Jerry nodded and put his wand away after fully comprehending the situation.

“Grab the Grimhold, Dave.” Balthazar asked David, who was hidden behind the water tank on the roof, as soon as he saw Jerry put away his wand.

Dave strode over, holding the Grimhold, when he realized that this side was secure and that Horvath was apprehended.

“I didn’t think the fairy tale’s depiction of a wizard riding a broomstick would be real. It was always like a fairy tale to me.” Dave couldn’t help but gasp when he saw Jerry riding his broomstick in midair, handing Balthazar the Grimhold.

When Jerry heard this, he smiled, “It is not similar to the iron eagle he has, but it is a magical artifact that is only found at our Hogwarts school that helps us with flying. It is ineffective for combat. If you want it, I’ll prepare another and give it to you in the future.”

Dave’s future is bright because he is Merlin’s power’s successor, so cultivating strong bonds with people while he is still learning is wise.

“Really?” Dave’s voice was surprisingly surprised.

David has worn the dragon ring on one finger for the past ten years, demonstrating his deep-seated obsession with magic and anything associated with it.

“Balthazar, you will fail. You have little chance of winning, and I will return. Morgana will dominate the world sooner or later.”

Horvath yelled fiercely, changed into a bunch of insects, and was pulled into the Grimhold by Balthazar’s sorcery. A nesting doll reappeared on the Grimhold’s outermost layer.

“You can give the ring back to me, Dave. I’ll stick to what I said. If you help me locate the Grimhold, I promise never to meddle in your personal life again.” Balthazar put the Grimhold away and reached out to Dave.

Dave touched the dragon ring he was holding but took his time taking it off. Finally, he stated hesitantly, as if he had already made up his mind, “I want to learn magic.”

Balthazar immediately smiled brightly after hearing this. Jerry, on the other hand, gave a head shake. Dave has not learned magic nor awakened Merlin’s power, so it would be difficult to bring him along.

But Balthazar persisted in bringing him to find the Grimhold. The real goal is to let Dave personally experience the allure of magic so that he might fall deeply in love with it once more.

Obviously, Balthazar’s goal has been achieved.

“I’m grateful, Master Jerry. We might not have been able to locate the Grimhold so easily without your assistance.” Balthazar finished Dave, turned around, and sincerely thanked Jerry.

“It’s nothing. Every wizard must stop Morgana from destroying the world.” Jerry stowed the broom and waved his hand briskly.

He then appeared to pause after finishing his sentence and proceeded, “I have a request, Master Balthazar. Of course, you are free to reject me right away if you feel it is wrong.”

“What request? I will gladly accept as long as it doesn’t go against my ideals.”

Balthazar continued to be quite impressed by Jerry, a young wizard with good strength. His magical ability is so exceptional for someone his age that he defeated Sun Lok and severely hurt Horvath.

He almost believed that Jerry was the rightful heir to Merlin if it weren’t for the Dragon Ring’s confirmation that Dave was the one.

Because of his advanced age and exceptional magic skills, it is difficult to think of anyone else who could pull it off. He thought that he would not oppose Jerry’s request as long as it did not go against his moral values.

Jerry explained, “My teacher unexpectedly passed away not shortly after I began learning magic, despite the fact that our Hogwarts school has always been a private institution. I picked up some magic on my own, but there are still a lot of concepts I cannot grasp on my own.”

“I came to New York this time to see if I might learn magic further. My teacher previously informed me that New York might have many wizards.”

When Balthazar heard Jerry’s explanation, he was shocked. He never imagined that Jerry would have such remarkable abilities at this age, yet most of them came from his own study without organized instruction.

What a strong magical talent it takes.

“Master Jerry. If you want to learn magic with me, come and learn together with Dave. You can ask me questions if you don’t understand anything.” Balthazar agreed to the suggestion without waiting for Jerry to explain it fully.

Balthazar no longer has any sectarian beliefs in his heart because he has lived for 2,000 years and witnessed the growth and changes that have occurred throughout 2,000 years of human history.

Now, killing Morgana totally, finding the Dragon Ring’s heir, saving his girlfriend, and granting the teacher’s dying desire is his sole purpose.

Jerry is a powerful wizard who can’t be defeated easily, even though it might overcome Dave’s potential in a short time.

Jerry’s magic strength needs to be enhanced, which is similar to developing a strong ally. This will greatly aid the ability to face Morgana in the future. Why wouldn’t he want to? Also, Jerry was a big assistance in getting the Grimhold back this time.

“Well, Master Balthazar, thank you.” Jerry’s face lit up when he heard Balthazar’s answer.

He had no doubt that Balthazar would agree to his request, so he was delighted to learn that he did so easily. He must master the power of this world quickly because Balthazar is guiding him, and Sun Lok is in the suitcase.

“We must, however, locate a location where we can practice and study magic. It is preferable to remain unnoticed and difficult to find by regular people.” Balthazar turned to face Dave and Jerry.

“I haven’t been in New York for very long, and I’m now staying in a hotel, so…” Jerry shook his head.

“I have an idea.”

David raised his hand at this point and stated, “I have a big laboratory in an abandoned subway corridor. My professor found it for me through his connections. The location is very hidden, and ordinary people basically don’t go there.”

“Very well, let’s go there then.” Balthazar nodded and looked at Jerry again.

“It’s also really good, in my opinion.” As long as Jerry can learn magic, he doesn’t care where he does it.

The iron eagle that had already defeated the pterosaur flew down again, thanks to Balthazar’s magic.

The three of them and the eagle soared in the direction of Dave’s underground laboratory after Jerry cast the Disillusionment Charm.

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Published On: April 11, 2023

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