In fact, Horvath is the second-strongest Morganian wizard, second only to Morgana. He could not see Jerry’s shadowless, razor-sharp magic, but he could sense where a magic power changes thanks to his sharp magic perception.

He was going to cast magic while holding the wand to block his attack, but he saw Balthazar was also attacking him with magic. Around a tenth of a second after pausing, he waved the wand in Balthazar’s general direction, forming a circle to create an imperceptible air shield.

Horvath undoubtedly paid more attention to Balthazar’s attack than Jerry’s. The air shield thwarted Balthazar’s power, but Horvath grunted.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t fully escape Jerry’s attack and the Sectumsempra Curse’s invisible, sharp blade severed part of his right ankle even though his body had just performed evasive moves.

“Darn it, I’ll remember you!” Horvath half-knelt on the ground, glanced at his bleeding right ankle, gave Jerry a dead glare, and then his entire body started disintegrating, transforming into many cockroach-like bugs.

“Horvath has used Morgana’s dark magic, and as a result, he has attained immortality. He may transform into a creature once hurt so that he can heal.” Balthazar now approached Jerry’s side while maintaining a solemn expression.

When Horvath is gravely hurt, he can heal by reincarnating as an insect, which is why he is regarded as one of the greatest wizards. Horvath could only be imprisoned in The Grimhold at the time. Therefore, Balthazar was unable to defeat him.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to kill him. Rather, his ability prevents him from killing him at all.

Jerry was astounded to hear Balthazar’s statements. In order to heal from serious wounds, you can transform into a creature. Compared to healing magic, this is actually better.

It makes sense why Balthazar repeatedly defeated Horvath without killing him. He simply used The Grimhold to hold him and assumed he couldn’t do it because they were brother-in-arms. It appears that the Morganians’ dark magic has some merits.

Many insects eventually began to compress back into Horvath’s body.

“How could something so impossible happen?” Horvath, who had just compressed his body, experienced an acute ankle ache. He was still bleeding from his ankle when he looked down, and there was no sign of any healing.

Horvath was not the only one who was shocked. Balthazar was as well. Jerry paused for a time before coming to a sudden realization.

The opponent’s incarnation magic to heal wounds is definitely incredibly potent, but the Sectumsempra Curse he just cast is also some of the best dark magic around.

Snape created the Sectumsempra Curse. There is another unique attribute in addition to the one of being invisible.

In other words, the damage it inflicts is not just regular damage. It also carries a unique dark magic curse. Any healing magic won’t be able to remove the effect unless the equivalent counter-curse is cast.

Horvath takes the form of an insect to heal his wounds, but it cannot reverse the effects of the Sectumsempra Curse. He can’t heal his ankle because it is still bleeding.

“What kind of magic are you using?” Horvath ultimately lost control after realizing that his biggest hole card was in trouble.

His immortality would no longer be useful because he could not recuperate from his wounds. He would perish in this world if the little wizard’s spell struck him again.

“Sectumsempra!” Jerry, who has rich combat experience, would not waste time answering the enemy’s questions but threw out the curse once again without saying anything.

But this time, he chose to shoot at Horvath’s neck.

One could know it was dark magic at a look if it weren’t for the Killing Curse’s green light. After utilizing it, he refrained from invoking the Killing Curse directly out of concern that Balthazar would suspect him.

The Sectumsempra Curse can destroy Horvath’s immortal body, and casting the Killing Curse may be effective on him. Now Jerry even believed that Morgana, who was imprisoned in the darkest corner of the Grimhold, would struggle if she were to be affected by his Killing Curse.

Of course, nothing like this has been thoroughly tested. So, he is unable to say with certainty just yet.

Horvath would perform some magic to leave when he encountered Jerry’s Sectumsempra Curse again. He didn’t dare to be negligent and instead directly blocked him with an air shield.

But Balthazar, who was standing next to Jerry, was also casting magic at this moment. As soon as he noticed Balthazar raising his hands, the iron railing on the roof abruptly detached itself from the structure. He circled Horvath and bound up his entire body under his control.

“Don’t kill him.” After having Horvath under control, Balthazar quickly halted Jerry when he noticed that he was raising his wand again and preparing to cast magic.

Jerry turned to face Balthazar and wore a bewildered expression.

This is the one who deceived his own teacher, tragically killed his teacher, and sealed his friend’s lover for more than 2,000 years. For what reason was he preventing him from killing Horvath?

As Balthazar noticed Jerry’s uncertainty, he used the guardrail’s bars to entangle Horvath like a snake and knocked the wand out of his hand, preventing him from casting spells.

He explained, “Because of Morgana’s excessive power, the Grimhold cannot keep her sealed for an extended period of time. To increase the magical strength of the seal, a second and third layer of the seal must be added, and these Morganians provide the magic power for each layer of the seal.”

It turns out that the major goal of the sealing technique is to draw out the person’s power to be a catalyst for the seal.

Balthazar then formed nesting dolls outside the Grimhold and sealed Horvath and a few other Morganians wizards. The Grimhold can be sealed for a longer period of time by drawing on the magic of these Morganians wizards.

Jerry heard Balthazar’s explanation and understood it right away.

It makes sense that Sun Lok and a nun are on the matryoshka’s second layer. Instead of killing them when Balthazar caught them, he just locked them. Horvath, unlike Sun Lok and a nun witch, has an immortal body.

The purpose, as it turned out, was to draw on their magic power to fortify the seal. That being said, Jerry removed his wand and stopped casting the Sectumsempra Curse.

Morgana should definitely be sealed for a longer amount of time. He had not actually tested his Killing Curse, despite his assumption that it could kill Morgana.

Thus, to be safe, keep Morgana sealed and wait to resolve this concealed threat until Dave has fully inherited Merlin’s strength, at which point he will become stronger.

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Published On: April 11, 2023

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