“Where am I? Am I dead? Huh, it turns out that I’m dead. I finally died. It doesn’t matter if I die. There is no distinction between living and dying in this life.”

The red-haired woman started to remember her miserable life in her memory before she was struck by the Killing Curse. His mother fled domestic abuse from her gambling-addicted father. She endured an inhumanly dark life after her father sold her to a casino when she was less than ten years old.

Four years later, she sneakily murdered the man who had purchased her with a knife on the bed, made her way out of the casino to locate her father once more, and shot her father in the head with a gun she had stolen from the owner of the casino.

Originally, she was either arrested by the police and imprisoned her entire life, or she was captured by those in the casino and killed in retaliation. However, a prominent mercenary who was passing by noticed her and carried her covertly out of that town via his own route.

She continued to follow the mercenary after that in order to study combat techniques and sniper marksmanship, eventually perfecting the skill.

Unfortunately, she was deceived by her esteemed teacher during a mission that was of the utmost importance, and she was used as bait. The little heart that had just been healed by her biological father’s betrayal was now entirely destroyed.

She resisted the mission and fled with the intention of getting retribution. She finally identified the teacher who received a sizable commission, had a covert wife, and a child after searching for him for five years.

She shot the teacher’s wife in the head on Christmas Eve while the family was having fun, then the teacher’s four-year-old son, and finally shot the teacher in the limbs, taunted him, then walked away.

She then started to stroll alone among the mercenaries. She would take any mission and kill anyone because of her ruthlessness. She was known as “The Venomous Scorpion” because of her beauty and wicked background.

She actually made excellent money from the job, and she mostly enjoyed the rush of a headshot. It appeared that whether they were adults or youngsters, the target she shot had were the individuals who had harmed her in the past.

She afterward ran across a group led by the man in the suit. She wasn’t the only one on this team that had a bad experience, as everyone in that group had one too. They teamed up because they shared the same tasks.

After a long time of getting along, the group gradually bonded more and more. Before they even considered doing this mission, they already decided that once they had enough money to retire, they would try to live a normal life.

Now, it simply seems impossible.

“It would be wonderful if I was born into a typical, everyday family.” The red-haired woman’s soul gave a final sigh and vanished entirely from the world.


“It appears that going forward, it should be utilized cautiously.” Jerry couldn’t help but to frown as he observed the four bodies that were lying on the lawn.

The primary goal of casting the Killing Curse is to fervently desire to murder the target. The power of the killing spell increases with the strength of the intention.

Some claim that the wizard’s thoughts will progressively turn wicked as a result of using the three unforgivable curses and dark magic frequently.

In fact, this statement is not wrong.

Because most dark magic, in Jerry’s opinion, is very cruel. It doesn’t imply that casting it will cause mental pollution, but each time you do, you feel a great need to kill and torment the enemy.

There will always be some psychological issues over time.

Of course, it is not insurmountable if your willpower is strong enough. The three Unforgivable Curses were often used by the Death Eaters, and many Aurors, like Moody, are familiar with this magic, yet it is forbidden by law.

Jerry is doing fine right now. After all, he has faced both life and death, and he has no problem killing others.

Although the Killing Curse had a slight effect on his thoughts, it wasn’t a major issue. The main issue is that this Killing Curse uses excessive amounts of mana.

He just used four Killing Curses, which is terrifying because it reduced the magic strength in his body by half.

His body can now mobilize significantly more magic power than it could previously thanks to his continued use and practice. He could usually cast hundreds of Full Body Bind Curses or other similar magic spells in quick succession.

But if he uses six or seven of this Killing Curse consistently, it’s thought that his magic power will be drained.

Undoubtedly, a curse with such a high-power output that it cannot even be shielded by the Protego Charm also has a high power mana consumption.

It makes sense why those Death Eaters stopped unleashing the Killing Curse while they were engaged in combat. They couldn’t handle the mana expenditure if they dared to cast too many spells.

“A person’s body continues to exist after death, but their soul does not.”

Following the traditional principles of his faith, Jerry instead took a box and a broomstick, left the suitcase again, and eventually arrived at a wasteland in a New York suburb.


Simply digging out four deep pits with a magic spell, Jerry poured out the four corpses in the suitcase, and released a body movement spell on the four people respectively, “Locomotor!”

He noticed that the four appeared to have invisible rope ties around their wrists, necks, and knees. They were forced to stand up, but they still had horrible, puppet-like drooping heads. They slid slowly toward their respective graves, their feet hanging limply a few inches above the ground.

If anyone was passing by at the time and happened to observe this scene, they must have believed they had seen a ghost.

When all four of them had entered the grave, Jerry used a moving spell to fill the newly-excavated soil once again before flying back to his house on a broom.

The sky was already gleaming with light at this point. Jerry was obviously going to have trouble falling asleep that night.

But it’s not awful, he also acquired a tracking rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, and a lot of armor-piercing bullets, and the number of red stars he got this time was almost equal to the regular amount of five or six days.

Jerry entered the classroom the following day prepared to cast a Muggle-Repelling Charm and fall asleep when he overheard the kids talking excitedly about something.

They were all discussing the reports regarding the wizard’s real identity that had been shown on TV and in the morning newspapers as they were all paying close attention.

Many children currently look up to and idolize to the well-known young wizard, therefore they are anxious whenever they hear about him. Particularly the news this time is regarding the wizard’s identity.

Even though it was only a candid photograph, it turned out that the wizard was actually a girl.

Nick Fury, who had just arrived in the New York branch, also acquired the most recent details about the wizard at the same moment. But the information in front of him was a lot more specific than what regular people would know.

It also includes some follow-up recordings of the conflict with the four mercenaries who were apprehended by the surveillance in the clothes store and satellites in addition to the photograph obtained by reporter Lucy.

“Hill, it appears that this wizard girl deceived us all.”

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Published On: March 31, 2023

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