Jerry could hear glass breaking above his head. Balthazar was seen descending after shattering the fourth-floor window glass when the man looked up.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” In a flash, Jerry pulled out his wand and used a levitation spell to lift Balthazar over his head and prevent him from being smashed.

On the other side, those who had just witnessed Balthazar floating in the air and descending gradually cheered, believing that he was doing some sort of floating magic.

“What happened?” Jerry and Dave both turned to gaze at Balthazar amid the congratulatory cheers.

It makes sense that their pace on the eagle shouldn’t have been slower than Horvath’s. Why Balthazar was still being attacked?

Before Balthazar could respond, Horvath on the fourth floor grinned while sticking his head out of the window while carrying a Russian doll, “Balthazar, you are still so easily deceived.”

It turned out that the young woman Horvath had just converted was Veronica, who had bound Morgana’s soul with her own body 2,000 years before. The two of them had ultimately been trapped together in the Grimhold.

She is also Balthazar’s lover and Merlin’s student at the same time.

Horvath changed into Veronica, knocked on the door, and entered when Balthazar grabbed the Grimhold. Balthazar froze when he first spotted Veronica and immediately relaxed his guard.

Horvath seized the chance to grab the Grimhold and deploy an air cannon to immediately blow the defenseless Balthazar out the window.

“Get the Grimhold first, and we’ll talk about it afterwards.”

Balthazar realized that this wasn’t the right time to explain. Horvath turned around and sprinted towards the stairs since he knew it would be problematic if he let anyone out of the building. Naturally, Dave and Jerry did the same.

Horvath and The Grimhold had vanished on the fourth floor.

“Over there!” Balthazar detected it and discovered where Horvath was right away.

Balthazar, who has the Grimhold for more than two thousand years, can feel it coming from anywhere.

A Chinese man with braids, a shirtless upper body, and a dragon-shaped armor around his waist, however, stood in their way when they reached the top of the structure via the stairs.

“How are you doing? It appears… What the?

‘Sun Lok’ Balthazar scowled as he regarded the individual in front of him who was impeding his path.

He sealed and captured a Morganian in China around a hundred years ago, and he was quite skilled with flame and transmutation magic. Even if his overall strength is superior, stopping here at this time cannot be addressed quickly.

With this person around, it would be difficult to capture Horvath and recover the Grimhold.

Horvath was carrying a wand and pointing at a sheet of paper with a pterosaur in his hand at this very moment, standing behind Sun Lok. Flying out of the paper, the pterosaur—which isn’t much smaller than the eagle—landed in front of Horvath.

“Goodbye.” Horvath triumphantly mounted the back of the pterosaur, waved his hand at Balthazar, and took off into the sky.

“Follow him. Leave this guy to me for now.” Jerry stepped forward after picking up his wand.

Balthazar pondered for a few moment before nodding. Dave can only deliver it to Jerry because Jerry already defeated Horvath and Dave must prevent Horvath from releasing Morgana before Dave has fully grasped Merlin’s power.

“Keep him there for a little.”

“You’re not going away so easily.” Sun Lok directed numerous silver needles to fire in their direction with the wave of his palms.

“Arresto Momentum!” All the silver needles were fixed in midair when Jerry cast a Slowing Charm.

He obviously coveted Sun Lok’s magic ring, which was the main motivation for his desire to remain.

Without Sun Lok’s interference, Balthazar was able to concentrate fast on using magic. He also immediately summoned the iron eagle that had previously been left outside Chinatown and directed Dave to ride it to pursue Horvath.

As Sun Lok realized this, he instantly gave up trying to control the silver needle. He then prepared to use magic when a blue light unexpectedly erupted from the opposite direction. Jerry actually cast a Sleeping Charm spell on Sun Lok, as it turned out.

Sun Lok quickly raised a solid flame shield in front of him to deflect Jerry’s Sleeping Charm with a wave of both hands.

Jerry was not in a rush as he pulled out a wizard robe from the bag and put it on while swearing in the language he was most comfortable with when he saw Sun Lok obstructing his magic with a fire shield.

The wizard’s robe contains a Protego Charm that can significantly bolster his defense.

Sun Lok felt enraged as soon as he heard Jerry’s words. When he rubbed his hands together, a large fireball developed, moved in Jerry’s direction, and then launched at him like a cannonball.

As Jerry realized this, he showed no signs of worry and promptly aimed his wand at the wizard robe to activate it in its second mode, forming another layer of Protego Charm. The defensive cover deflected the fireball, which only caused a tiny tremor when it struck him.

He put his wand away and used the Arrow Shooting Spell to shoot more than a dozen precise arrows at Sun Lok. More than a dozen pointed arrows were instantly destroyed by the fire shield when Sun Lok waved his hands.

Due to everyone’s weakness in physical combat, fights between wizards are less deadly than those between warriors because they often involve a long-distance attack with magic spells.

The amount of magic that the wizards have mastered is the secret to its success. They have more options for offensive strategies the more magic they have mastered.

It also resides in one’s comprehension of magic. The potency of magic increases with its depth of understanding, making it harder for the enemy to defend against it.

Similar to how it is presently, if Jerry’s magic power is significantly more than Sun Lok’s, he will be unable to protect against Jerry’s magic attack at all and all of his magic will be able to pass through directly.

The amount of magic that is kept in reserve in the two wizards’ bodies is the last factor. The fight will end in a draw if the two wizards’ levels of magic knowledge and control are close enough to one another.

Either give up and leave at this moment, or contest for the body’s magic power. In the end, he will win if the other wizard’s magic power runs out before his own.

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Published On: April 9, 2023

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