are infinite numbers, and no wizard could learn them all. “

“We all choose the most appropriate magic to learn and practice based on our individual preferences and talents. At most, we will subsequently add our own comprehension to develop and strengthen it.”

“Just like I excel at using fire magic and transmutation magic. Horvath’s specialties are the magic forms of air magic, metamorphosis, and reality-bending.”

Sun Lok’s explanation helped Jerry to understand the situation. In this world, wizards began by studying magic and then devoted the majority of their time to practicing meditation because this is the only way to become immortal.

He didn’t have as much time as he had anticipated to study and acquire a great deal of magic.

Most wizards spend too much time researching magic and tend to specialize in one or two sorts of magic. Although magic has powerful combat abilities, they will eventually pass away from old age.

This contributes to the fact that many wizards lack significant fighting skills until reaching level 300.

“The most recent Morganian generation, huh.” Jerry started to remember specifics from the movie as he dug around in his memory once more.

He soon knew the response in his heart.

The most recent Morganian, Drake Stone, utilizes magic tricks to perform magic every day to make money, as Drake Stone is not the most well-known magician in New York.

“It appears that I’ll stay up late once more tonight.” Time was running out, so Jerry sighed and decided to find that person tonight.

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Published On: April 12, 2023

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