“Ignore that; let’s just complete the work.” Jerry used a summoning spell to call out Quirrell’s advanced antidote and placed it in front of Tony and Nick before slowly placing the tray into the suitcase.

“May you please take the potion first, then? Don’t you realize that letting kids stay up late is bad for their health?”

“What potion?” Tony appeared surprised.

“This Miss Wizard graciously gave me the antidote that could be able to reverse your palladium poisoning.” Nick elucidated.

“The fundamental justification is the excellent character of Mr. Stark. To die in such a manner is regrettable.” Jerry nodded.

“Thank you, Miss Wizard, but I couldn’t take your potion. I’ve tried all possible mixtures of the components. Palladium poisoning cannot be removed by any element on earth.”

He believed that if he tried to treat his palladium poisoning on his own, he would ultimately be unable to do it. He wondered how a child could possibly save him. However, she does appear to have some strong superpowers.

Nick glared and mockingly remarked before Jerry could respond, “I can tell that you haven’t tried them all.”

“If you don’t try, how will you know that you won’t die? Furthermore, it took me a lot of priceless herbs and time to create this bottle of detoxifying potion. I’m still somewhat assured.” Jerry moved the liquid from the table toward Tony.

Tony picked up the bottle, examined the mysterious liquid inside that resembled amber, thought back to the magic that was currently capable of changing matter, hesitated for a moment, and then ultimately removed the cork before gulping the liquid down.

A cloud of hot air rapidly ascended from his abdomen after he drank the potion, and it then dispersed into his internal organs, limbs, and bones. In the same instant, the palladium element’s green traces that had been gradually destroying his body vanished.

“Argh!” Tony now experienced a sharp discomfort in his neck. It revealed that Black Widow stabbed his neck with a blood test device for palladium poisoning.

“The detoxification is finished, and there is no palladium element present.”

“Is it completely recovered?” Tony pointed at his index finger once more as he manually adjusted the armor on his hand while holding the tester in Black Widow’s grasp.

As Tony saw the identical test result as before, he couldn’t help but display a somewhat perplexed expression. He initially believed that he would pass away, much like a cancer patient, and as a result, he donated all the collected.

He started to lose hope in himself and made Pepper upset by purposely making out with the new secretary. He wanted her to stop loving him so that she wouldn’t be sad in the future. His pal received all he had, even his iron armor.

In general, he is still extremely content. The fact that a youngster could find a solution despite his best efforts to find a cure upset him a little. Nonetheless, Jerry saved his life, and for that, he is eternally grateful.

You know, he already gave Pepper control of all of Stark Industry’s businesses. In the future, Pepper will marry someone else, and that person will own both Pepper’s lover and a sizable portion of Stark Industry.

“Thank you so much for saving me, Miss Wizard. You can get in touch with me whenever you need my assistance in the future, but right now, I need to depart immediately due to an important matter.”

Tony decided that in order to win Pepper back, he needed to take off right away to find Pepper and explain the situation to her.

“Hold on, you can’t go yet. Even though your poison is gone, you will still be poisoned as long as you wear the iron suit if you can’t locate something to replace the palladium element.” Nick pushed Iron Man to the ground as he was about to stand up.

Jerry promptly raised his hand as well, saying, “In fact, it’s difficult to locate the ingredients for preparing that powerful antidote potion. It will take a while to make it since I just have one bottle right now.”

He still has a few bottles of antidote potions in the suitcase, but he isn’t a rich boy, so he can’t give them all to him. Giving a bottle of potion that can save a life is something amazing, but giving a second and third bottle for free is another story.

In other words, Tony wouldn’t have been poisoned to death if it weren’t for his potion, and he only used this as an occasion for an opportunity. It would never end if he actually kept giving Tony potions, preventing him from looking into the root problem.

Without Iron Man, there would be an issue later on when the army of Thanos arrived.

After being shocked by the comments, Tony quietly considered them for a time before sitting down once more. He will restart the countdown to death if he activates the iron suit since the little arc reactor on his chest will undoubtedly input the palladium element into his body.

“Before he passed away, your father, Mr. Howard, left you certain items. I believe it will be beneficial for you to locate new components to replace them. You should return to your mansion and carefully study it.” A dozen agents rushed in and swiftly surrounded Tony, as Nick explained.

“Alright.” Tony is no match for these dozen or so elite agents now that he can’t use the iron suit, thus what Nick Fury suggested is indeed realistic.

He needs to locate elements that can replace “palladium” if he still intends to wear an iron suit and go about as Iron Man.

“Okay, can we go back now?” Jerry urged while standing up.

There is no way he could fly back alone if his Nimbus 2000 is not as fast as a supersonic plane.

The Nimbus 2000 can travel at a top speed of about 200 km/h. The flight from Los Angeles to New York is expected to take more than ten hours. Haas and Aisha will discover his disappearance by that point and it will be a bit problematic.

It would appear that he must find a means to master Apparation quickly or discover how to create Portkeys and construct a Floo Network when he has the time.

Otherwise, relying only on the broomstick, the speed is still inferior to the plane and Tony’s iron armor, even if you get the quickest Firebolt in the future. The Firebolt was traveling at, if he remembered correctly, about 250 kilometers per hour.

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