“My memory ball!”

“What are you doing, Draco?!”

Jerry was yanked from the vast body of magical knowledge by an audible shout. He swung his head around and peered in the direction of the disturbance.

It came out that Draco snatched the memory ball that Neville’s grandmother had sent to him as he passed the Gryffindor long table while Harry and Ron were assisting Neville.

However, when Professor McGonagall arrived on time, the battle was over before it reached a peak. Jerry closed the book and looked at the time before getting up and going to the Slytherin common room.

He still hasn’t taken up the textbook even though the Transfiguration class is in the morning. Some people question whether or not Jerry needs to attend the class given that he has previously mastered and employed all of the spells in the Transfiguration class book.

It does, of course. Jerry says this in his heart.

It’s similar to memorizing a math textbook, which would allow you to use the formulae through independent study, but it’s still true that you must attend math class and pay attention to the teacher’s explanations. In addition, magic’s complexity is comparable to the difficulty of mathematics.

Various little subtleties that were overlooked during the independent study will now be brought to light under the teacher’s explanation. Additionally, the teacher will explain many information, experience, and minor things that are not addressed in the books.

Jerry still values his education highly. He will pay close attention to practically every class. Because only in this way can the foundation of his magic be strong enough.

“A tall building rises from the ground, and every brick and tile is the foundation!”

Without creating a strong enough foundation, one cannot become a demon and hope to become a top wizard like Dumbledore. Self-study, going to classes, and interacting with classmates are all necessary building blocks for erecting a towering structure.


Three o’clock in the afternoon.

Bright sunlight and a light breeze were present. The weather was ideal for flying on a broomstick. Twenty broomsticks had already been set up on the large lawn at the castle’s gate when Jerry and a group of young Slytherin wizards arrived.

The twenty broomsticks simply appeared to be in worse condition than his broomstick, with some even having branches protruding in all directions.

Shortly later, Jerry observed Ms. Hooch, Hermione, Harry, and other Gryffindor wizards leaving the castle.

With short gray hair and piercing yellow eyes that resembled eagles, Ms. Hooch appeared to be in her early forties. Jerry had the impression that she might be carrying the blood of some eagle-like mystical creatures.

“What are you all waiting for now, then? Near each person is a broomstick. Hurry up, hurry up!”

Ms. Hooch came and ordered the young wizards to stand beside the two rows of broomsticks. Hermione was temporarily assigned to Jerry’s side because there were nine Slytherins and eleven Gryffindors in attendance.

“I’m not nervous, I’m not nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous, hold your hands firmly, move your body forward, don’t look down, gaze forward, don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous.”

Hermione continued reciting the flying spell found in “The Amazing Quidditch” in a low voice as Jerry watched Hermione repeat it next to him. Hermione’s taut body trembled slightly, and Jerry couldn’t help but smile.

He however reassured her in a low voice and calm tone, “Hermione, it’s okay, it’s just a broom, let’s not fly so high for a bit, take your time.”

“But I’ve never ridden it before!” Hermione ceased speaking after hearing her closest friend’s consolation.

But Jerry answered without batting an eye, as there was still a worried look on her face, “It’s alright. I’ve never ridden it before too. It’s also my first time. In the future, I’ll repeat the process a few times.”

Ms. Hooch joined the group of young wizards at this point and started explaining magic spells and some broomstick control methods. Practice comes next when the theory is accomplished.

“Say the spell while extending your right hand and placing it on top of the broom handle.”

Everyone put out their right hands and yelled, “Up!” in unison as directed by Mrs. Hooch.

Everyone’s broomsticks started to move automatically as the magic began to take effect. Jerry, Draco, Harry, and other students’ brooms flew right into their hands instantly. Hermione, Dean, and Parvati’s broom simply rolled to the ground while Neville and Seamus stayed unmoving.

“Hermione, you must be firm and strong in your head and communicate the emotion that you have to it so that it will obey your direction and come to your hand.”

Jerry’s eyes were red with worry as he observed Hermione repeatedly pulling the broomstick from rising, and he instantly taught her his secret on the broom. Jerry has a great deal of expertise in flying broomsticks. He had been using a broomstick to fly for a month after all.

At first, he was struggling like Hermione. Later, he became acutely aware of the shortcut to mastering the broomstick thanks to the “Refreshing” ability.

That is transmitting your feelings. The broomstick is prone to your emotion. The more nervous or uncertain you are, the more disobedient it is. The more determined and tough you are, the more obedient the broom will be.

Indeed, Hermione rapidly grasped the idea and was able to effectively let the broomstick fly into her hands with the aid of Jerry’s little trick.

Jerry was gently teaching Hermione some new moves and Daphne, who had long before picked up the broomstick, believed she had made a mistake. She should have taken more time before picking up the broomstick.

Half an hour later, finally Neville also succeeded in picking up the broomstick with Mrs. Hooch’s instruction.

“All right, Once I blow this whistle. Push firmly while lifting your legs off the ground.” With a whistle in her hand, Mrs. Hooch moved to the front of the group.

“Holding the broom steady, rise your feet, lean slightly forward, then fall back to the earth vertically. Pay attention to my whistle, three, two…”

However, Neville, who was overly anxious, kicked his feet forcefully and flew straight up like a rocket before Mrs. Hooch could blow the whistle.

Neville’s flight quickly rose over the distance that Ms. Hooch had just described, reaching heights of more than ten feet, even twenty or thirty feet afterward, or more than ten meters.

He screamed, slipped off the broom, and swiftly moved to the ground due to gravity as his face got pale and his hands grew flimsy. Ms. Hooch wasn’t surprised by the occurrence because it happened so quickly.

But as everyone was shouting, a figure suddenly “swiped” from the earth, soaring into the sky, speeding for the spot where Neville would fall.

It appears that the problem wasn’t that no one responded. At least Jerry, who had long anticipated it, was able to respond quickly.

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Published On: March 16, 2023

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