With the moving spell, he relocated the entire breakfast that had been cooked to the dining table. Aisha was still deep asleep, so Jerry went back to his room first and started checking the upgraded panel instead of waking her up.

After the upgrade, the panel hardly underwent any changes except for the addition of a second world button alongside the first world button.

Then, there are a few additional new contents in the introduction to the panel feature. First off, Jerry can bring living things here as long as he is willing, just like the tip before the upgrade.

It can be transported between the parallel and primary world as well as between the parallel and primary world. Jerry is ecstatic about this.

He is currently most concerned about the possibility that Haas and Aisha’s safety may not be guaranteed if one day his name is made public.

Although he has taken many precautions, there is no impenetrable wall in the world. Several things are not planned by you, and will be implemented perfectly according to your plan. There will always be some unexpected accidents.

For instance, he had never worked as a secret agent and had no formal training in lurking or disguising himself, thus it was inevitable that he would have defects in some minor details that he had overlooked.

He is limited to using the knowledge gap, the magic he has learned, and the panel’s capacity to create additional preparations. Even if there is a serious issue, there is still time to remedy it as long as he has enough time.

When he becomes more powerful in the “Harry Potter” world, he will be able to find a way to summon two house elves using his ability to carry creatures.

On the one hand, it can assist him with household chores, but on the other side, it can also ensure Haas and Aisha’s security. You should be aware that while house elves are not as strong as top wizards, they are still stronger than the majority of adult wizards.

They are adept at all forms of elf magic and can cast spells silently without the use of a stick. They are also fiercely loyal. They will be willing to give their lives for you if you treat them better.

In the wizarding world, several magical animals, in addition to house elves also have unique talents. They would make useful helpers if they could be domesticated and brought across.

The introduction to the second world is a crucial element in addition to the capacity to transport living things.

The second world is the same as the first world. After the main world cools down for one month, you can enter as long as you have red stars. After entering, you will consume 100 little red stars every day.

When entering, the time of the main world will also be frozen.

But the difference is that after entering the world, although the time in the main world froze, the time in the other world will start to flow normally.

The time in the main world will be frozen if Jerry enters the second world this time, but the time that was first frozen in the “Harry Potter” world will flow normally.

One month will pass in the first world if he stays there for a month, and a year will pass in the first world if he stays there for a year.

The good news is that following this upgrade, he can more easily manage the amount of time he spends in the parallel world. The red stars don’t have to run out before he can go back. He can do it whenever he wants as long as he has the desire.

Simply said, he must wait a month for the parallel world to cool down before attempting to enter once more.

For instance, Jerry could still get back to the main world after spending a week in the second world if he had 70,000–80,000 red stars in his possession. After another month has passed, he will have the option of returning to the first or second world.

Jerry read the introductions to each of the features, and then he started thinking. He didn’t anticipate that when he entered one of the worlds, time would not be frozen but rather flow normally in the other world.

He paused a little because of this. He is still studying and has a lot to learn at this point because all the foundations of his magical abilities now exist in the Harry Potter world.

Junior wizards would do well to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He would miss the start of school if he remained in the second world for an extended period of time, which would result in his expulsion from school, which would be a major setback.

The fact is that he is still unsure of the nature of this second world’s magic. Questions remain regarding its systematic inheritance, level of strength, and other factors.

“I should give it some careful thought and decide at night.”

Jerry set aside all of his ideas for the moment and decided to give them careful thought when he went to school after hearing the sound of the door opening from the outside and realizing that his father had woken up.

He needs to come up with a solution that would give him the best of both worlds because this is no little matter. Also, he remained up all night yesterday, so today he needs to catch up on sleep.

It is ten o’clock now.

Jerry changed out of his pajamas, put on some comfortable clothing, grabbed his suitcase and wand, and then pressed the button to enter the second world.

After reflecting for a day, he concluded that the second world still needed to be explored. Before deciding what to do next, at least understand the type of world that this second world is.

He needn’t worry about Hogwarts if the magic of this second world is extremely strong or much stronger than the magic of the “Harry Potter” world.

In the end, whether he attends school or not is irrelevant. What matters is that he gains more strength. If not, or almost, he continues to concentrate on the “Harry Potter” world because he has some historical ties to Hogwarts.

During the Hogwarts break, he can progressively delve into the second world. He came back on Christmas Day, just over a week before Hogwarts officially opened.

He must, of course, wait before making a decision. It might not be a week if the first scenario is actually met.

Like every time he crossed, the main world went frozen as Jerry clicked to enter the second world, and he promptly lost consciousness.

“This time, I didn’t set up an identity.”

Jerry regained consciousness and discovered himself in an empty alley, his clothing remained the same, and there are no implanted memories.

Obviously, his whole identity was directly thrown into this second world.

He recalled that while exploring the “Harry Potter” world, he not only acquired wizard blood but also set up legal status in an orphanage.

Maybe new users just receive that benefit.

His legal standing is not a major issue, though, because of his current magical power. Jerry couldn’t help but exhibit a look of surprise on his face as he emerged from the lane and peered left and right at the nearby structures.

“Where am I? isn’t this New York?”

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Published On: April 6, 2023

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