Nick Fury set the material down and turned to face Agent Hill, who appeared to be grumbling about being tricked but was actually grinning.

In fact, Nick is more content the stronger and more skilled the wizard is. Because of this, the wizard’s potential value is higher than he previously thought.

The Avengers need to be as strong as possible in order to combat the threat posed by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. Especially for a wizard who fights against criminals every day and has justice in his heart.

As senior S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Hawkeye and Black Widow have no issues at all in the current roster of Nick’s Avengers. But like Tony Stark, despite having a sense of justice and a willingness to sacrifice, his nature actually goes against what he wants, according to the Black Widow’s most recent assessment report.

Additionally, despite being a titan in the defense sector and a super-entrepreneur, he lacks effective weapons for combat.

He shares Dr. Banner’s extreme distaste for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the military. Despite the Hulk’s great power, the issue is he’s too strong, making normal communication and control impossible.

This wizard is far superior. S.H.I.E.L.D. is initially tasked with defending the planet and ensuring the security of the earth, so this may be done gradually.

“I was genuinely surprised to learn that she was a little girl. I mistook her voice for a boy when I first heard it.” The fact that Hill saw he was laughing was not surprising because he obviously knew Fury well.

Fury waved his hand, “The voice qualities for a youngster of her age are not immediately apparent. It’s typical for the voice to change to sound more boyish if she concentrates more. The most crucial thing for me to do right now is to talk to her in person.”

Hill gave a nod. After all, changing a person’s voice is not difficult. Some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are even capable of voice impersonation, and their renditions are so lifelike that not even technology can distinguish them.

“Director, based on our intel, this Miss Wizard appears to have relocated, since she no longer consistently emerges from that warehouse but now daily randomly flies out of a Manhattan alley. In order to keep an eye on her, it might be necessary to spend the previous night in Manhattan.”

The wizard used to frequently visit the empty warehouse in Queens at night, so as long as they got there, they could squat and observe her.

However, they have been monitoring Manhattan every evening for almost a month, and the satellite’s location has changed each time. Finding the wizard who is riding a broom is not that easy.

“Well, you guys ought to be able to catch up with the wizard if you go with Phil.”


“I feel that teachers’ guidance really does help. There are still mistakes even when I learn them by myself.”

Jerry scowled as he read the instructions and safety warnings for using the Forgetfulness Charm and False Memory Charm in “Standard Spells, Grade 2” while seated in the corner of the classroom.

He has been studying the spells from the second-grade textbook lately, the Forgetfulness Charm and the False Memory Charm. Like the Disillusionment Charm, they are two incredibly useful spells while having little actual damaging power.

As its name suggests, the Forgetfulness Charm is a spell that has the power to completely erase the target’s memory. Wizards frequently employ this spell to erase Muggles’ knowledge of magic and keep them from learning about the wizarding world.

In order to implant false memories into the target’s mind, the False Memory Charm is a spell that is used alongside the Forgetfulness Charm.

Wizards who are particularly skilled in false memory spells and forgetting spells should apply for the position of amnesticist, which is a specialized position in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

This spell may be found in the second-grade textbook. It is not difficult to learn, but it takes some talent to cast them effectively.

Due to the fact that many wizards—even some experienced ones with exceptional strength—cannot add flawless false memories and precisely delete the memories they wish to delete.

In many instances, it could be an amnesiac spell, which causes the target to instantly become stupid and lose all memory. Or a Forgetfulness Charm, while successfully erasing the memory, it also harms the target’s brain, causing mental impairment or making them always forgetful.

Just like Neville Longbottom in Gryffindor.

Jerry thought that Neville’s situation might also have something to do with the fact that he was too young and had an underdeveloped brain at the time.

As a result, despite having learned the Forgetfulness Charm and the False Memory Charm through independent study, the current scenario is as follows. He is hesitant to use it because an offensive spell could result from using it without the teacher’s careful instructions.

“Perhaps I should engage in more physical activity to improve my ability to cast these two spells.”

He couldn’t help but feel a little irritated at this point. He ought to have employed those four mercenaries to practice the Forgetfulness Charm and False Memory Charm instead of killing them so effortlessly yesterday.

It’s a waste. Perhaps he could use the spell on them to change their way of life.


The bell signaling the end of class rang at this precise time, and school was over.

Jerry neatly straightened up the desk a bit, put on his schoolbag, and started to leave the classroom after closing the magic book and deftly tossing it into the small suitcase.

This school’s teachers don’t have a tendency of putting things off. After class, they move more quickly than the students, so there is no need to wait. Just get your bag and go.

A fashionable young woman with blue curly hair, a short denim skirt, and earrings blocked his path just as he approached the classroom door with her hand on the door frame.

“Jerry, do you have any free time after school? Why don’t we go to a fun place?”

“I’m sorry, but I still have other things to do. Perhaps next time!”

Jerry appeared to have anticipated it beforehand. He smiled at her and hurriedly walked away as soon as she blocked the path. He has also established himself as a man of the school ever since his first appearance in the school newspaper at the start of the year.

Even though he was laying low, several students were nevertheless drawn to him because of his attractive appearance and ideal physique. For the third time this month, the senior who was only two grades above him merely stopped him at the classroom entrance and asked him out on a date.

Jerry doesn’t have time to play with these kinds of girls. He has to cook, study magic, pick up Aisha from school, and earn red stars. There are numerous things for him to do.

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Published On: April 1, 2023

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