“Let’s be friends, my name is Hermione Granger!”

Jerry was approached by Hermione, who extended her right hand. The young boy in front of her seemed to fit her perfectly and was unlike any of the other students she had ever encountered.

“Jerry Carmen!” Jerry was first surprised by Hermione’s introduction, but he quickly got over it and extended his hand to shake hers.

“Jerry, I’m going to buy textbooks, see you when school starts!” Hermione returned to her parents, waved to Jerry, and left Madam Malkin’s robe store.

“I’ll see you when school starts.”

The moment the Hermione family had totally vanished, Jerry’s face grew puzzled. Is that thick, curling brown hair actually her?

In comparison to the movies he has seen, this looks to be a little bit different. He recalls how stunning Hermione looked in the film. But speaking of it, the young girl he just met ought to be attractive as well if she had her hair styled and her front teeth straightened.

In spite of the fact that the young girl has large eyes and otherwise normal facial features, she lacks fashion sense and her front teeth detract from her appearance.

“Dear, it’s ready.” The chubby Mrs. Malkin arrived at Jerry ten minutes later with a bag containing Hogwarts outfits.

“Okay thank you!” Jerry paid the fee, put the clothes into the suitcase, pulled the trolley and opened the door, and walked out of Madam Malkin’s robe store.

“Professor McGonagall!”

Jerry waved immediately when he noticed Professor McGonagall approaching him while holding a bundle of magic books as soon as he stepped outside.

“Okay, the only items remaining are pets and wands. Let’s first visit the Magic Menagerie as Ollivander’s Wand Shop lies at the end of Diagon Alley.”

Professor McGonagall placed the magic book in the luggage and then picked up Jerry and the cart to continue exploring Diagon Alley. When passing by Florin’s Cold Drinks, he also bought Jerry a Barley ice cream.

“That’s Gringotts Bank, a wizarding bank run by goblins. If you need to store valuables in the future, you can also come to this bank. It’s very safe.”

Professor McGonagall watched Jerry set his eyes on the tall white building on the right, and patiently explained to him. But around midway through, she remembered the Gringotts theft from yesterday, which made her tone less assured.

Jerry indicated his comprehension by nodding.

Actually, he wasn’t gazing at the bank at the moment. Instead, he was looking how ugly the goblins in this world are as he observed the two of them keeping watch at the door.

“By the way, Mr. Carmen, I want to warn you not to enter that lane if you visit Diagon Alley alone in the future.”

Suddenly taking a serious expression, Professor McGonagall pointed in the direction of a little, dim alley that was just across from Gringotts.

“Why?” Jerry’s mind twitched, but he already had an idea.

“That’s Knockturn Alley, and you only need to be aware that it’s a dangerous alley for you,” Professor McGonagall retorted while maintaining a straight expression.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” Jerry gave a solemn nod.

He believes Professor McGonagall to be the kind of person who has a bean curd heart and a knife mouth. She can compete with other Hogwarts teacher when it comes to helping new wizards even if he typically has a melancholy countenance.

Professor McGonagall appeared at ease when she observed Jerry’s maturity and led him to continue strolling toward the Magic Menagerie.

The Joke Store and Gringotts are both close to the Magical Menagerie. Although the store is small, there are a good number of animals there. As soon as Jerry entered the store, he noticed that the entire wall was covered in closely spaced iron cages.

There’s a big purple toad gorging on dead blowflies, a frighteningly big turtle with a shell on its back that glistens like a jewel, a white rabbit that can turn into a satin top hat at any time, and all kinds of stuff. Colorful cats, mice and ravens and more.

“Professor McGonagall, you are here. What do you need?” A young witch with thick black glasses saw Professor McGonagall at the door, and immediately greeted her with a respectful tone.

“Pavla, I’m bringing the freshmen over here to buy a pet for school.”

A smile appeared on Professor McGonagall’s face. “How’s your day? Is the work going well?”

“Very good. The boss treats me well. I can give you a 20% discount on what kind of pet the little guy likes!” The young witch helped her eyes, lowered her head and smiled and asked Jerry.

“Ma’am, I want a cat!” Jerry scanned the entire store with his eyes, and soon found his target.

“Look at this gray cat with short fur. It’s very calm and ideal for keeping as a pet.” The moment the young witch heard the words, she went to her closet and pulled out the most stunning pair of British shorts, which she then set in front of Jerry.

“I prefer that type of cat,” Jerry said, pointing to the large-faced yellow cat that was sleeping on the top cage on the top of the wall after taking a look and shaking his head.

He recalled that Hermione’s cat appeared to be a long-haired yellow cat, and he was now referring to the only animal in the entire store who was suitable.

“Crookshanks?” A look of surprise appeared on the young witch’s face.

Because of his appearance, Crookshanks had been in the store for several years and no one wanted him. She never thought that Jerry would fall in love with him immediately.

“Yes, I think It’s very cute!” Jerry opened his eyes.

“That is wonderful. I’ve been concerned that it won’t be taken care of properly. I’m hoping you can look after it well in the future!”

At one time, Pavla attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff student. After graduating, she took a job as a clerk in the Fantastic Beasts shop in Diagon Alley since she enjoyed magical animals.

She was pleased that Jerry had acquired Crookshanks, not because another business had been completed, but rather because Crookshanks had found a new owner who liked it.

“Even though it’s my first time having a pet, I’ll do my best to care for it.” Jerry’s tone had a tinge of earnestness.


Jerry hugged Crookshanks, who was dozing off in his arms, before leaving Magical Menagerie and following Professor McGonagall to the last store at the end of Diagon Alley. That is Ollivander’s Wand Shop, which has been producing expert wands for ages.

The method for selecting a wand was the same as in the film, the owner measured it at him with a measuring tape before starting to put the wand on.

There was nothing special about the procedure compared to everyday individuals. It was the same as that of small wizards in general. After all, the blood he traded was ordinary magical blood.

Jerry quickly discovered a more practical wand after testing two or three.

“Alder wood, dragon’s heart nerve, eleven inches long, it seems that you must be a helpful little wizard!”

Ollivander said with a smile and pointing at the magic wand that Jerry was waving, “Alder is a kind of hard-to-bend wood, but I found that its perfect owner is not a stubborn person, but those wizards who are kind, thoughtful, and lovable.”

“But, are you kind enough to help the others?”

Jerry had a peculiar smile on his face as he listened to Ollivander’s explanation and turned to face the wand in his hand.

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Published On: February 6, 2023

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