“She really seems like her.” After the Potions class, Harry told Ron, Hermione, and Jerry that the new professor looked exactly like his mother.

But Ron and Hermione didn’t believe it at first. They thought they might just be similar in some aspects, such as noses, eyes, or hair. Many people look alike in this world, but if they are exactly the same, even among twins, it is rare.

It wasn’t until Harry returned to the common room to take out the photo album and discovered that they were almost exactly the same.

“Harry, is Professor Foster, your mother’s twin sister?” Ron looked at Harry’s mother in the photo and couldn’t help but guess.

Harry shook his head, “But my mother has a sister. Did you forget about my annoying aunt? She looks nothing like my mother.”

“Your aunt is several years older than your mother. I’m talking about twins, just like George and Fred. They are exactly the same. Even my mother can’t tell them apart.” Ron gave the example of his twin brothers.

Except for twins, he really couldn’t believe there were such similar people in the world.

Hermione immediately interrupted their guesses, “Impossible. Have you forgotten that Professor Foster is from the United States? She also said during class that this was her first time in the UK. How could she be twins with Harry’s mother?”

“But they are about the same age, and their names are both Lily. That’s a crazy coincidence!” Ron retorted.

Hermione thought for a moment, and it was true. Professor Foster said she was thirty-four this year. If Harry’s mother had not died, she would have been thirty-four this year. They looked very similar. They are the same age and have the same name. It is hard not to think of them as twins.

“I mean, you can find out if you ask her. Look, Professor Foster is right there.” Jerry watched them guessing and pointed directly at Professor Foster, who was walking towards the hall with Snape.

He knew that Foster had the same appearance as Lily, which would surprise Professor Snape, the school’s professors, and those who knew Lily.

But this is not a problem.

Because there was no evidence to prove that Foster was related to Lily, he created Foster and threw it directly to the United States. All of Foster’s memories are in the United States. Unless someone takes Harry and Foster’s hair to do an ancestry test, it will naturally confirm the relationship between the two.

However, given the character of wizards, they will never use that kind of Muggle technology. It is estimated that they don’t even know that Muggles have such a method of analyzing blood like that.

Even if it is confirmed that Harry and Foster are related by blood, it doesn’t matter. At most, everyone thinks that Foster is Lily’s twin sister. Foster has no memory of before the age of eleven, and Lily’s parents have long since passed away.

No one would have thought that Jerry went back twenty-three years ago, cloned a Lily using Lily’s hair, and allowed her to go through adultery.

So, Jerry was not worried about anyone finding out about Foster’s identity.

Speaking of which, Lily Foster’s father should be Jerry because Jerry created her.

After seeing Professor Foster across the corridor, Harry hesitated momentarily but finally walked over with the photo album. Although Harry’s academic performance is not very good, his courage is indeed much higher than his peers.

Even though Professor Snape was right next to Professor Foster, he still gathered up the courage and decided to ask her.

“Let’s go. We can have dinner after knowing the results.” Jerry saw this, pulled up Hermione, and followed him.

Harry stopped in front of Foster and Snape.

Seeing it was Harry, Snape frowned, “Potter, what do you want?”

Whenever he saw Harry, he would think of James, and his mood would instantly disappear. Even now that he has become the Principal, he still cannot change this feeling from the bottom of his heart.

“I’m not looking for you, Principal. I’m looking for Professor Foster. I want to ask her something.” Harry panicked at Snape’s expression, but on the surface, he still pretended to be calm and even held his head high.

Although Snape had targeted him in the past four years, he was unwilling to surrender to him. Snape was about to reprimand Harry when he suddenly saw Jerry and Hermione following behind him, and his expression instantly softened.

Foster was aware of this situation and smiled at Snape next to him, “You can go to the hall first and get something.”

Foster knew why Harry came to find him. After all, since the interview ended that day, almost every Hogwarts professor who saw her had their eyes surprised, but not as exaggeratedly as Snape.

Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Professor Lupin, and even Dumbledore were all shocked when they saw her. At that time, she also realized that Snape was not exaggerating. She looked similar to someone that Snape knew, who seemed to be quite famous.

So, of course, she also took the time to get to know the general situation of this person through Snape.

To be honest, she was shocked when she saw Snape taking out the photo of the person. At that time, she couldn’t help but sigh that there was someone in the world who looked so similar to her.

She also had another thought in her heart, whether she really had any blood with this person named Lily Evans.

Same appearance, same name, same age. The main thing is that she knows that she was abandoned and her parents are just adoptive parents. She even went to Lily Evans’s sister’s house a few days before the start of school and asked a Muggle named Petunia to learn about the situation.

The result was obvious. Their parents only had two children, and there had never been any twins. However, Petunia and her husband were frightened to death when she visited.

Therefore, when she saw Harry, who is Lily Evans’ child, she naturally guessed his doubts. Just when she was in class, she noticed that he had always been staring at her.

Snape paused after hearing her words, nodded, and went to the Great Hall.

Although he knew in his heart that Foster was not Lily, as long as it was Foster who said it, he couldn’t refuse for some reason. Moreover, he knew what Harry wanted to ask because he was the one who had accompanied Foster when she visited the Dursleys.

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