“Master Jerry, come over here so I can gauge your level for you.” Balthazar waved to Jerry after the apprenticeship ceremony, who was standing in the Ring of Merlin.

“All right, Master Balthazar, just call me Jerry.” As Jerry heard this, he smiled and approached.

While Balthazar has been alive for more than two thousand years, he is a genuine high-level wizard. According to his age, his past life and this life are combined, and he is just a younger brother.

“Very well, then.” Balthazar gave a nod.

He previously named Master Jerry since Jerry is very strong and helped them, so he deserves of some respect.

“Just stand still.” Balthazar touched Jerry’s forehead with one hand as Jerry observed Balthazar chanting an unidentified spell, and a weak magical wave instantly flowed from his forehead to his entire body.

Balthazar gently took back his hand and was shocked a moment later, “Level 30, I didn’t realize you were only thirty, and a level thirty wizard killed a level five hundred wizard. I haven’t experienced anything like this in probably in 2,000 years.”

The difference between level 500 and level 30 is too big, even though a wizard’s level cannot accurately reflect strength. In the realm of wizards, a strength of level 500, such as Sun Lok, is seen to be a high-level wizard, and it might not be feasible to create one for hundreds of years.

A wizard of level 30 is considered an apprentice because their training in magic only lasted a few years. It is still a question of whether he can release the simplest fire spell.

“Level 30?” Jerry was not at all discouraged after hearing Balthazar’s evaluation, but rather excited.

His level is currently only 30, which means that even though he has been learning magic for about a year, he will only be at level 100 or level 200 when he is an adult, and his level will soar to the top.

As a result, when he masters the meditation practices in this world, his magic will get stronger and stronger.

If things continue to progress in this manner, it might not be too long before the magic power within his body can be comparable to those of the adult wizards, perhaps even surpassing that of top wizards like Voldemort and Dumbledore.

“All right, now step on the Ring of Merlin, open the book, and I’ll begin to explain the most fundamental practices.”

Balthazar assessed Jerry’s level before introducing the most fundamental meditation methods for wizards to learn.

“Each meditation technique has small nuances, but the fundamental idea is the same. Meditation is the most fundamental skill a magician can learn. What I’m about to teach you is how the Merlinians used it.”

“Clean your mind of all distracting thoughts, put on your magic ring, concentrate as instructed in the book, and then begin to build up magic power. The idea behind meditation is to give your brain something to think about.”

Jerry rapidly reached the state after switching on “Refreshing” as instructed by Balthazar. Jerry clearly noticed a little rise in the magic power in his body in accordance with the meditation technique described in the book.

Although not significantly, it is indeed rising. He could use one-tenth of the magic power that existed in his body previously, and as he gets older, he will be able to use a larger pool of water.

He now draws water from the outside world into this pool through meditation, which uses more water and causes the pool to grow. If this keeps happening, eventually his pool will turn into a small river, then a lake, and finally a sea.

“I don’t appear to be feeling anything,” He raised his hand and said weakly after spending some time in meditation.

Balthazar responded, “I don’t think it’s normal, because you inherited Merlin’s magic power, and you already have a big magic power in your body similar to a level 1000 wizard.”

“The only thing you need to do to benefit from meditation is to learn how to do it. For you, meditation is not the main concern. Learning all forms of magic, especially the lightning magic I created for Morgana, is most crucial for you right now.”

Jerry was successfully taught to meditate by Balthazar. He is aware that the Merlinian way of meditation is currently the most effective technique available and is unquestionably superior to Jerry’s Hogwarts school.

And for David, he had already inherited Merlin’s powerful magic, so meditation could only increase his capacity to sense Merlin’s magic.

To beat Morgana, Dave must become proficient in magic, hone the magic skill he acquired from Merlin, and eventually match Merlin’s level.

“By the way, these are plastic-covered leather shoes that can block electricity. In the future, try to wear leather shoes. Otherwise, if you receive an electric shock, the current will go through your body and out to the ground, causing nerve damage and temporarily immobilizing you.”

Balthazar pulled a pair of prepared leather shoes out of his suitcase and gave them to Dave.

“Do you really have to wear leather shoes?” Dave scoffed as he inspected the old leather shoes.

“Of course, wizards will die if they are unable to cast their magic.” Balthazar replied.

Dave pointed to Jerry beside him and said, “But Jerry didn’t wear leather shoes either.”

Jerry turned to gaze at his feet. He was sporting some sneakers. Although wizards in “Harry Potter” have a strong capacity to manage magic and get their magical power from blood, there is no guarantee that they will still be able to do so if they are electrocuted.

“Yeah, my teacher passed away before he told me about it. Also, I’m not shocked yet.”

“Jerry, yours is equally important, and I’ll get a pair ready for you tomorrow.” Balthazar told Jerry.

“Ohh, okay, then. I greatly appreciate it.” Jerry concurred with a smile

After seeing this, Dave was forced to put the leather shoes on his feet.

“If you understand how meditation works, it’ll be easy, and you’ll gradually get used to it. The first magic I will teach you is called Lightning Ball, and it is the strongest lightning magic I have ever made based on the laws of physics and magic over the past two thousand years.”

The attack speed is incredibly quick, and the power is also very good. It simply needs to be produced by combining your hands in this way. The enemy’s magic power will be disturbed after being struck by the lightning ball, and they will soon lose their ability to cast magic. Keep in mind that this magic is the main one you will study going forward, Dave.”

As he approached Jerry and Dave, an impressive ionic light ball materialized between Balthazar’s palms.

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