New York’s Manhattan, on an abandoned subway corridor.

The wings of an iron eagle fluttered as it steadily descended to the ground. Then, one after the other, a middle-aged man, a young man, and a child leaped from the iron eagle. It was Balthazar, David, and Jerry.

“Follow me here.” Jerry and Balthazar walked through the subway corridor behind Dave. They observed a sizable basement filled with diverse gear and equipment hidden behind a massive iron gate at a corner.

“I’ve been experimenting physically with plasma. It is safer to conduct the experiment here because it is rather risky.” Dave entered the basement, pushed the test apparatus aside, and explained.

He was already able to collaborate with the professor on plasma experiments as a sophomore. Dave possesses a strong physics talent in addition to his magic ability.

“By the way, this has been delayed until now, even though it was intended for you ten years ago.” Balthazar nodded with approval after scanning the entire basement, then reached into his pocket and handed Dave a book the size of a thumb.

“Your book is here.”

“This book is really small.” Dave said, staring at the handbook in Balthazar’s hand, which was about the size of a thumb.

After hearing this, Balthazar flipped the book, which soon quadrupled in size, doubled again, and grew far larger than a typical suitcase.

The paper-thin book instantly inflated when he finally pressed it.

Balthazar smiled as he placed the bulky wizard’s book in Dave’s hands and explained, ” That’s just for the convenience of carrying. All of Merlin’s magic, as well as all of the Merlinians’ magic, is contained in this book, along with any relevant art or history. Every apprentice has to have this book.”

He once more turned to face Jerry as he spoke. “You may also see at it to see all the magic. You can learn it if you find it useful.”

“Thanks!” Jerry appeared to be gazing at the thick magic book with two tiny suns in his eyes.

He has only been in this world for a few hours, but he has more than 160 hours left, which is more than enough time for him to memorize all the magic in the original book.

“You all need to take a step back for a while because I’m about to make the Ring of Merlin.”

Balthazar made his way to the central area of the basement, where he waved to Jerry and Dave and told them one by one to go.

“What is the Ring of Merlin?” Dave asked with a hint of curiosity after moving to the lab’s perimeter.

Balthazar was poised to cast a spell as he stood in the middle. He paused when Dave asked a question and said, “This is our school’s special supplemental learning magic. It can speed up the wizard’s meditation in the Ring of Merlin and aid in faster learning and comprehension of magic.”

“You simply need its auxiliary learning magic function. You have all of Merlin’s magic strength when it comes to meditation. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it right now, you need to know how to do it. Nonetheless, Master Jerry can use it later.”

He then turned to face Jerry once more, “Master Jerry, what level are you at right now?”

“How many levels? I have no idea how many levels there are. After my teacher died, I haven’t tested it.”

Jerry’s level is unknown. How does he know? There are no levels among wizards in the “Harry Potter” universe. The quantity of magic power a wizard possesses in their body is a mystery from birth.

But remember that you can only control a certain amount of magic power when you’re young. Your ability to control magic power will develop as you age. You can essentially control every magic power in your body once you turn eighteen.

Later on, the key areas for improvement are magic control, magic research, and magic comprehension. A first-year wizard, for instance, can only release a little flame with the same amount of magic power, but Dumbledore can do the same with a large fire to clear the path.

Although some adult wizards believe they possess far more magic power than other adult wizards, this is not necessarily the case; rather, many of them have a greater magic power usage rate.

But this universe is different. The concept of meditation exists in this universe. With consistent meditation, you can raise your magic power level. There is no maximum amount.

The level of magic power, however, merely indicates the amount of magic power you have available. It does not demonstrate your strength. The power and control of magic determine the specific strength.

“I’ll carve the Ring of Merlin in a while, and I’ll help you test your level.” Balthazar said with a nod.

After finishing his sentence, he opened his hands, closed his eyes, and started to create the Ring of Merlin.

He observed that as Balthazar abruptly raised his hand, strong magic power erupted from his body. His body was the center of a circle that appeared quickly as a result of magic. Immediately afterward, a blue magic flame was ejected from the ring.

The blue flames obeyed Balthazar’s repeated hand motions and followed a predetermined magical trajectory as they started to cut circles with letters forming inside them.

There are a total of six letters. Jerry can barely decipher the meanings of three of the letters—thinking, learning, and acceleration—and he is unsure of the meanings of the other three.

These letters are ancient runes, and third-grade Hogwarts courses include ancient ones. Jerry is just in the first grade currently, but he already has a good understanding of him because of his knowledge.

A little ring surrounds the ring of Merlin, which comprises six larger small rings arranged in a series. The wizard can experience rapid meditation and magic learning as long as he remains in the little ring in the center.

“Dave, come over and take a position in the center.”

Dave was stunned when Balthazar called him, allowed him to proceed to the center of the Ring, and started the Merlinian acceptance ritual.

Following the ritual, Dave was formally accepted as Balthazar’s apprentice. Once the two left the Ring of Merlin, Jerry proceeded to the center to feel its effects. While it didn’t come close to being his “Refreshing,” it did appear to have the ability to speed up thinking.

The Ring of Merlin can be useful even in the absence of red stars or when you are experiencing mental or physical tiredness. Thus, mastering it has certain advantages.

Moreover, it has the ability to quicken the pace of meditation, which does not appear to be the case with “Refreshing”.

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Published On: April 11, 2023

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