“This blend of magic and science is to be expected from a wizard who has lived for more than two thousand years.” Jerry secretly adored the lightning ball in Balthazar’s hand.

In previous life, only sci-fi movies had attacks of this type of magic, but today a wizard has invented them, and he admired them.

The destructive force of a single attack has actually surpassed the destructive power of the majority of magic, even though there is a significant difference in power between this sort of magic and the lightning ball in science fiction movies.

Several spells have amazing effects, but their destructive power isn’t so great.

It is comparable to the Killing Curse that will kill you, but if you block it with a stronger shield, it might not be able to penetrate it.

The fact that this magic has so much potential is crucial. In the future, if Jerry is ready to devote more time to learning this magic, he might be able to create a magic that is superior to many attacks.

For instance, at the movie’s end, Dave created a beam or used magic bursts similar to a machine gun. One thrust with both hands joined produces an effect akin to a powerful ray.

Of course, it is assumed that Jerry has enough magic power, therefore, the wizard level still needs to be raised.

Balthazar first demonstrated the workings of the lightning ball before going into great detail about the workings of magic, specific tactics, safety measures, etc.

Jerry kept “Refreshing” on the entire time, and when the power from the Ring of Merlin was paired with that, he worked hard to acquire the necessary magical knowledge.

It is true that receiving one-on-one guidance from a teacher who can break down and explain a great deal of magic knowledge is better than reading books on your own.

Jerry felt that he had already become familiar with the magic of the lightning ball in just 30 minutes.

“I think we should eat something.”

When Dave checked at the time, it was already midnight, he hadn’t had dinner since he got home and was being pursued, and his stomach was immediately rumbling with hunger.

When Balthazar noticed this, a hint of regret could be seen on his face, “I apologize, but I haven’t eaten in 10 years. I forgot you still need to eat right now.”

“Do wizards stop needing to eat once they reach a certain degree, Mr. Balthazar?” Jerry asked in Surprise.

Jerry refers to Balthazar as his teacher now that he is learning magic from him, just like Dave used to.

“You need to understand that meditation can not only raise our level but also subtly affects our bodies to a certain extent when we absorb external energy through it.” Balthazar said as he nodded.

“First and foremost, our vitality will continue to grow stronger, and the results will be a longer life. Also, once our body adjusts to the magic power, the operation of the entire body can be conducted entirely by the magic power, so whether we eat or drink water is not that crucial.”

“Our bodies are stronger than those of regular people thanks to the high vitality, and as a result, we will have greater strength, speed, and resistance to blows.”

“But, in order to live forever, one must typically refrain from consuming anything at all. Their level must at least be 300.”

“Then, how many wizards in this world are able to live a long time?” Jerry asked again.

“Increasing a wizard’s level is not so simple. In other words, only a select few people have the potential to become wizards. After one or two hundred years, many wizards might not be able to discover a disciple with magical talent.”

“After becoming a wizard, very few wizards can meditate up to level 300, while most wizards stay around level 200. As far as I’m aware, fewer than ten wizards can advance above level 300 in the world.” Balthazar sighed.

If it were so simple, we wouldn’t live in an era where technology rules and common people control the globe.

After hearing Balthazar’s explanation, Jerry noticed a startling similarity between the wizard apprentices in this world and the cultivators he had heard in his former existence.

The difference between wizards and those who cultivate immortality is that the former takes the world’s energy and transforms it into mana.

Immortal cultivators put in a lot of effort to practice, lay a foundation, and then pursue immortality. Besides using meditation to alter the body and lengthen life, wizards also cast various spells to clear the path and prevent incidents.

Wizards must also learn all forms of magic in order to protect themselves.

Having the capacity to survive indefinitely and without food. This second world is not a loss because it essentially resolves the issue of his limited future lifespan.


Outside the subway, next to a burger joint.

Following his meal and beverage, Jerry said goodbye to Balthazar and Dave and started to make his way to his hotel, which didn’t exist.

Balthazar spent the night at the lab with Dave while Jerry returned to the hotel, claiming that his suitcase and other belongings were there, and committed to return the following morning.

Of course, the hotel doesn’t exist. He was only looking for a location to interrogate Sun Lok. With Balthazar in the lab, it was inconvenient for him to enter the suitcase.

“Repello Muggletum.”

Jerry quickly located a deserted alley, performed a Muggle repelling charm, and leaped into the suitcase after leaving Balthazar and Dave.

Sun Lok was still asleep and confined by Jerry’s rope charm inside the luggage at this point. He was still under the influence of the sleeping charm. Evidently, Sun Lok’s magic power was much weaker than Horvath’s, and he was unable to remove Jerry’s sleeping curse with his own magic.

After removing a little bench from the space, he sat down in front of Sun Lok. Jerry broke the sleeping spell by waving his magic wand.

Sun Lok awoke slowly, observed the rope around his torso and the wristband that was missing, and looked at his surroundings. He was aware of his situation at this point.

“Are there any other languages you speak besides Cantonese?” Jerry communicated in Mandarin.

Sun Lok surprisedly sent a surprised glance, not expecting him to be able to speak Chinese at such a young age, “No doubt. As a wizard, I am fluent in the majority of tongues from other nations, including several dialects.”

Sun Lok is an experienced wizard who has been immortal for a very long time. He is not as old as Balthazar but can cultivate to level 500.

“I had originally intended to kill you. I’ll give you a chance because you still have an impact on me. We’ll work out a deal. I can set you free once the deal is over.” Jerry kept his speech to a minimum and made his point clear.

He has no more than a week to live in this world. He needs a tutor who can lead him as he learns magic in this world year-round because after returning to the main world, he must learn all magic on his own.

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Published On: April 12, 2023

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