The sky above a prison in New York at two in the morning.

Jerry, riding a broomstick and having used the Disillusionment Charm, couldn’t help but grumble, “Manhattan hasn’t been operating lately. I can only obtain a few red stars now. It appears that I have no choice but to try here.”

Jerry has recently discovered that Manhattan’s crime rate has significantly fallen, which has resulted in significantly slower growth of his red star than in the past.

For two hours, he strolled across Manhattan, which is worse than other parts of New York in terms of crime. He will run out of red star sources if things continue in this manner.

Now that he is learning magic every day, it consumes a lot of red stars.

When the upgrade is finished, he still needs to set aside enough red stars for the First and Second Worlds.

He changed his mind and chose to look for a new city instead of staying in Manhattan for the time being. He focused his attention first on the criminals who were jailed.

Prior to this, he believed that since good deeds could earn red stars, then helping the criminals in the prison would result in the same.

You must be aware that only a small portion of the United States, including the current state of New York, has a death sentence.

That is to say, even if you do a horrible crime that offends both people and gods, you will most likely spend the rest of your life behind bars. With good intentions, Jerry came to assist them in ending their wicked life, but red stars must first be acquired.

He had never attempted this previously since he lacked the magical power to enter a prison with heavy security without being seen. However, while some offenders in prison may be innocent until proven guilty, others may actually deserve to die.

He could inadvertently hurt a good person, which would be awkward and not very good, if he acts hastily before learning the Imperius Curse.

But now, he doesn’t have that worry at all.

The Imperius Curse can precisely ascertain the criminal’s actual crime scene, while the Disillusionment Charm can secretly enter a room and Freeze Charm briefly disable electrical devices. The Forgetfulness and False Memory Spell might then be practiced before the culprits are put to death.


When Jerry reached the iron door closest to him after landing and packing the broom into the suitcase, he waved his wand in front of it, causing the electronic lock to shake twice and the door to open magically.

Not only can the unlocking spell open standard physical mechanical locks, but it can also open more sophisticated locks like electronic, fingerprint, and eye scanner locks.

They were essentially asleep at this point, with the exception of the dozen or so prison guards who were on night patrol. A middle-aged jail guard was closely trailed by Jerry, who was casting the Disillusionment Charm, as he subtly cast the Imperius Curse on him.

The middle-aged prison guard gladly brought Jerry to the prison’s holding area while under the influence of the Imperius Curse.

With the exception of one death row criminal, 29 criminals serving life sentences in prison at this time had all turned into complete idiots and had lost all memory.

Jerry initially intended to kill each of these criminals, but after learning that doing so was comparable to applying the Forgetfulness Curse to transform the criminals into idiots, he decided against it.

After all, it would likely garner a lot of attention if thirty criminals died unexpectedly in the prison. Yet, if they simply turned stupid, the warden probably wouldn’t make matters worse in an effort to make up for what happened.

They are all criminals who will be imprisoned for life. Whether they are stupid or not doesn’t seem to matter much as long as they don’t die in their cells.

Jerry had intended to return home and sleep after gathering a sizable amount of red stars, but midway through the flight, he had an idea, turned his head, and flew towards the next prison location.

It would be better if he only attempted it once. It would be challenging for him to act again if they had knowledge of the problem. Simply put, he needs to spend one night cleaning out all the prisons before anyone reacts so that, even if something bad happens, he won’t have to worry about it.

He won’t have to go to prison anymore and he won’t have to worry about someone staying in jail or prison for him because doing this will help him get red stars.

He merely had to sleep through the night. He grew accustomed to it and stopped staying up late during this period in favor of sleeping in during the daytime hours when he was in class.

Jerry continued to remain up until about seven in the morning, at which point he dragged his worn-out body back to his room.

In one night, he cleaned every prison in New York. Even though he was exhausted, the number of red stars was really not low.

The amount is similar to the total of the red stars he got this time in Manhattan.

He would have nearly passed out from exhaustion if cities like Washington and Los Angeles weren’t too far away from him and he couldn’t fly back and forth on a broomstick in a single night to visit all the prisons there.

His largest accomplishment is that through constant testing, he was able to perfect the False Memory Charm and the Forgetfulness Curse. The saying “practice makes perfect” certainly holds true for the study of magic.

“Seventy thousand, not bad.”

Jerry nodded quietly in the kitchen as he prepared breakfast using magic while examining the quantity of his current little red stars on the panel. To save roughly 100,000 red stars before the panel update is finished is his current objective.

He notices that when he uses the “Refreshing” more frequently, his body seems to have become accustomed to it, and the side effects are diminishing with each use.

He also believed that if he kept using it so frequently, eventually his mode will convert into a normal condition. Even if it were left on all the time, there wouldn’t be any issues.

However, the ensuing problem is the consumption of red stars. The red star will be consumed more quickly the longer the “Refreshing” is employed.

He used to eat between four and five hundred red stars every day, but today he uses between five and six hundred. He would add an additional hundred if he used in that another world.

In other words, if he enters the “Harry Potter” world and does not save enough 100,000 red stars, he may not finish reading in the second part of the semester and will return to the regular world.

The second world will also be made available after the panel has been upgraded.

What the second world will look like is unclear. He might have to travel to the second world and stay there for a time if the magic contained therein is really valuable.

Jerry was thinking about the second magical world when all of a sudden, he looked at the panel and was astounded. It turned out that the panel abruptly unveiled two words at this point.


Immediately below, there is a line that says.

[The Second World has been prepared successfully, please enter and check]

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Published On: April 6, 2023

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