“Hey, I heard that you seem to be up to something recently.”

Jerry swiftly exited the school and was on his way to an alley where he planned to cast the Disillusionment Charm and fly his broomstick. He was halted by eight youngsters wearing hip-hop fashion.

“Again, seriously? What is it now?” Jerry couldn’t help but twitch as he stared at the teenagers who were clearly the school’s seniors.

You will attract many girls if you become popular in school. As a result, some envious people will soon track you down and humiliate you using force and large numbers.

Because they constantly believe that doing so will make men appear strong and powerful and draw the attention of girls, but they are unaware of the pain it will inflict on others.

They may eventually forget it, especially if they engage in this behavior too frequently, but a victim of public bullying will carry a psychological trauma for the rest of their lives.

Because of how cruel the world is, those who hurt people must live with those memories for the rest of their lives.

“Come on.” Jerry called out to several teenagers before deciding to enter a remote alley close to the school.

The teenagers were momentarily startled but continued to follow. A particular big boy who appeared concerned couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this scene among the observers.

He felt bad for the teenagers that followed him rather than for Jerry.

Why you may ask?

He knows how strong Jerry’s fists are because he went to elementary school with Jerry in the past. He still struggles to get over Jerry’s strength and stomps his head on the ground with his feet.

Originally, he thought that he would be able to avoid him when he came to middle school from such a far place. But on the second day of school, he was surprised to find Jerry in the school newspaper once more.

At that time, he made up his mind that in the three years of middle school, he must be a good student and try his best to graduate while being alive.

As expected, there was a lot of sobbing and shouting not long after the eight teenagers followed Jerry into the alley.

“Argh! Help! Father and mother! Please help!”

The teens were left on the ground sobbing, and Jerry exited the alley with grace while clapping his hands and carrying his school bag.

Even though he is an amateur, he has been practicing in elementary school for a while and has already perfected the method of killing people by beating them to death without leaving a mark.

When he was in elementary school, some classmates complained to the teacher that Jerry beat them.

The teacher naturally set aside those complaints because Jerry is a good student who is famous for his good character and academics and the bad student was more likely to be the perpetrator due to past experiences.

Sometimes Jerry would even get himself some minor wounds that were not serious, and would file a complaint first, so that those mischievous students not only be beaten by him, but also be notified to their parents.


He once more located an empty alley, flew back to the neighborhood of the housing complex on a broomstick, and then waited for Aisha to finish school at the bus stop for her school bus.

He picked up Aisha, greeted his future stepmother Mrs. Belle, and then went home to prepare dinner.

He carried on riding a broomstick to the sky above Manhattan at twelve in the morning.

The assault from yesterday had no impact on him. Instead, he wanted to visit a couple more times so that he could practice the Forgetfulness and False Memory Curse in addition to earning more money and red stars.

However, apparently that kind of good thing is not often.

Jerry felt a little uneasy since it was clear that law and order in Manhattan were considerably better today than they were yesterday. The criminals disappeared, as if some command had been given.

Undoubtedly, it may be the calm before the storm. In a bit in a bad mood and getting ready to go back, Jerry rode his broomstick at three in the morning. Jerry hadn’t gotten many red stars.

A weird voice suddenly arose from the west as he was scanning the sky for an appropriate alley to descend into and hide in for a bit.

A red car was approaching him swiftly from five or six hundred meters distant, being propelled by what appeared to be a rocket jet. Jerry approached and could easily see that there were two occupants of the car.

The passenger next to the half-bald middle-aged driver was none other than Maria Hill, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who had previously seen him twice.

“Good evening, Miss Wizard. Is it convenient for us to chat?” Jerry was standing on a broom when Agent Hill waved and shouted at him.

After giving it some thought, Jerry made an “OK” gesture to her. So, Jerry followed them on a broomstick while the red car led the way.

To be safe, he sneakily pulled out a bottle of Polyjuice Potion from the suitcase using a Summoning Charm during the trip, poured it into his mouth under the cover of his thick wizard robe, and did so covertly.

He then turned into Hermione again.

In reality, it is not a major deal even if he does not transform because he is wearing a loose wizard robe, a wizard cap, and a mask that reveals his eyes.

He nevertheless swallowed a bottle of Polyjuice potion, just in case. There were still three bottles left, so it would be a waste not to utilize them now.

After all, Jerry still carries some worries facing a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Particularly when he was working in his prior life, his coworkers informed him that they were filled by people who were qualified to work in the espionage industry.

Jerry actually had no sense of fascination when watching Avengers because he hasn’t seen any other Marvel films. He simply thought the special effects were very potent and found it difficult to watch.

However, he works with a coworker who likes Marvel, and in particular, that coworker has the kind of personality that must share good TV shows and movies with you and who he heartily recommends you to watch.

It falls short of the intense joy of being by yourself. As a result, Jerry went to see The Avengers with his coworker. He would visit Jerry to discuss when there were some follow-ups.

Asgard was destroyed, S.H.I.E.L.D. was revealed to be Hydra, Captain America and Iron Man engaged in combat, Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half the universe, etc.

Jerry went to the movies to watch it since the story was so intriguing, but Jerry felt that he didn’t know the movie’s heroes. As a result, he was not really familiar with the Marvel characters, but he did have a vague idea of some significant events that would happen later.

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Published On: April 1, 2023

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