Jerry made this assessment, nonetheless, based on the circumstances at hand. It is challenging to determine the truth. He hasn’t actually had a chance to witness Morgana’s strength himself, after all.

One cannot draw a complete conclusion from the movie’s performance alone. Possibly the greatest witch in history has much greater strength than he anticipated.

In other words, it would be best to keep her inside for the time being. In fact, he is particularly interested in another type of magic for the universe of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in addition to the immortality one.

That is – the Sealing Magic.

For more than two thousand years, the Sealing Spell imprisoned Morgana and her followers inside a matryoshka doll, preventing them from escaping by their own willpower. It is obvious how strong this spell is.

If he mastered this ability, he would be able to directly seal Voldemort’s remaining soul when he returned to the “Harry Potter” universe.

Even if he was as powerful as Dumbledore, he could not stop Voldemort because his Horcruxes had not been totally destroyed. Even if Jerry is unable to kill him, he will just imprison his soul for a very long time in a jar.

If he ever came across an immortal in the future, he would seal them up and store them all together. Find a planet that has no inhabitants, and drop it there so that they slowly suffer there.

Balthazar and Dave ultimately came to an agreement just as Jerry was considering which magics to learn in the future and how to apply them.

In the end, Dave gave in to Balthazar’s “coercion and enticement” and decided to assist him in locating the Grimhold. The two are currently debating whether to ride the large iron eagle or descend to locate the aged vehicle that Balthazar parked in the lot ten years prior.

Since the eagle moves more quickly, it is too visible, making it simple for both Horvath and regular people to detect it.

Although driving a car is more covert, the speed is slow. It will be challenging for Horvath to locate the Grimhold first as he must be searching for it as well.

“I believe I can accompany you there if it’s required.” Jerry then moved a step more forward.

“A form of Disillusionment Charm exists at our Hogwarts school that can deal with the issue of being quickly discovered.”

As Balthazar’s eyes sparkled, he followed it up with a serious question, “Master Jerry, are you sure you want to go with us?”

“I don’t want that Morgana to resurrect and ruin this great world.” Jerry shrugged.

“Thank you.” Balthazar paused for a brief period before deciding.

They must move quickly since they have been on the rooftop for too long, and it is possible that Horvath has already discovered The Grimhold. Driving will take much longer than searching in the air with the eagle.

He could only turn little, non-living objects invisible without the spells he had learned; he was powerless against large, living creatures. He was strongly opposed to sending a young wizard on this mission with them.

The moment Balthazar placed his hand on the beautiful iron bird, which was leaning over the edge of the roof, the magic began to work its magic. The bird instantly came back to life, stood up with fluttering wings, and obediently approached the three.

The three ascended the eagle’s back one by one, and with a wave of his wand, Jerry simultaneously cast a Disillusionment Spell on the three of them and the eagle.

“The Grimhold is close to the city center, according to my pigeon, which has found its location.”

Standing atop the eagle, Balthazar detected the location of the pigeon he had just released and immediately gave the command for takeoff. He then quickly flew towards the city’s center.

At the same time, outside the antique store where Dave and Balthazar once met. Horvath started to cast magic in accordance with the knowledge Dave had previously provided.

The virtual vision that occurred at the antique shop’s entryway ten years before resurfaced before his eyes, thanks to magic.

In shock, a boy ran out of the antique store and threw the doll he was holding onto the pavement. The matryoshka was soon picked up by a Chinese granny dressed in Chinese attire.


Horvath tracked for the doll’s missing owner and then sped off in the sports car toward Manhattan’s Chinatown.

He soon arrived in the bustling Chinatown, where a festival was being held at the moment, under the guidance of magic.

The most dramatic Chinese performance, including the dragon dance show in the middle of the street, has filled the entire Chinatown with Chinese people dressed as they are.

“That’s them.” Horvath realized right away that he was one step late and that Balthazar had already located The Grimhold before him when he distantly observed Dave and Jerry there.

Horvath, who obviously had no intention of giving up so easily, quickly cast one of his most powerful illusion spells, disguising himself as a stunning woman.

He gently exited the crowd, circled around to the rear of the structure, and crept inside. Jerry and Dave were enjoying the dragon dance performance while standing outside the building’s main door.

Although the eagle flew quite quickly, it didn’t take them long to arrive at Chinatown.

Balthazar ordered Jerry and Dave to remain below for their own protection and walked up to look into the matter alone. It would be best for him to obtain the Grimhold and depart right away. If Horvath came and the two would be below since he arrived there, then they will be fine.

“Would you mind if I borrowed your ring, Dave?” Jerry pretended to be interested and enquired after observing Dave being drawn to the dragon dance.

Dave didn’t care. He handed Jerry the dragon ring after removing it and continued to watch the performance.

Jerry put on the dragon ring and experienced the same sensation as the magic wand as soon as he did. He wasn’t even sure if the fact that the dragon ring was Merlin’s ring contributed to the fact that it made him feel more powerful than his own magic wand.

If he didn’t use the wand at this particular moment, the magical force released by the dragon ring alone may be a little bit stronger than his wand.

Jerry didn’t pull any tricks and instead gave the ring back to Dave after checking that the dragon ring could actually take its place.

According to him, the Elder Wand and a regular wand are equivalent to the difference between a dragon ring and a regular wizard’s wand.

It still depends on the magician’s own strength in the end, even though the magic has increased. The Elder Wand and the dragon ring are equally useless if his own strength is insufficient.

Now that he knew about the dragon ring, thus for the time being, he has not thought about getting it.

He can use a regular magician’s ring for the time being. He’ll think about the dragon ring problem when he understands more about this world’s magic in the future.

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Published On: April 9, 2023

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