Sun Lok actually outclassed Jerry by a wide margin in terms of his understanding of magic and the strength of his magic. However, it doesn’t appear like the world’s best wizard has much combat ability.

Sun Lok belonged to the third position, coming in behind Horvath and Balthazar. The first position goes to Morgana and Merlin.

Morgana has spent more than 2000 years confined in the Grimhold. Jerry has certainly not accumulated anywhere like Morgana’s level of magical ability.

Jerry is not a typical wizard in this world, and the magic system he learned is also unique to this world, which is mostly why he hasn’t been defeated right away.

It is an advanced protective spell that few adult wizards in the Harry Potter universe can master, much as the Protego Charm on his wizard robe.

In addition to being unable to resist the Killing Curse, it is challenging to get beyond the Protego Charm’s resistance as long as the power of most magic is not excessive. Sun Lok’s fire magic is undoubtedly strong, but it can temporarily aid Jerry.

If Jerry fights too long and loses all of his magic power, he will lose. Jerry also understood that Sun Lok’s main magic was not fire but rather a unique form of magic that could summon a dragon to help him in an attack.

Jerry cannot defeat that dragon with his current power. But, Jerry was naturally confident in his heart since he dared to stay and fight, and he would not do anything he was uncertain about.

Sun Lok can really be killed by Jerry quite easily, despite the fact that his strength is inferior to Sun Lok’s. Sun Lok was unaware of his magic, and he recognized Sun Lok’s weakness. His advantage was that and it was a big advantage.

Particularly given that Jerry possesses the Killing Curse, which cannot be stopped by a magic shield unless it is avoided or deflected by an object.

Few wizards are foolish enough to utilize magic shields to guard against the Killing Curse in the “Harry Potter” universe because everyone is aware of what it can do. Nevertheless, the wizards in this world are unaware of this.

Sun Lok is currently facing Jerry, and if Jerry casts a Killing Curse on him as Sun Lok continues to block with his fire shield, there can only be one result.

He will die.

This is Jerry’s greatest strength for dealing with Sun Lok alone. His original plan was to capture Sun Lok, take his magic ring, and then utilize the Imperius Curse to learn all of the Morgana’s teachings.

He won’t employ this magic unless he genuinely can’t beat the opponent. In addition, he had a slight case of greed for the magic the enemy used to summon a dragon.

When Sun Lok realized that Jerry was immune to his flame magic at this point, his anger rose.

He thought it was unacceptable that a child today was dragging him here. He stopped attempting to damage Jerry’s potent magic robe using fire magic. Instead, he kept the fire shield under control and gathered his strength to cast his most potent transmutation spell—the Dragon Magic.

The dragon-shaped engraving that was inlaid inside the armor came to life at his command. The artificial dragon that had been dancing about underneath the building changed into a black solid dragon at the same time, thanks to the carving of a dragon on Sun Lok’s armor.

When Sun Lok needed assistance fighting, the dragon flicked its beard, let out a large ball of flame, and then leaped to the top of the structure.

Sun Lok, who was attempting to manage the dragon there, suddenly groaned as the dragon’s head approached the roof.

“It appears that I won’t need to use the Killing Curse.” Jerry’s ears twitched, and his face instantly calmed.

Sun Lok groaned softly, and sure enough, the enormous dragon with its head poking out also halted. The enormous dragon that had transformed into a solid body fell to the ground immediately and reverted to its former appearance after two more muted groans.

Sun Lok’s magic has undoubtedly been dispelled.

Jerry glanced at Sun Lok there as he put the wizard’s robe away. Sun Lok had already fallen to the ground, foaming at the lips, by this point, and the three black mamba snakes around Sun Lok revealed themselves.

It turned out that Jerry used the Snake Summoning Spell to summon three black mamba snakes and surreptitiously performed the Disillusionment Charm on them while Sun Lok was focusing on casting the Dragon Transmutation Spell.

Sun Lok’s flame shield was ineffective against three invisible black mamba snakes, who bit his calf numerous times before instantly poisoning him.

The advantages of learning additional spells are now made clear. Several weak spells combined together can have an unexpected result.

Some people prefer to specialize in the study of magic. In other words, they invest a lot of effort in studying a few spells that they deem to be the most useful and then use those spells to the fullest.

Some people opt to aim big. Rather than combining spells, they study as many spells as they can, which will broaden the scope of their magic skills.

Lethality-wise, it must be stronger due to specialization, much like Harry, who depended on a Disarming Spell to fight Voldemort successfully. Although while Hermione is skilled in a wide variety of spells, she lacks Harry’s magical strength.

Jerry is more likely to choose the second option by learning as many spells as possible.

He may emerge in multiple worlds in the future due to his unique circumstances, thus even if he specializes in a small number of the most potent spells, he may still be constrained.

Only by learning to master more spells can one be able to deal with it calmly, no matter what the environment is.

Also, he has always thought that no useless spell exists. Even those can have a significant impact if the magic is applied properly. Although they may appear pointless, Hair Growth Charm and Hair Loss Curse might be useful in certain circumstances.

Give yourself a Hair Loss Curse, for instance, in case an enemy pulls your hair while you’re fighting. Alternately, you could cast a spell on an enemy if they desire to engage you in close combat.

Everyone has body hair, after all, and depending on the situation, allowing the other person trim or grow their hair might be beneficial.

The most crucial aspect is that Jerry believes if he solely focused on the lethality of magic and combat, he is an unworthy wizard. Knowledge is the most vital asset for a wizard.

Only by mastering more magic knowledge and spells can one grasp the true meaning of magic at a deeper level.

He pulled out the antidote and proceeded to alleviate Sun Lok off the snake venom. Jerry started searching for the magic ring since he had already put a Sleeping Charm on him.


It turned out that Sun Long didn’t wear any rings on his fingers except Chinese armor set that he used.

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Published On: April 10, 2023

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