July 1, 1971, in the Forbidden Forest outside Hogwarts.

Jerry stopped using Time Turner and took a breath.

It is still quite difficult for him to go back more than twenty years in time without affecting the normal operation of the time laws of the entire world. But fortunately, it seems to be a success now.

“Professor Snape and Lily should both be at Spinner’s End, and neither of them have received their admission notice to Hogwarts yet.” Jerry muttered something and Apparated on the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already above the Spinner’s End.

Turning around, he used another magic to transform into an owl. Jerry flew in Lily’s direction using the owl’s talent for locating people. Flying through the dark forest, he soon found Lily on the grass under a tall oak tree.

At this time, she was lying on the grass, looking at the blue sky, and asked a boy wearing a small suit next to her, “Severus, do you think I will receive the acceptance letter to Hogwarts you mentioned?”

“Yes, it will happen.” The boy took the girl’s hand and replied firmly.

Although Lily is a Muggle, many strange things have happened to her since she was a child, so she is very likely to have wizard blood.

“I hope I can get to Slytherin with you.” Lily sat up with a smile.

The boy looked a little surprised, “Why? Isn’t Gryffindor better?”

“Because Severus, you like Slytherin the most. If you can get accepted to Hogwarts, I want to be in the same house as you.” Lily looked at him.

When he heard Lily’s answer, a happy smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“Snape looked quite cool when he was a child.”

At this time, Jerry recognized the boy next to Lily at a glance. He was the young Professor Snape.

Looking at the two, who obviously liked each other, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh. If Snape hadn’t acted weird after entering school, maybe nothing would have been wrong.

Without continuing to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two, Jerry kicked off his feet and flew towards Lily below like a sharp arrow.

“Ouch, my hair!”

Lily and Snape were looking forward to the beauty of learning magic together at Hogwarts in the future and discussing when the owl that sent the admission notice to Hogwarts would come to her.

Suddenly, she felt a pain on the back of her head, and then she saw a white owl flying away with a piece of hair pulled from her head.

“Severus, I don’t think owls are that cute.”

“Well, the owls at Hogwarts are definitely not like this.” Snape looked at Lily, covering her head and staring resentfully at the owl that flew away, and replied somewhat at a loss.

Jerry regained his human form in the woods a few kilometers away from Lily and Snape, took Lily’s hair, and entered the ring world.

He came to The Azkaban Human Experiment Research Center and notified Nagini to turn on the switch in the laboratory. Jerry put the hair he plucked from Lily’s head into the magic version of the regeneration cradle.

The Regeneration Cradle from Dr. Helen Cho is a device that uses nanotechnology to develop an advanced instrument that can repair human wounds. Ultron once used it with vibranium to create Vision’s body.

The one Jerry used in the Azkaban laboratory was an upgraded version based on it, combined with the technology he obtained and the magic manufacturing technology.

Jerry’s intention of upgrading this machine was that when his body was severely damaged, and only his soul was left, he could use this machine to create a new body for himself quickly. But now, he plans to use Lily’s genes and this machine to create a clone that is exactly like Lily.

Turning on the switch and input the regeneration potion prepared by Jerry. Complex magic arrays lit up on the surface. In less than a minute, a body exactly like Lily emerged from the capsule.

At this time, as long as Jerry turns on the activation button, Lily will wake up. She will have the same personality and behavior as Lily when she was a child but without any of her previous memories.

Because her soul is a new soul born in this body, you can think of her as a twin sister who looks exactly like Lily.

What Jerry hopes is to give Snape a new start in the future, rather than actually resurrecting Lily, because the resurrected Lily would not love Snape but James. It is definitely very difficult or impossible for her to fall in love with another person.

But if this person looks exactly like Lily and has a personality and behavioral habits similar to Lily’s, then this possibility will be infinitely magnified.

Of course, just reaching this point is not enough. What he has made now is just a clone without any memory. He can’t bring the clone back to the future world.

Even if he used the law of time to transform Lily into an adult, it would not be perfect. He wanted to give Professor Snape a real person with flesh and blood and his own thoughts, not just a simulated person similar to some kind of fabricated product.

Seeing that the clone of Lily was completed, Jerry began to pour his pre-designed memories and two special secret hints into her brain.

There is nothing subjective about the memories he poured into her. They are all common sense knowledge. She also hid some additional knowledge about potions. After the cloned Lily wakes up, she is no different from a normal eleven-year-old girl except that she has no memory of her previous years.

After doing this, he activated the newly born soul in the clone’s body, conjured suitable clothes for her, and took her out of the ring world.

Appearing again in the woods not far from Spinner’s End, Jerry carried the clone, Apparated away from the UK, and arrived in Queens, New York.

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Published On: January 6, 2024

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