On the roof of a New York building, A massive iron eagle came down heavily on it.

“Ugh, I feel like I’m about to throw up from how woozy I am.”

Dave leaped off the iron eagle’s back while feeling dizzy and clutched the roof’s railing with an uncomfortably shocked grimace. Being on a large iron eagle and flying so high truly worried him as a physics student.

Balthazar, a man in a leather jacket, and Jerry both calmly descended the stairs. It is clear that for them, flying at this altitude is nothing.

“Relax, Dave. Take a deep breath.”

Balthazar apathetically shrugged. Jerry was now quietly listening to their chat while also observing Balthazar transforming the eagle into an ornament.

Although they were obviously not the same, he thought the iron eagle’s transformation and the Transformation Spell were fairly the same thing.

Jerry can use the Transfiguration Spell to transform an ornament into a lifelike iron eagle at his present level, but he cannot command the iron eagle to fly like a living creature.

He may, however, employ the Transfiguration Spell to transform it into a living creature. But the creature cannot be as large as the iron eagle since it must be a real creature that actually exists in reality.

Even if he did, the transformed creature is no different from a regular creature and will not follow his commands. He could control it only if he cast it on his own, like the Snake Summoning Spell.

Yet the wizard by the name of Balthazar standing in front of him uses a different kind of magic. He appeared to have changed the ornamental iron eagle on the roof into a magical bird that could fly and move in response to his thoughts.

You must know that a bird made of normal iron cannot fly no matter how much it flaps its wings.

Yet, this magic is somewhat similar to alchemy. While alchemy can also create stone statues that can fight on their own, it requires considerable power.

You can use alchemy to create a large iron eagle that can aid you in ground combat, but if you want it to fly and lift you into the air, you’ll need to figure out how to add some additional magic spells to it.

Jerry is still very intrigued by Balthazar’s magic as a result.

“Please put an end to your argument and explain the situation to me. After all, I was involved for no reason.”

Jerry cast an Amplifying Charm on himself as the two were conversing, and as a result, his voice was so loud that the two had to stop by covering their ears.

“Thank you for saving me just now. I apologize for becoming a little excited. I’m Dave, a sophomore physics major.”

The two realized Jerry still lived after maintaining their composure. Dave stood up to thank Jerry for saving him at this precise moment and to introduce himself.

Dave unintentionally wandered into Balthazar’s antique store during a school trip ten years ago when he was still in the fourth grade.

Balthazar pulled out a dragon ring after spotting him. When he spotted him, the ring suddenly sprang to life and flew right onto his finger, where it settled.

Balthazar insisted on taking him on as an apprentice and teaching him magic after coming to the conclusion that he was the one who had inherited Merlin’s abilities.

During this time, he unintentionally released the middle-aged man who had just attacked him by dropping a Russian matryoshka doll known as “The Grimhold.”

The middle-aged man and the man in the leather coat used magic to fight each other in the antique shop. Dave ran away with the Russian doll out of fear.

He ran into his teacher and classmates when he got outside, and he enthusiastically told them what had happened in the antique shop.

The two wizards who battled with magic, as Dave had claimed, were not present in the antique shop when the teacher instructed the students to unlock the door and go inside. There was no one there, and it was just your typical antique store.

Because of this, David was diagnosed with a delusional disorder. His students made fun of him and gave the disorder the name Dave Stutler’s delusional disorder.

He encountered those two wizards again ten years later after finally letting go of the embarrassing incident from his past. He had always wished to be the best physicist.

“You can call me Jerry, and I understand your situation.” Jerry raised the Amplifying Charm and immediately began to hunt for a memory buried deep within his brain because the story sounded familiar.

It is hard for him to recall every memory from his prior life, which spanned more than 30 years. He needs to use “Refreshing” carefully to delve through the depths of his memory for some memories that have been long since buried.

“Oh! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!”

A mental image materialized in an instant. While he was still a college student, he sat aside and observed a movie being watched by a certain roommate using a computer in the dorm.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is the title of that film. The narrative is a perfect match for what Dave just said.

Balthazar also came forward at this time and introduced himself to Jerry, “Hello, Master Jerry. I’m Balthazar, and I want to thank you for saving Dave just now. What magic school do you attend, by the way?”

The young wizard in front of him may not appear to be very old, but he has excellent magical skills. He is certainly a genius wizard if he could battle Horvath without getting hurt.

“Which school? Well, Hogwarts School.”

Jerry is unaware of the existence of any magic schools in this universe. He briefly used the name Hogwarts because the only mentioned schools in the film together are the Merlinians or the Morganians Schools.

It is actually acceptable to identify yourself as a Hogwarts student and state that you attend that institution.

As Balthazar heard this, he momentarily froze, “Hogwarts School? I have lived for more than two thousand years but never heard of this school.”

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Published On: April 8, 2023

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