Los Angeles, Tony’s mansion.

Black Widow informs Nick, who is speaking to Tony, “Agent Hill reported that Miss Wizard has been securely sent back to Manhattan.”

Tony was looking at Nick when he nodded and said, “Your father is far from what you imagined. He was one of the members who established S.H.I.E.L.D. He also left this box for you. Unlock it, and maybe you can solve all the problems.” Nick then pointed to the large box with “Howard Stark’s belongings” written on it under his feet.

Nick looked at his watch as he stood up after concluding his sentence, “You continue to examine this box even though it is becoming late and I still have other things to do. I’ll allow Coulson in, and he’ll be watching over you. And Natasha, she’ll keep working as a covert agent for Stark Industries.”

“Hey, hey, what are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re referring to. How do you open this? Moreover, you cannot limit my freedom…”

Tony briefly lost his composure after hearing Nick’s statements. But Nick gave him a cold stare, turned his head away, and completely disregarded him. Even when Nick left, Black Widow politely reminded Tony that all communications had been cut off.

“Okay, Agent Coulson? You seem a little different from the last time we met.” Tony was forced to talk to Coulson after Nick, and Black Widow left.

“This is also due to the power of that wizard girl.” Coulson said with pride as he touched the hairline on his forehead.

Tony bowed, “Wow, that’s amazing. It appears that her magic can make hair grow. By the way, after a brief break from physical training, I’ll start my research in the basement. Send your men down to get me some food or drinks if you can.”

Coulson quickly saw through Tony’s fleeting thoughts. He said, “Sorry, Mr. Stark, but this is not my responsibility. Director Fury gave me the directive to use all measures necessary to keep you here. I’ll have to stop you if you try to pull any tricks.”



“You mean no youngster with the appearance of the wizard has been found after checking through all the registration information in New York?” Nick Fury asked Hill in shock.

“Yes, unless she is a stowaway, her information won’t be found. Nonetheless, the likelihood of this is quite small.” Hill reported.

The majority of the smugglers are typically Hispanics and foreigners, while the wizard is plainly American or more British based on behavior and appearance.

Fury nodded in response to Hill’s question, “Is there any gain from this night’s observation?”

It turned out that while the wizard was primarily requested to assist this time, Nick also quietly advised Hill to pay close attention to the wizard’s every move in order to learn more about him from the intricacies.

Hill responded after gathering her thoughts, “Overall, there isn’t a problem. Yet, I’m unable to determine how many weird magics she has mastered. One thing, though, I can’t seem to figure out.”

“Which point?” Nick frowned.

“Coulson questioned the wizard on the plane as to why she had always to wear a hat and mask. The wizard responded by saying that, like her wizard robe, the mask and hat are essential magical accouterments that can both aid in magic and combat.” Said Hill.

“Her wizard’s robe can deflect bullets and even protect her from sniper rifle shots that can penetrate armor. The helmet and mask have additional purposes, so it makes sense.” Fury nodded.

“But Director, if her hat and mask were that crucial, why didn’t she go get them when she was struck by armor-piercing bullets when she was thrown to the store?”

“The wizard doesn’t seem like the kind of person who gets easily irritated. Yet, it’s possible that she was too upset at the moment to remember.”

“You mean, what the wizard exhibited at the moment may not necessarily be her genuine appearance, thus she maintained wearing a mask afterward?” Fury was quick to pick up on Hill’s possible meaning.

“I simply believe it is doable. After all, she has incredible magic. It could be able to alter her look, similar to our Photostatic Veil momentarily.”

Hill, who is Nick’s most powerful aide, is aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. has a unique gadget called the Photostatic Veil that can create a virtual image on the wearer’s face that can be faked and changed into anyone’s appearance.

With all the magic the wizard knew, perhaps there was one that might momentarily alter their appearance.

Before saying, Nick was silent for a time, “It will be challenging to manage if this is the case. This logic suggests that the wizard’s gender and age may not be genuine and may instead be a result of magic. It will be exceedingly challenging to determine her genuine identity in this way.”

The wizard has incredible magic. She doesn’t have always to wear a mask because it truly has the power to alter everything.

Furthermore, regardless of whether the wizard is a man or woman, an old man or a child, they all meet the requirements of an Avenger in his heart based on her present actions and the conclusions drawn from various observations.

It will annoy the wizard when she is found, rather than continuing to use energy to investigate the wizard’s true identity. It’s best to communicate with the wizard more frequently and earn her trust over time. The wizard will eventually open up to them.

Fury’s chemistry with the wizard has improved to a new level as a result of this time’s successful rescue of Tony using potions and various magics. They won’t be able to ask the wizard for assistance the following time if they annoy her.

“All right, let’s put off figuring out who the wizard really is for the time being.”

“Well, Director, I do have one more report for you.” Hill nodded before presenting Nick Fury with another document.

The document, which included some recent data on keeping an eye on Dr. Banner, was taken by Nick. However, he focused on one of the reports.

The Hulk appeared and angrily crushed the glacier after Dr. Banner’s attempt at suicide at the North Pole failed. Then, in the melting glacier, a Russian oil exploration crew discovered what they believed to be a World War II fighter plane.

Currently, after analyzing the images taken by experts, it can be seen that the fighter plane deep inside the ice is quite similar to the one Captain America was operating at the time.

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Published On: April 4, 2023

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