“It’s not over yet, is it?”

Jerry was also assaulted since he witnessed the middle-aged man attacking him repeatedly and being aggressive with his movements. Although he has never attacked, he simply didn’t want to develop a bad relationship with the wizards here when he first arrived.

Yet, it was clear that the wizard in front of him was not kind despite attacking a child and a normal young man.

Jerry found that the magic displayed by the wizard on the opposite side did not give him an irresistible feeling. He felt that if he shot with all his strength, it was not impossible for him to win.

Put the enemy on the ground and then use the Cruciatus and Imperius Curse in combination if that doesn’t work.

Holding the garbage can lid with his left hand. He flung the two daggers towards the middle-aged man using the right hand to cast a repelling spell on the two daggers that were stabbing at the young man.

Before the middle-aged man was assaulted once more after the crisis had been momentarily addressed, Jerry’s wand was already pointing in his direction.

Rapidly moving toward the middle-aged man was a blue magic light. It was clear that the middle-aged man had fought in numerous battles. He manipulated the garbage can next to him to block the blue light even though he was unaware of its strength and waved the magic wand in his palm.

“What a powerful magic spell.” Jerry quietly exclaimed as he observed the middle-aged man shift the trash can to disrupt his spell.

He can also move the thing with a spell. However, the one he learned to do so can only be viewed as a levitation spell. Although it can move items, the speed at which they move varies. If it is used to fight, it is estimated that ordinary people can easily dodge it.

It is clear that the magic cast by the middle-aged man on the opposite side is not a typical spell. It is clear that the throwing knife and the garbage can moving at this moment were the result of a magic spell designed specifically for combat.

“Something is approaching!”

Jerry’s ears began to twitch at this same instant, and it became clear that something invisible on the other side was shooting at them through the air at a high rate of speed. He swiftly pushed the young man away and sidestepped the situation.

An invisible force surged over the area where Jerry and the young man had recently been standing before slamming into the street lamp by the side of the road and completely bending it.

“An enhanced version of the repelling spell?” Like the Repelling Spell he had just used, which was a repelling force from the wand, Jerry could plainly feel the attack of this unseen power.

The one on the other side is more akin to an air cannon, capable of making an undetectable attack from a great distance. This would have gravely hurt him if it weren’t for his five senses being in a “Refreshing” state, which allowed him to recognize the oddness of the air.

“Think you’re the only one who experienced magic assaults that are invisible and without a trace, huh?”

Jerry, who was a little terrified, raised his wand and prepared to cast a Sectumsempra Curse after dodging the opponent’s magic.

But just then, a young man interrupted him from casting his charm and said, “There’s a bird!”

It turned out that at this same moment, in the skies behind the middle-aged man, a massive iron eagle suddenly flew in the air, and a man wearing a leather jacket was standing on the back of that gigantic iron eagle.

He observed that the man formed a fighting stance at this very moment, put his hands together, and even fired a powerful water blast directly toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was struck by the water blast immediately after turning his head and failing to respond swiftly. He then appeared to have been the target of a holding spell, as his entire body was submerged in it.

The man standing on the eagle’s back waved his hand to greet the young man and Jerry as the iron eagle crashed to the ground. “Dave and that young wizard, come quickly! He won’t be sealed for very long by my water.”

“Okay, okay!”

The young man named Dave immediately recognized the man in the leather coat and with his assistance, easily clambered up onto the back of the large iron eagle.

Jerry rolled his eyes, put his wand aside for the moment, put his hands on the enormous iron eagle’s wings, and leaped on it.

The water suddenly burst when the middle-aged man’s wand flashed.

“Balthazar!” The middle-aged man’s eyes reddened upon seeing the man in the leather jacket, and with a yell, he was going to launch another magic attack.

Nevertheless, the man in the leather jacket anticipated it initially. As he rubbed his hands together, a powerful energy ball quickly formed, and as soon as the water ball burst, it smacked into the middle-aged man.

The intense electric light ball instantly blew out the middle-aged man, who then flew at least seven or eight meters away before colliding with a storefront.

Jerry’s eyes couldn’t help but shine as he recognized the potency of the electro-optical ball that the man in the leather jacket had just fired. This magic seems to have a lot of strength.

“Horvath, who has been alive for more than 2000 years, has attained immortality. It would take a lot of strength for me to kill him now.” The man in the leather jacket shakes his head. He wouldn’t keep imprisoning the enemy if he could kill him.

As he said that, he spread the large iron eagle’s wings, placed his right hand with the ring on its back, and guided the three of them into the sky.

“Two thousand years?” On the eagle, Jerry made an effort to maintain his composure, but his heart was already racing.

Surprisingly, wizards in this universe have an endless lifespan and appear to be able to keep their physical bodies.

Jerry had the impression that even if the magic in this world was bad, acquiring magic that could stay forever was worthwhile.

About Horvath, was he really that strong just now? He is unsure if the short duration of the combat is to blame. Also, why does this scene feel so familiar to him?

On the other hand, Horvath left the store without a care in the world despite being drenched in smoke from the electric shock. Horvath furiously smashed the wand to the ground as he stared at the large iron bird that had vanished from the sky.

“From where did that little wizard come from? He’s good. It appears that I also need someone to help me, but first, I must locate the Grimhold.”

“Raise your hand. You’re under arrest under the suspicion of stealing. Come with us now!”

A police car arrived because of the store’s emergency siren, and two of the cops came out brandishing their weapons and shouted a warning to Horvath.

“Are you aware of who I am? How dare you speak to me in such a manner? “

Horvath, who was furious at the time, touched his wand twice in the forward direction. The two police were instantly launched into the air by an invisible force and plummeted to the ground.

Horvath entered the police vehicle calmly, used the wand to transform it into a black sports car, and then drove in the direction he had previously remembered.

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