They boarded the supersonic vehicle of S.H.I.E.L.D. for more than two hours.

Coulson and Jerry are conversing. Jerry didn’t really want to talk to these S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, to be really honest, because he was worried that he could reveal something and cause the other person to doubt his identity.

However, this Coulson is incredibly skilled at conversing, and he has a lot of charm, so Jerry finds it very challenging to reject him. He didn’t broach any particularly delicate subjects; instead, he engaged Jerry in some rather banal small talk, which gradually reduced Jerry’s alertness.

Miss Wizard, don’t you feel uneasy all the while wearing a mask? Jerry sat across from Coulson, who had exactly the perfect amount of curiosity.

After a brief moment of shock, Jerry replied and smiled, “This is my improved magic hats, masks, and wizard robes. My robes can protect me from regular bullets, my magic spells can be more effective with masks, and I can cast spells more frequently with my hat. They’re all quite significant. Hence I always wear them.”

He has regained his manly body now that the Polyjuice potion’s effects have worn off, but removing the mask would reveal it. Even the voice he used to speak now had merely subtly changed his own voice to sound like Hermione.

Coulson nodded in agreement and recalled that Jerry did, in fact, stop the bullet with his wizard robe in the video footage he had previously watched.

“What age is Mr. Coulson this year, by the way? Why do older individuals start to get bald?”

Jerry gazed at Coulson’s receding hair and decided what he would do to stop Coulson from thinking about it right now.

Make the other person feel embarrassed when you are in an awkward situation so you can swiftly deflect their focus.

Coulson was startled by the comments, embarrassedly caressed the top of his mostly bald head, and sighed helplessly, “People always experience these minor issues as they reach middle age. After all, I don’t really care about them because I’m not young anymore.”

Hill, who was on the other side, grinned and shook her head. She is aware that Coulson appears to regularly apply minoxidil lotion and take finasteride capsules.

“Oh, that must be the case. I offer my free Hair Growth Charm to you if you felt that your baldness didn’t look nice. It’s magic, so you can get your hair to grow back.” Jerry said.

Hair Growth Charm is a really easy little spell. It can speed up hair growth, primarily for the purpose of the hair, but it can also be applied to other body areas.

Hogwarts wizards frequently play practical jokes on their students by using the Hair Growth Charm to grow their brows. The Hair Loss Curse is another spell that can get rid of all hair from anywhere on a person’s body.

Upon hearing the remarks, Coulson was obviously taken aback. He then gravely turned to face Jerry and said, “Actually, I was just kidding. Are you sure you can do it? What sort of sorcery is used to grow hair?”

Jerry stopped making fun of Coulson and instead pulled out his wand, sending a magic ray at the top of Coulson’s head. His half-bald head grew a lot of hair like a dead tree in the spring in an instant.

Coulson’s original thinning, withering hair vanished in less than five seconds, to be replaced by a head of golden, waist-length hair.

“Oh, my God, I love this magic!” Coulson believed the anti-hair loss medication he had been on earlier was weak as he stroked his magnificent hair.

When Hill, who was seated next to Coulson, noticed that his friend had hair that was waist-length, his mouth corners began to twitch erratically.

Can you picture what a strange situation it would be for a 40-year-old man with waist-length blonde hair? Particularly now that he was just partially bald.

“Actually, I know both the Hair Loss Curse and the Hair Growth Charm. You can ask me at any time to assist you in losing your hair if you decide you no longer desire it.” Jerry made a casual comment after noticing that Coulson was now paying attention to his hair.

Hill didn’t really care about it, but this sentence made her eyes light up. There is no need for the Hair Growth Charm because she has thick hair and no issues with hair loss. But hair loss magic is another story.

“Can you really remove it?”

Jerry nodded as he understood Hill’s question. He obviously didn’t get what Hill was getting at when she asked this question.

The chamber door of the cargo plane was opened following an electronic noise. Nick entered the room with a stunning woman wearing a leopard-print dress who had wavy red hair and a stunning body. Nick hadn’t shown up since getting on the plane.

The senior agent Black Widow, who had been posing as Tony’s secretary and had been lurking at his side, had been here right after the transport plane touched down in Los Angeles.

The two were stunned when they entered the room and saw Coulson with waist-length hair.

“Natasha, look at my hair. Isn’t it gorgeous, director?” Coulson quickly raised his golden hair slightly excitedly when he spotted Nick and Natasha arrive.

Nick couldn’t bear to be beaten in front of his devoted old subordinate with a strange expression, so he said, “Very nice, but I suggest that you cut them short, as such a length may influence your eventual performance of the job.”

After finishing, he cast a doubtful glance at Hill. Hill informed Nick about Jerry’s hair-growth magic for Coulson, leaving Nick dumbfounded and in shock.

Even though magic is an amazing ability, they mainly employed it for hair.

Coulson seems to understand that his appearance was inappropriate after getting over the excitement. He quickly thanked Jerry and exited the room to find something to trim his hair in another room before getting up.

Nick left after giving a quick explanation that he had discovered Tony’s present location and that he would reach his goal in about 20 minutes. Nick then headed to the cockpit.

“I’m changing into something new.” Black Widow was about to turn around and enter the transport plane’s locker area when she murmured something to Hill.

She is currently donning a lengthy dress from Tony’s birthday celebration, which is undoubtedly inappropriate for immediate action. She will change back into the black, tight leather jacket for the mission before getting to the destination.

“Natasha, hold on a second.” Hill stood up at this point, halted Black Widow, and then grinned as she gazed down at Jerry.

“Now, Miss Wizard, would you mind coming over and doing me a favor like you did for Coulson?”

Jerry briefly felt stunned. He gave Hill a glance. She had gorgeous hair that she didn’t lose. Maybe she wanted to grow her hair out longer?

He nodded despite he didn’t understand her intention.

It’s only a Hair Grow Charm, and the magic isn’t really challenging. It is nothing to perform this modest courtesy. Additionally, establishing a connection with these S.H.I.E.L.D. agents could be advantageous in the future.

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