“Are you okay?” Professor McGonagall asked with some concern.

Jerry waved his hands while grinning and asking, “Where is it? I’m alright, just a little dizzy.”

He understood that the spell Professor McGonagall just performed was Apparition, an advanced magic that only adult wizards can learn.

Teleportation is the main idea of Apparition. You can teleport anywhere in your head as long as it is a location you have visited. It is used as a transportation method for wizards.

But mastering apparition is no simple task. Apparation is difficult for many adult wizards to do flawlessly, and one could be torn apart by the strength of space.

Additionally, the magic power contained in the wizard’s body and their level of skill with this magic are both tied to the apparition distance. While some wizards can apparate directly from one city to another, others can only apparate for a few hundred kilometers.

Professor McGonagall certainly belongs to the latter group, but she also employed the follower apparition and it’s the same that she used to Jerry. She has the ability to transport individuals as well as objects.

Jerry simply assumed that Professor McGonagall would take him straight to Diagon Alley, but it appears that he instead showed up on a random street.

“This is the gateway to Diagon Alley from a street in London’s Charing Cross Street. You must keep in mind the name and address of this street because you must visit it alone the next time you are in Diagon Alley.”

It comes out that Professor McGonagall sees Jerry as a young child who has no knowledge of the wizarding world. Naturally, she must accompany him so that he can feel what it’s like to enter Diagon Alley as a regular wizard, preparing him for the day when he can do so on his own.

“Diagon Alley’s entrance is that pub over there, as you can see.”

Jerry’s eyes followed Professor McGonagall’s finger, passing by a high-end movie theater and a well-known hamburger joint before settling in the middle of a sizable bookstore and a record store on the opposite side.

The Leaky Cauldron was the lone sign hanging on the door of the little, filthy bar, which also had an ancient wooden door and a damaged sign.

Even though this tiny pub is situated in the center of a spotless bookstore and record shop, it looks out of place. But everyone who was walking by turned their backs on it, pretending they couldn’t see it at all.

Jerry understood that this modest bar was actually invisible to common Muggles since it had been rendered invisible by the Repelling Muggles Spell, which prevents Muggles devoid of wizard blood from noticing and approaching it.


When the wooden door was forced open, the bell rang, and Jerry was carried by Professor McGonagall inside the Leaky Cauldron.

There weren’t many patrons in the bar, and the entire interior was rather gloomy. A cursory check revealed that only seven or eight wizards were conversing and drinking. All the wizards in the bar looked away when the bell rang.

They all nodded formally when they realized it was Professor McGonagall.

Professor McGonagall is well-known across the entire wizarding community as the vice principal of Hogwarts and the dean of Gryffindor, and many wizards today can genuinely be considered her students.

Jerry recalled that in Newt’s memory, Professor McGonagall was already teaching at Hogwarts when he watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” in his past life.

In other words, Professor McGonagall has taught countless pupils over the course of her at least fifty years as a teacher at Hogwarts.

“Oh, it’s Professor McGonagall, do you need something to drink?”

A smiling old wizard who looked like a wrecked walnut and had virtually all of his hair cut off met Professor McGonagall at this time.

“No need, Tom. I’m accompanying a freshman to Diagon Alley.” Professor McGonagall rejected it while waving her hand.

With the exception of the house visits each year prior to the commencement of classes, she hardly ever leaves Hogwarts since her husband Elphinstone unexpectedly passed away from poisonous tentacle bites.

“He looks a bit too young, isn’t he?”

Jerry looked at Tom, the bar owner at the time, and thought to himself as he followed Professor McGonagall through the pub and out to the backyard.

He recalled that in the movie, when Voldemort first started school, this man already owned the Leaky Cauldron, and they were both named Tom.

Under the green brick wall adjacent to the garbage can in the backyard of the Leaky Cauldron. Jerry was given an explanation by Professor McGonagall after three taps with his wand on the wall.

“The door to Diagon Alley will appear if you count three blocks along the top of the garbage can, two blocks to the left, then tap three times with your wand.”

The cracked blue brick began to tremble as Professor McGonagall withdrew her wand. The wall immediately started to reorganize once the blue brick started to tremble, as if it had triggered some mechanism.

The brick wall soon developed a small hole in the center, which gradually grew larger and larger.

A broad archway that could accommodate four or five persons passing through at once soon appeared in front of them. The archway opened up to a narrow, meandering street of cobblestones.

It is the shopping block for wizards in London – Diagon Alley!

Jerry couldn’t help but feel a little more enthusiastic as he followed Professor McGonagall through the archway and into Diagon Alley.

The movie’s scenes had a real-world counterpart. His eyes were wide open despite his mental preparation due to the stunning scene in front of him.

Ordinary folks don’t dress in fashionable clothing and carry bags outside, as opposed to wearing cool summer clothing. The majority of the street is occupied by wizards brandishing wands while donning variously colored wizard robes.

Of course, there are many house elves and goblins, as well as different wizards’ pets.

“Copper, brass, pewter, and silver crucibles, complete models, automatic stirring, foldable, and retractable, come in and have a look!”

“Grey forest owl, horned owl, grass owl, brown owl, snow owl, all kinds of owls!”

“The latest Nimbus 2000, the fastest broom, get it while you still can!”

“Dragon liver, bat spleen, eel eyeball, spell book, quill pen, parchment, medicine bottle, moon globe, for a cheap price!”

In front of the shops on both sides of the street, various small advertising signs were hung up, and many excited little wizards were also crowded.

“Do you have the letter with you?” McGonagall asked Jerry, who was already perplexed, as they approached a store.

“Got it.” Jerry nodded to Professor McGonagall as he pulled the parchment package he received the day before out of his pocket.

“Okay, take out a list of necessary goods inside. I’ll take you to get them one at a time,” Professor McGonagall said with a nod.

Hearing this, Jerry took out the second page of letter paper from the envelope, unfolded it and read it:

Necessary supplies for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,

1. Uniforms:

2. Textbook:

3. Other equipment:

4. Description of pets:

*Parents are reminded that first-year freshmen are not allowed to bring their own broomsticks.

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Published On: February 6, 2023

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