Every night, Jerry rides a broomstick throughout New York and has a thorough understanding of the city. Therefore, as he emerged from the alley, he instantly realized that he was on a specific street in Manhattan, New York.

Simply put, several characteristics between this street and the street in New York in the real world seem to be different. However, other famous structures have remained the same.

“I’m sorry, but is this New York?” Jerry asked the blonde girl passing by very kindly, reaching out to halt her.

The girl appeared to be a student who was still in college. She was around eighteen or nineteen years old, dressed in a red scarf, a high-grade gray coat, and black fishnet stockings.

She gave the eleven or twelve-year-old youngster in front of her an odd look, knelt down, and softly said, “Kid, this is New York. Are you lost? Why are you alone outside at this time of night? Do you need me to make a police call?”

“No. But thank you, ma’am. Can I tell what year it is right now?” Jerry wasn’t prepared to ask someone casually and encounter a kind individual.

“Of course, it’s 2010.”

When Jerry heard the words, he exhaled in relief. 2010 is not the year in the main world. From his pocket, he withdrew a few dollars, which he then placed in the hands of the blonde girl.

“Thank you, consider this a small gift from me.” The blonde girl was momentarily dumbfounded as she glanced at the banknotes in her hand.

The person who only asked her that question and offered her some money made her appear like a street girl.

“Hey, where did you even come from?”

The girl quickly realized that the young kid had vanished somewhere after looking up in the direction he was leaving.

She sped home after shivering and glancing at the nearly empty streets in the middle of the night.

Jerry, who was riding a broomstick and wearing a Disillusionment Charm, paid close attention to some of the lower, seedier streets before saying, “Sure enough, no matter which world New York is in, crimes in the city are indispensable.”

Later, in the alleys, Jerry discovered a cell phone in the pocket of the thief, who had been rendered unconscious by the Sleeping Charm. He then started browsing the internet on the phone.

The quickest method to find out what kind of world we live in in a modern city is, of course, to go online.

First off, it is obvious that magic exists in this world because it is explicitly mentioned in the panel’s function introduction that the second world is a magical world.

It is improbable that there are no hints at all in this world. Maybe he may soon be able to discover some hints about magic from some news, given how far technology has come.

An hour later.

“What in the world? How could something be so ordinary?” Jerry silently placed his phone away. There was absolutely no indication of magic in the news. It was all just regular news.

It’s not even comparable to the main world, where some absurd technical phenomena don’t really exist. It seems like a typical and everyday environment, much like in his prior life.

After giving it some thought, he realizes that he can only make a foolish attempt to discover it on his own since he can’t find it in the news.

Jerry has decided to take a thorough look around New York tonight to see if he can locate any magic-related hints. He will once more take to the broomstick and switch on “Refreshing” to do this.

“Hey, why are there wolves in this city?”

But, less than five minutes after beginning his patrol, he discovered five powerful gray wolves frantically pursuing a young man with curly hair in the nearby street.

When something goes wrong, a monster must exist. Jerry is not terrified of the situation, but he is concerned there won’t be one at all, which this week will have been a complete waste. Jerry accelerated as he descended on his broomstick.

Jerry landed, retracted the broomstick, took off the Disillusionment Charm, and approached the boy with the curly hair.

“Run, there are wolves behind you!” The young man with curly hair noticed the deserted street, and when a boy showed up there, he started running erratically.

When the young man with curly hair noticed that Jerry was unconcerned, he clumsily pulled over the lid of the roadside garbage can and stood in front of him. He appeared to be planning a confrontation with those gray wolves.

“What is he up to?” Jerry couldn’t help but give the young man with curly hair standing in front of him a weird look.

“These are not dogs. You can see clearly. They are wolves, wolves that can eat people. Now I stop them, run away!” The young man with curly hair frantically yelled to Jerry behind him as he waved the trash can lid in his hand.

The five gray wolves immediately barred their teeth and charged at the curly-haired young man brutally as they saw him stop.

When Jerry saw this, he waved his wand, and twelve precise arrows shot out of thin air in the direction of many gray wolves.


The five gray wolves quickly transformed into five pages of gray wolf pictures. Jerry’s eyes glowed as he noticed the gray wolf transformed into a book page.

Because this strange occurrence is most likely a new form of magic for him.

“Are you a wizard as well?” The young man with curly hair exclaimed as soon as he noticed Jerry swinging a wooden stick.

“As well? Have you encountered any wizards?” Jerry turned to face the young man with curly hair.

The young man with curly hair pointed to a middle-aged man walking slowly in the distance, clutching a wand with blue stones, and said, “He’s a wizard. Just now, he changed those beasts. He’s not friendly. We’d better leave right away!”

“I think you’re right. He seems doesn’t want us to escape from here.” Jerry discovered the middle-aged man walking when he was in a “Refreshing” state.

In reality, his original strategy was to avoid battle with wizards in this realm before learning their capabilities.

However, he didn’t intend to give him a chance to explain what was happening. Without uttering a word, he waved his wand in front of Jerry and the young man with curly hair to release a ball of flame after watching Jerry using the Arrow-Shooting Spell to save him.

“Duro!” Jerry saw the flames flying and grabbed the garbage can lid in the curly-haired young man’s hands, casting a Hardening Spell to block the flames.

As the middle-aged man noticed this, he opened his coat and waved his wand, sending the four daggers concealed beneath it flying in the direction of Jerry and the man with curly hair.

Furthermore, the dagger’s flight path appeared to be under the direction of the middle-aged man because it flexibly avoided the hard garbage cover in Jerry’s hand, and shot at the curly-haired kid from the left and Jerry from the right.

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Published On: April 7, 2023

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