To be completely honest, today’s combat was also his first time experiencing one that was this exciting and intense. He previously dealt with common robbery, theft, rape, and other instances.

Despite having rifles and pistols, the opponent was a regular individual. He could just cast a spell while flying by on a broom and it would end. But if he made a mistake right now in front of the Abomination, its overwhelming force would crush him into a ball of meat.

However, occasionally it is worthwhile to take a little risk in order to get red stars. He cautiously extended his left hand as Jerry, who was perched on a broomstick and staring down at him, came into view.

The Abomination swiftly tightened the military jeep in his hand, obstructing most of Jerry’s body, thinking that he was about to perform some magic once more.

“Big fool, come over here!” Jerry challenged the Abomination below by extending and slightly bending his index finger with his left hand.

He slammed at Jerry with the two automobiles in his grasp as his eyes instantly turned crimson, his legs pulled fiercely.

“You simply can’t strike me if you can’t. I flew over and away once more—foolish, stupid monster!”

Jerry stopped utilizing magic attacks and gripped his broom tightly. His hate erupted as a result of his constant coquettish movement to avoid the Abomination’s attacks and his continuous use of provocative language.

He had previously been severely injured twice by the Hulk, but after receiving the serum, he ultimately developed immense strength and was no longer significantly worse than the Hulk.

When he suddenly changed into something like this, he never imagined he would run into something so revolting.

“Bastard, come down here!”

“Come here!”

“Come down!”

“Come here!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Abomination violently slammed his fists on the earth to let out his rage. Jerry barricaded his teeth in the air as the strong energy shattered the ground with several fractures.

He’s been beaten ever since Jerry appeared. He wasn’t hurt, but he was too mentally unstable. The enemy was difficult to control, but he didn’t anticipate them acting erratically with him, so he remained in the air and was unable to descend.

This is much more upsetting than receiving criticism from others online and then getting blocked following criticism that you are unable to respond to.

The Abomination forced himself to calm down after observing Jerry’s refusal to come down. He then disregarded Jerry’s taunts and pursued Haas and the throng who were fleeing to the other side.

He must have known that Jerry was holding off on defending those guys at this point. If he pursued and killed those people, Jerry would undoubtedly come to stop him, giving him the opportunity to trample this small bird to death.

“Oh shit!”

Jerry realized something was amiss when he cursed, so he had no choice but to pick up the pace and pursue him on his broomstick. Jerry couldn’t give a damn about their lives or deaths. At most, he wanted to earn red stars. But Haas is also one of those crowds.

If it fails, his only option is to save Haas first. At this precise moment, a military chopper appeared overhead. A figure then leaped out and crashed violently into the street between the Abomination and the fleeing crowd.


The time returned to ten minutes ago.

Dr. Banner and his daughter, Dr. Betty, are being personally escorted to the covert military base by General Ross in a helicopter gunship. General Ross quickly accepted the walkie-talkie after the communicator on the chopper abruptly received an emergency notice in the headset.

“General, you need to handle this emergency!”

General Ross picked up the walkie-talkie with some trepidation, and the soldiers immediately reported being in a terrible panic.

“Hulk appeared on the street, I repeat, Hulk appeared on the street!”


General Ross looked at Dr. Banner right away and saw that he was in control. He was a little relieved to see that he was truly staying there and added, “This cannot be done. Before you calm down, let me know where you are right now.”

“General, we are on Broadway traveling north on 121 Street!”

When the soldier responded, the walkie-talkie also carried the yells of the neighboring soldiers, the cries of the crowd, and the sound of explosives.

After ordering the chopper to turn around and head to 121 Street because he felt something was amiss, General Ross yelled to the soldier on the other end of the walkie-talkie, “Quickly, find a means to control on the situation at the site!”

“Yes, General!”

A small TV in the cabin started to unexpectedly light up, followed by a wobbly live video as General Ross put down the walkie-talkie. The Abomination was spreading devastation on the streets in the image, and the army’s weapons were powerless to stop him.

As the number of military and civilian victims grew amid the Abomination’s roar, which resembled a purgatory on earth, the soldier who had just communicated pulled a bazooka out of a crate next to him and began relaying information to the camera.

He took the bazooka out of his bag and fired it at the roaring monster. With a loud bang, a rocket was launched, but it was quickly grabbed and smashed by the enemy without any damage.

“This is your experimental product?” Dr. Banner asked General Ross with a slightly of anger tone.

Dr. Betty turned to face his father and asked incredulously, “Oh, God, what have you done?”

General Ross also exhibited a perplexed expression as he faced both of them. Nevertheless, his goal is to exploit Dr. Banner to produce a group of tamable super fighters.

But it hasn’t yet begun. Dr. Banner has just recently been apprehended, and he is already considering how to do the next experiment if Dr. Banner returns to normal and the blood in his body does too.

This person causes mayhem in the city’s core. The general will have to bear the responsibility for this situation.

“What the heck is that?” Dr. Betty instantly pointed in amazement at the tiny TV at this point.

It turned out that a child riding a broom and dressed in a wizard suit appeared behind the Abomination just as it was about to charge the soldier who fired the rocket.

She observed the child aiming light beams at the Abomination while waving a short stick in his hand. He continued to strike the Abomination until eventually he entirely caught its attention, which momentarily ended the crisis.

It’s none other than Jerry, who came running after rescuing Haas.

While watching Jerry on television, General Ross and Banner were filled with uncertainty as well. Evidently, they were unaware about the child riding the broom.

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Published On: March 13, 2023

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