Jerry has no concern about Nick Fury in the face of issues that the world is facing, such as the earth’s problem, disasters, and justice. A child will listen to your arguments if you reason with him, but he is not like other kids.

In addition, he is now requesting something in return.

As long as Jerry’s true identity is kept a secret, he currently has enough magical power to make him not particularly terrified of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even though S.H.I.E.L.D. has a sizable staff, it will be challenging for them to find Jerry if he employs magic to conceal himself and flee.

In this way. Nick Fury ran out of options and failed to produce the desired outcomes. He now recognizes the wizard as someone who doesn’t give a damn about those things. She is a child, which is problematic in and of itself because children think differently from adults.

Indeed, he was the only one to worry about, except from his own agents. Thankfully, the wizard is at least willing to help for a specific fee, which is considerably better than other options.

He can consider trust-related issues later. It’s preferable to Tony, who has both physical and mental issues, and Dr. Banner, who can only keep track of his whereabouts.

“Okay, I won’t push you to join now if you don’t want to. This time, I really want you to come since your magic has the ability to heal and I’m going to ask you to save someone.”

“Save someone?” A look of doubt flashed in Jerry’s eyes.

“Yes, you ought to be familiar with Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man.” Nick gave a nod.

“What happened to Iron Man?”

Jerry recalled reading some news that he had come across previously. Senators called Tony Stark to Washington for a trial and demanded that he turn over the iron armor technology to the government.

Then Tony Stark humiliated them in front of everyone. They argued that it poses a military threat at that time as well. Tony was flying through the skies in an iron suit, while Dr. Banner was being pursued by the military and running around, and the government was powerless to stop him.

“He had been poisoned with a very potent poison. We can’t fully cure him with the technology we have at the moment. He might not live very long if we can’t find a solution.” Fury appeared to be a little grave.

“A serious condition?” Jerry recalled that Tony appeared to be well and alive in Avengers 1 and that he did not at all appear to be suffering from poisoning.

If Nick Fury hadn’t gotten it wrong, Iron Man might have ultimately found the solution by himself, and he believes the latter should be more plausible.

In that case, should he still help? Of course.

This guy owes himself a life-saving favor, so why not do it? Iron Man is a tech expert, and he’s extremely capable of inventing and creating something big since he has both money and background.

Jerry took a moment to reflect, “Even if I lose an arm or a limb, recovery is still possible as I gain strength thanks to my healing magic. However, my healing spell is powerless against poisoning and only works against physical injuries.”

In fact, none of the spells he has mastered thus far—or even among the magics he has learned—can help him. Physical wounds are tended to with the Quick Healing Charm.

As he noticed a hint of sadness on Nick’s face, Jerry said, “Don’t worry, even though my magic can’t cure the poison, it doesn’t mean I have no other method.”

“What do you mean?” Nick Fury glared at Jerry.

Jerry raised his chin and immediately said to himself, “I can not only unleash magic, but I can also develop some magic potions that can detoxify!”

“Magic potions?” Nick appeared perplexed.

“It is a potion that has been refined using magic and a variety of ingredients. You wouldn’t understand. You just need to know it can detoxify poison and venom.” Jerry grinned wryly.

In the fourth grade, he learned how to produce antidotes, and he can still do it now. If it does, it still works quite well against poisons without magical powers, such as snake venom.

Of course, there are still a few bottles of sophisticated detoxification remedies created by Quirrell in the suitcase if the problem cannot be resolved. Even cursed toxins can be eliminated by advanced detoxification potions.

He thought it ought to be able to address the Iron Man poisoning issue.

“What are your conditions this time?” he questioned Jerry after pausing for a moment to consider.

“Conditions? I frequently read stories about Iron Man on the news. He seems like a good guy, so this time, I’ll perform the favor for free.” Jerry answered immediately.

The corners of Nick’s mouth twitched as he noticed Jerry’s carefree expression. He thought Jerry was going to make some unreasonable requests because he was currently so unwilling to assist. But in the end, there were absolutely no restrictions.

He could only sigh, shaking his head, that the wizard was still a child.

He didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. Half of today’s objective had been accomplished because the wizard had already made a commitment to save Tony.

“Director, a word from Natasha is that Colonel Rhodes and Tony are at home in Los Angeles.” Coulson unexpectedly approached at this time and relayed the information that the Black Widow had just urgently delivered.

Tony wanted to treat himself on his birthday, so he pretended to have a falling out with his closest buddy Rhodes and put on the suit designed for Rhodes. However, it turned out that Tony’s palladium poisoning had reached 89%, and he knew he would die in a few days.

“Miss Wizard, would you be willing to travel to Los Angeles with us right now?” Nick listened to Coulson’s report and then turned to gaze back at Jerry.

Jerry asked, after looking at the time, “Can you take me back by nine?”

Today is Saturday, and now is less than four o’clock. Haas works the night shift. Therefore, his expected return time is half past nine in the morning.

Don’t worry about Aisha. As long as you don’t wake her up, the young girl can snooze till midday. It won’t be a big deal if he can return to New York by nine o’clock.

“Don’t worry, we have a fast jet.” Nick smiled, he knew that Jerry had already agreed.

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Published On: April 2, 2023

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