The Hungarian Horntail dragon is not only covered with dark scales but also covered with bronze spikes, including on the tail. If it is swept by dragons with their tails, you will only be injured. But if the spiky Hungarian Horntail dragon swept you, you could die from it.

In addition to the powerful strength, the distance of the flame of the Hungarian Horntail dragon is also the furthest, second only to the Chinese Fireball dragon.

It should be known that when the Chinese Fireball Dragon ejected a fireball. If you dodge quickly, you can basically avoid it. But the Hungarian Horntail ejected an area attack. If you are within fifteen meters in front of him, then you will be burned to death.

At the same time, the Hungarian Horntail has sharp eyes that are sharper than all other dragons and can even clearly see an ant a few hundred meters away.

It is almost impossible to get close to it, and it also likes to eat people very much.

“Hungarian Horntail? Okay.”

After Jerry pulled out a small model from the pocket, he didn’t sweat like the other two. But laughed and teased his hand. In his eyes, whether it is a model in his hand or the real dragon outside, it’s a cute dragon.

When they heard Jerry’s words, Krum and Fleur frowned.

Now, they feel that they have misunderstood Jerry’s character. He is not a brave student. He may just be a brainless idiot.

“Well, you have all selected your own dragon. You will hear the whistle later, and you will be sent in order. I’ll leave you all first as I need to say my words to the audience.”

After finally explaining, Ludo turned away from the tent. Krum and Fleur looked at the dragon model in their hands, and their look became more nervous.

About two minutes later, the whistle sounded outside. Krum took a deep breath, took his wand, and went out. In an instant, various sounds sounded outside, including the screams and shouts of the audience, as well as the excitement and analysis of the commentator and the loud and terrifying dragon roar.

Hearing these sounds, the people in the tent became more nervous and began to pace in a circle.

Finally, there was a deafening cheer outside. Obviously, Krum completed the task and got the golden egg. After a moment, the whistle sounded, and Fleur walked out slowly with her wand.

“Oh, I’m not sure if it’s wise to do so!”

“Almost! Be careful! Oh my god, I thought she had succeeded!”

Immediately afterward, Ludo’s commentary can be heard. Ten minutes later, the audience outside also burst out with cheers and applause again. Obviously, Fleur also succeeded in getting the egg.

At this time, Jerry also withdrew his avatar. It turned out that it was too boring to stay in the tent. When Krum went, he followed him. He also witnessed the game between Krum and Fleur throughout.

Krum fought the Chinese Fireball Dragon by using Kakarov’s teaching. A dragon trainer often uses the Conjunctivitis Curse. These are the very few magic that can work on fire dragons. Although they cannot be hurt, they can impact them for a short time.

However, there was still a little problem. The Chinese Fireball Dragon was violently disturbed because it could not see anything, resulting in the crushing of half of the eggs used in the game.

This also allowed him to be deducted some points by the referee.

In total, he scored twenty-eight points.

Karkaroff shamelessly gave Krum a perfect score, Maxime scored six points, Dumbledore scored eight points, and Ludo and Barty gave seven points, respectively. Normally, the scores given by Ludo and Bagman are fair scores.

Jerry feels that if Dumbledore is replaced with Snape to represent Hogwarts, he is estimated to give lower points. It can be seen from Snape when he was a Slytherin head of the house he is not good at giving points. He wouldn’t care about deducting some points regardless of right or wrong.

But now he is not, and nothing bad happened.

At least nothing bad would happen later and further desecrate Hogwarts’ name even though the scoring was just now slightly rigged.

Fleur fought the Welsh Green Dragon by leaning on the dragon, who just stayed dormant most of the time, secretly approached it, and cast hypnotic magic on it while it was not paying attention.

Hibiscus was a half-blood of a veela, so her hypnotic magic was amplified more than its usual effects. She did hypnotize the Welsh Green Dragon and let it slowly close its eyes.

Unfortunately, just when she hurried forward to steal the egg, she was not protected because she was too nervous, and the flames from the dragon burned her skirt.

In the end, it was barely extinguished with a sprinkler, but it was also very embarrassing. So, her final score is 36 points.

Maxime nine points, Dumbledore nine points, Ludo seven points, Barty seven points, and Karkaroff four points.

Currently, Krum is two points higher than Fleur, ranking first. It’s not that Krum really behaves better than Fleur, but Karkaroff obviously cares more about his students than Maxime.

“Now, we have the last one, Mr. Carmen!”

As the whistle sounded, the loudest cheers sounded from the outside.

In addition to the more than 20 students in the other two schools and some journalists and Hogsmeade residents, most of the audience are Hogwarts students.

Jerry walked out of the tent with cheers, passed the gate through the guidance of the staff of the Ministry of Magic, and came toward the direction of the dragon.

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Published On: December 9, 2023

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