The Hogwarts stipend is one hundred Galleons per year, and there is no need to go to Gringotts to pick it up. Professor McGonagall has already brought it during her home visit. There are three main currencies in the wizarding world, Gold Galleons, Silver Sickles, and Copper Knuts.

One Galleon is equal to 17 Sickles, and one Sickle is equal to 29 Knuts.

“There are many things to buy, Mr. Carmen, therefore we might need to get the large one first. We also require a small cart.”

Jerry was being guided by Professor McGonagall across the crowded area when they arrived at a store selling trinkets. Jerry purchased a telescope, a brass balance, a set of glass or crystal vials, a tiny cart, and a super-sized suitcase from this shop.

Then they purchased a cauldron from a store with a glowing “Potage” sign.

“Would you choose an owl, cat, or toad as a pet?”

Professor McGonagall inquired Jerry as he exited the Cauldron Store and turned to look at the Eeylops Owl Emporium next to her.

“Pets?” Jerry had a contemplative expression on his face.

In reality, Jerry has no plans to keep animals as pets. He hadn’t been a pet owner in his prior life, after all.

“Young wizards now prefer owls because they are more practical and can assist deliver messages and gifts,” Jerry didn’t seem to know much about pets, so Professor McGonagall suggested some of the most well-liked animals at Hogwarts.

“An owl? Ignore that, let’s buy a cat. Cats appeal to me more.”

Indeed, owls are incredibly useful to young wizards. They can assist with letter and gift delivery. Cats and toads appear to play only the role of eating, relative to other animals. But Jerry was aware that a cat by the name of Crookshanks was located in a pet store in Diagon Alley.

It was the smartest cat Sirius had ever tested. It could not only discern between Animagus who had assumed animal forms and those who were corrupt or suspicious. It can also work out some issues on its own, without assistance or direction.

Jerry believed that if he had to maintain a pet, it would be wise to keep a cat with such secrets.

The idea is that Ron’s mouse, Scabber, who was changed into Peter Pettigrew, shouldn’t dare to approach him once Crookshanks is there.

The school has public owls that are available for viewing. There is an owl post office outside and it doesn’t cost any money, so why not raise one yourself?

“Cats? Few wizards choose to keep cats as pets.”

Professor McGonagall was a little taken aback, but she smiled nonetheless. Her Animagus is a tabby cat, hence Professor McGonagall is obviously a cat person.

She advised Jerry to purchase owls because they are currently a popular choice for new wizards to purchase as pets and because they are in fact more beneficial to young wizards than cats. She will be delighted if Jerry opts for a cat as a pet, though.

“I prefer cats.” Jerry grinned and shrugged.

“Okay then, after that, we must later travel to the Magical Menagerie. Only owls are pets in this establishment.”

With a smile, Professor McGonagall directed Jerry to Madam Malkin’s robe shop, which was located next to the owl shop.

“You go in and try on the clothes first, and I’ll go across the street to assist you in buying books, and then we’ll go ahead to the Magical Menagerie to buy pets,” she said.

“No problem!” Jerry nodded, and went straight into Mrs. Malkin’s shop.

“What a courageous little child.”

McGonagall couldn’t resist sighed when she observed Jerry in this foreign surroundings. Aside from being intrigued, Jerry didn’t exhibit any nervousness at all. He even didn’t hesitate to go to the store by himself to try on clothes.

“Do you intend to purchase Hogwarts school uniforms, my love?” A small, chubby witch greeted Jerry with a big smile as soon as he opened the door and entered the shop.

“Yes, please provide me with three sets of plain wizard robes, a simple hat for everyday use, a pair of protective dragonhide gloves, and a black cloak with silver buttons for the winter.”

Jerry respectfully responded to the chubby witch’s query by listing each item one by one in accordance with the specifications he had read on the paper.

“Oh, don’t worry, there are many of them in this area. Sincere to say, a young girl is currently trying on clothing here!” The chubby witch grinned and indicated the store’s back.

Jerry observed the young child standing on the footstool by following the chubby witch’s fingers. The child had thick, unruly brown hair that was curled, and her front teeth resembled those of a rabbit.

A witch was measuring something with a tape measure next to her while wearing a black robe that was pinned up.

“Hey, did you attend Hogwarts as well?”

The small girl next to him asked him in a quite forceful manner as Jerry stood on the footstool and the witch also dressed him in a black robe and began measuring.

“Yes, this year I am a freshman.” Jerry grins.

If Jerry had been an eleven-year-old boy, he could have felt a bit insulted if a young woman addressed him in a condescending manner. But after eleven years of travel and his prior life, Jerry is actually an elderly guy in his early forties.

He thought the young girl was quite adorable when he saw her speaking to him in a commanding manner.

“I was really astonished when I received the offer because no one in my family is a wizard, but I was also thrilled because it’s the best magic school I’ve ever heard of.”

The young girl was a bit chatty, so while she was waiting on the footstool and unable to move, she spoke with Jerry.

“You seem to know a lot, I must say!” Jerry gave her a praise.

The girl proudly raised her chin, “No doubt. I had a lot of questions for Professor McGonagall when she visited my house yesterday, and I now plan to memorize all of the texts before classes begin. I’ll undoubtedly be the magician with the finest grades by then!”

“Oh, that’s for sure. You are not an ordinary person, as I can tell just by looking at you. You’ll undoubtedly develop into a fantastic wizard in the future!”

What a fascinating young girl. Jerry extended his hand from under the black robe, gave the child the thumbs-up, and remarked with a smile in his heart.

“Hermione, when will you be done? We have now purchased everything but the textbooks!”

A middle-aged couple entered the house carrying a cart at this precise moment and spoke to the young girl who was speaking with Jerry.

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