Jerry blushed as he observed Hill and Black Widow in the plane’s locker area, both of whom had totally removed their outerwear.

“Miss Wizard, you claimed to be able to use magic to get rid of hair. Could you please assist me in getting rid of this and this one?”

Hill showed her calf area and armpits. When Black Widow on the side heard the words, she lifted her arms and said, “Do the same to me if you can. To have to do this repeatedly is quite difficult.”

Jerry sighed quietly as he turned to face Hill and then Black Widow.

After some time, Hill invited Jerry to assist. It found out that she intended to assist them in shaving their leg and armpit hair using the Hair Loss Curse. In actuality, it is not the only cause of this. They needed to be taken care of regularly.

She frequently needs to assume several identities to infiltrate the enemy, just like the Black Widow, and she also needs to dress attractively to catch the target’s eye. She previously broke into Stark Tower undercover because Tony was drawn to her beauty.

Jerry looked a little disapproving, so Hill said with a smile, “Miss Wizard, you are still young, so you’re not used to these things for the time being. When you are a few years older, you will have these issues.”

Jerry executed multiple Hair Loss Curses while raising his wand, giving the two of them a flawless and perfect magic.

He was a little speechless, but he had to admit that the two female agents’ bodies are excellent.

Jerry made a firm decision to leave the changing room after completing the hair removal request and just now entered the room again.

He must have a bottom line in life and control certain unpleasant desires even though he is now seen by everyone as a girl. Otherwise, the Wizard’s entire identity will be ruined when the identities are fully revealed in the future.

Of course, he may not be alive when that happens if they knew about it.


After 20 minutes. Outside of Los Angeles, the plane came to a stop in front of a fast food restaurant.

Coulson and Hill remained on the plane, while Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Jerry exited it along with 12 other S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel dressed in black.

“I don’t want any strangers to show up around here anytime soon. Natasha, send someone to clean this area. Miss Wizard, you can go to the burger shop in front and wait for us for a while.”

Nick spoke to Black Widow and Jerry separately before moving towards Tony, who was sitting in front of the nearby burger joint. When Black Widow heard the words, she nodded, waved her hand, and led the group of about a dozen agents away.

Jerry entered the burger joint unhurriedly, chose a seat, and sat down while he observed an agent inform all the employees. When he looked up, it was just after seven o’clock and the sky was completely lit up.

“I haven’t eaten all night; I’m a little hungry.”

Jerry, who made fried chicken burgers in front of a burger shop, strolled up to the work table there, pulled out his wand, and waved it around a little. He started to cook independently while standing up as the various utensils and ingredients on the work table appeared to gain consciousness right away.

“Hey, do any of you need something to eat?”

Nick Fury and Tony, who was wearing the Iron Man suit, pulled the door open as Jerry was utilizing cooking magic to prepare lunch.

“Thank you, just give us two cups of coffee.” After briefly freezing, Nick instantly resumed his regular state.

The current situation is magical rather than scientific, so it makes perfect sense for the wizard to use magic to prepare food.

On the other side, Tony turned his head to take a startled look at Nick standing next to him, “What is this superpower? This youngster is also a part of your Super people band. Do you still use children as laborers?”

“I’m not with them, I was only asked to lend a hand by them.”

Jerry approached the two of them with a tray of food and drink that had been automatically organized, including hamburgers, fried chicken, and coffee.

Nick took a sip of coffee, “It tastes good, thank you.”

Tony picked up the coffee as well, but after saying thank you, he whispered, “Today I truly want to drink a glass of milk, even if yesterday I wasn’t particularly sober from the hangover.”

As Jerry heard this, he turned his attention to the cup Tony was holding, casting a Transfiguration Charm and said, “Okay.”

He got a tray and sat down to the side after finishing his sentence. Tony froze as he observed the coffee in his hand change into milk.

If the automated cooking scene in the kitchen earlier caught him off guard, the current scene of coffee turning into milk certainly did.

Nick sat down after giving Tony a shoulder pat, “Not the superpower you thought it would be. This girl is a superhero who has just gained a lot of popularity in New York, a witch with some knowledge of magic. Don’t you know?”

“Wizard? That name may be one I’ve heard before.” Tony made a concerted effort to think about it but felt that his hangover-afflicted brain wasn’t functioning properly, so he didn’t think about it at all.

In fact, Tony wasn’t idle over the recent months when the wizard rose to fame. He managed the business, improved the armor’s capabilities, received invitations to several lavish events, was summoned to Washington to file a lawsuit, traveled to Monaco to compete in racing contests, etc.

He might have seen the name of the Wizard spoken or glanced over it in the news, but it’s unlikely that he put any effort into understanding it thoroughly.

“Is there really a thing as magic in this world?” Tony, a tech expert, finds it difficult to accept magic’s supernatural presence.

“It’s better not to take too long, since I’ve cleared out all the nearby areas.” Black Widow at this point walked quickly and furiously to them.

“Well, you’re fired.” Tony observed his secretary enter the room and inform Nick of the circumstance. After giving it some thought, he realized right away that the other two were tricking him.

“That’s up to you to decide.” Black Widow said with a detached smile.

Given his utter helplessness, Tony could do nothing but turn to face Nick and utter the idiotic words, “I’ll say it again, all right. Simply said, I won’t be a part of the Super People team you created.”

Tony’s attitude didn’t appear to bother Nick, but he started to educate Tony with a burst of knowledge. At this point, Jerry, who was seated to the side, didn’t focus much on Nick and Tony’s disagreement. Instead, he has trouble looking at the hamburger and fried chicken on the table.

Why? He discovered an issue, which is that he is completely unable to eat while donning a mask.

He is no longer in Hermione’s body, and if he removes his disguise while eating a cheeseburger, he will reveal who he really is.

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Published On: April 3, 2023

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