“Are you ready?” Jerry asked, holding Hermione’s hand.

Hermione put on her gown and glass slippers again and nodded.

“Okay, let’s go back then.” Jerry opened the panel and pressed the button to enter the Harry Potter world.

The scene changed, and the environment around the two of them turned into a cave filled with fairy lights outside Hogwarts. Looking at the pairs of young students talking in various corners of the cave, Hermione couldn’t help but sigh.

“I finally know why you grow up so fast.” When she saw Jerry occasionally, she noticed that he had grown a lot taller all of a sudden. They always thought that Jerry was growing faster.

Now that they have traveled through worlds and spent a month in Jerry’s world, but coming back to the same point where they left, Hermione understands that it’s not that Jerry is growing faster, but that he has more time to grow.

“Honestly, how old are you now?” Hermione looked at Jerry with a look on her face.

Jerry was stunned momentarily, then smiled, “I haven’t calculated the specifics, but I’m older than you.”

“I didn’t expect that you are actually older than me now.”

Hermione curled her lips. Her birthday was September 19th. She could be said to be the oldest among her peers. She would have been one grade above Jerry if she had been born nineteen days earlier.

So, according to the age of the students in their current class, she is the oldest in the entire fourth grade. Everyone is her little brother and sister, including Jerry.

However, Jerry can travel through to other worlds, so he must be older than her in terms of actual age.

“Let’s go dance.” Looking at the bright lights of the castle, Hermione pulled Jerry and rushed towards the ball in the hall without waiting for Jerry to react.

Unlike other students who came to the cave to rest and talk when they were tired from dancing, they had already been away from the party for a month.

“Run slowly, be careful.” Looking at Hermione, who was wearing glass slippers and holding up the skirt of her evening gown, running excitedly towards the castle, Jerry reminded her.

At the end of the day, no matter how mature Hermione is in her heart, she is still a young girl in her most youthful period.

When they came to the hall again, except for a few professors and students, the place was no longer as noisy as when they left. A very soothing waltz has also replaced fast-paced rock music.

Hermione pulled Jerry to the center of the dance floor, and under the colorful magic lights, they met each other gaze and danced.

Snape had never left his seat and entered the dance floor from beginning to end, looked at Jerry and Hermione on the dance floor, and took a sip of the mead in the glass.

Back then, if he could be like Jerry, who wasn’t so obsessed with dark magic and could get along well with the Gryffindor students, maybe Lily wouldn’t have left him and fallen in love with James.

In the past few years, he watched Jerry and Hermione come together and finally get together smoothly, and he always reflected on the mistakes he made back then.

He and Lily were a couple who had known each other since childhood. Although they were eventually assigned to two different houses, if he could not care about it as Jerry did, it would be no different than being in the same house.

Slytherin and Gryffindor had many classes together, and Lily, like Hermione, was a student who loved learning. He was willing to study with Lily in his spare time back then, and they could definitely spend more time together than Lily and Potter.

Just like Jerry and Hermione, the two are almost inseparable except for sleeping and classes, which are not together. Unfortunately, everything was too late, and Lily had already left this world.

“Severus, don’t dwell on the sorrow of the past. You are only in your thirties and the youngest principal in the history of Hogwarts. Many witches like you. Sometimes, you should give yourself a chance. Give others a chance.” At this time, a figure appeared next to Snape. It was Dumbledore who had come back to rest after a dance.

He looked at Snape, who had not attended the party since the beginning. As a master of potions and now the principal of Hogwarts, Snape’s social status in the wizarding world is not low, and witches have always liked him.

However, because of the death of Lily, his heart was completely frozen.

Dumbledore hopes that Snape can find a new partner and untie this knot, not only because of his relationship with Snape over the years.

He felt that if Snape could find a new partner and start a new relationship, then his character flaws could be made up for, and he would be better qualified for the position of Headmaster of Hogwarts.

However, Snape still shook his head, as always. His heart had died the moment Lily died, and he could no longer accept anyone.

Jerry, who was resting next to Hermione after dancing, moved his ears. He heard the conversation between Snape and Dumbledore just now.

“Perhaps it’s time to take the time to help Professor Snape.”

As Professor Snape, who had helped him a lot on the road to learning magic, Jerry didn’t want him to die alone like Dumbledore, especially since he was really not very old. If it were before, of course, he would have no choice.

But now, through his understanding of the laws of this world, some things that were impossible before may not be impossible.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, the dance officially ended, and all the students returned to their dormitories. Jerry and Hermione are no exception.

However, after Jerry sent Hermione back to the Gryffindor common room, he did not fall asleep quickly like other students. Instead, he Apparated outside the castle and took out the time turner.

“It’s time to go back.”

With the help of Time Turner and Jerry’s current mastery of the laws of time, he began to reverse time significantly.

Not for a day or two days, but it’s going back at the rate of years.

The fundamental law of time in the world of Harry Potter is that what has already happened will never change, so he cannot make changes to the death of Lily Evans. But because of his understanding of the laws of this world during this period, he felt that he could do something else.

He is not trying to resurrect Lily. Even if she is resurrected, she still loves James, not Snape.

He just wanted to give Snape a chance, a chance to start over.

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