“Wizards live such lengthy lives in this world.” As Jerry learned Balthazar’s age, his eyes glowed once more.

Balthazar, Horvath, and Veronica are three of Merlin’s disciples who, if he remembered correctly, could all live eternally. Morgana, who was imprisoned in the Grimhold, is likewise immortal. From this viewpoint, it appears that a wizard in this world can attain longevity without too much difficulty.

If not, it would be impossible for there to be so many wizards who live for more than 2000 years.

“While it is very old, our Hogwarts school is not well-known. It is concealed in Scotland’s isolated woodlands. It is understandable if you haven’t heard of it because it has always existed as a solitary branch and does not communicate with the outside world. I moved away from there and settled in New York for unique reasons.”

It’s clear that Jerry has no trouble telling lies when they come out of his mouth.

As Balthazar heard this, he nodded, “It makes sense why your magic appears a little different from the older school. I apologize for involving you this time. I’ll handle the rest, but you’d better get out of New York right now or Horvath may trouble you later.”

Balthazar does not want a child to be involved in such a risky mission, despite Jerry’s apparent youth and high magical abilities. Even Dave wouldn’t be involved if he wasn’t the inheritor who could defeat Morgana.

“Could you please elaborate on the Grimhold you just mentioned? Why did he seek the Grimhold, exactly?”

Now, Jerry wouldn’t leave. Becoming friends with this wizard is the best way to learn the most potent magic in this world and the secret to immortality. If not, why would he teach him?

He had originally intended to create the immortality potion and take the Philosopher’s Stone in order to become immortal.

Yet, the immortality produced by combining the magic stone with the longevity potion also has a drawback. The “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series contains examples of it.

That form of immortality can only compel the soul to remain within the body, and since the body will continue to age over time, it won’t be all that different from a walking corpse.

Whether it is Balthazar or Horvath, immortality in this universe is definitely different. They have lived for more than two thousand years, but neither their physical appearance nor their aging have changed in the slightest.

Balthazar has been consistently working on his magic for more than 2000 years, honing his magic to a higher level. It can be referred to as the ideal immortality technique.

As Balthazar heard this, he sighed, “When we locate the Grimhold, we’ll discuss the specifics. In short, Morgana herself and the Morganians have been sealed by the Grimhold. They will end the world if Horvath discovers them and lets them loose.”

“The Morgana that almost wiping out humanity? Wasn’t she killed by the legendary Merlin?” Jerry faked his shock.

Balthazar shrugged, “Her magic is just too strong. Horvath had betrayed Merlin at that point, leaving him gravely hurt, so she was just sealed in it. I’m not strong enough to kill her now. Dave, who is Merlin’s successor, is the only person who can do it.”

Dave shook his head vigorously at this point “You’ve got to be kidding. I neither have Merlin’s magic nor am I a direct descendant of him. I no longer desire to work with magic. I simply want to have an ordinary life.”

When Balthazar held out his hand, a locker materialized with the aid of his magic. In front of Dave, he removed a ring in the shape of a dragon from his locker and asked, “If you genuinely want to live an ordinary life, why keep this ring?”

Jerry glanced at the ring in Balthazar’s hand and knew it was Merlin’s dragon ring. It is challenging to cast spells directly without the help of a medium for the wizard in this world, just like it is for the wizards in the “Harry Potter” universe.

The wand serves as the magic tool in the “Harry Potter” universe. It is challenging to cast magic normally without the wand, unless you are a good wizard.

The same is true in this world, excluding the two most powerful wizards, Morgana and Merlin, all other wizards require a medium in order to work magic.

The majority of wizards wear rings on their hands, although some also cast spells using scepters, necklaces, and other objects.

Dave has inherited Merlin’s strength. He can cast spells without using a medium as long as he puts in some serious study time later.

“This is great news!” Jerry has always believed that using a wand to cast spells is dangerous.

He can’t cast spells because it is now impossible to do so without a wand, and when he doesn’t have his hand, he ceases to be a wizard and becomes just like any other person.

Just like when he was in a physical education class at school, because the wand was in the locker, he couldn’t perform magic, so he was forced to take off his shirt.

Moreover, the wand’s construction is weak wood, which will readily break if it is attacked. Once he drops his wand, he will be in risk if someone finds this weakness of his and launches a focused attack.

But the ring is different, it is hidden better on the hand, and the metal is more durable.

In the future, he will be able to operate both the ring and the wand entirely with his left hand. He can offer the enemy a great surprise when the latter breaks his wand believing that he has discovered his weakness. It is simple to get hurt.

As for how to get the ring?

Of course, it was taken by force. But, for the time being, he must not take the dragon ring. It is Dave’s, and Balthazar will never let him go.

Nevertheless, if they are defeated by those wizards sent by Morgana, perhaps he can obtain it from them. The most significant factor is that Jerry learned about it through his recall of the movie snippets and the recent struggle with Horvath.

The actual combat prowess of the wizards in this world does not seem to be particularly impressive, despite the fact that many of their magic spells are quite interesting and they have lived lengthy lives.

He even believed that there would be no way to end the world at all if Morgana, the most powerful witch in history, were truly freed.

The present is unlike 2000 years ago. Morgana could conquer the world with magic, but in the high-tech era of today, those kinds of method is not effective.

Wizards in particular seem to be susceptible to electrical damage in this universe. In the film, Morgana was ultimately killed by David’s succession of lightning-based spells.

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Published On: April 8, 2023

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