The sky progressively became darker as the four walked around.

“The cakes and steaks in the cafeteria at our school are excellent. I’ll bring you to try them!” Mrs. Belle proudly advised while pointing to a single building in the area.

Mrs. Belle’s entire person seems to have reverted to the time when she was a college student after enrolling at Greyburn University, and she now exudes a lot more youthful and vibrant energy.

“Not a problem at all!” Haas’s face was beaming with joy.

This elderly man’s heart was slightly broken by Mrs. Belle’s now-exposed youthful girlish side. Unsurprisingly, there is an inner child inside every guys’ body.

Jerry looked at Haas’s expression and shook his head secretly. It’s normal. He is also a man, so he understands very well.

“I’m fine with it too!” Jerry agreed to Mrs. Belle’s idea.

Aisha, on the other hand, was very intrigued when she learned there was cake to eat.

The four of them were about to approach the cafeteria building when Jerry frowned and stopped them. Due to the fact that he truly felt a faint vibration coming from the ground, exclamations then started to ring in his ears, and he turned to face the source of the sound.

From the direction of the gate, military jeeps, tanks, and a big number of men carrying long weapons and donning camouflage clothes charged toward them.

“I apologize, but this area is the site of a crucial military operation that needs to be momentarily shut down. Please immediately leave!” Jerry and the others were approached by a soldier with a rifle who then saluted them before departing.

Similarly, during this time, both students and lecturers were requested to leave the college by these soldiers.

“I’m a police officer. What army are you from? Do any risky military actions take place at the college?”

Haas showed his badge and his demeanor changed. The soldier’s tone didn’t change as he gave Haas’s badge a quick glance.

“I’m sorry, but the covert operation has no comments. After you leave, you can ask your superior for directions.”

Haas was forced to leave Greyburn University with Mrs. Belle, Jerry, and the crowd after realizing that the soldiers would not be truthful.


“What is going on, Captain Jim?” When Haas arrived on the street in front of the school, he noticed numerous recognizable people keeping things in order.

“I see Captain Haas is also present. We just arrived here to keep order after receiving a brief notice, so we have no idea what’s going on!” A police chief in charge of keeping the peace shrugged blankly.

They also unexpectedly received an order while on patrol, the order was to collaborate with the army’s actions, but they withheld the reason for it. They were likewise totally perplexed.

It is undoubtedly difficult to send out an army of this magnitude so close to a street with such a high population density.

After some thought, Haas said to Mrs. Belle, “Honey, I can’t go to dinner with you. You can use my car to drive Jerry and Aisha home. Here, things may get dangerous.”

Mrs. Belle nodded, holding Jerry in one hand and Aisha in the other, despite her slight worry, and moved in the direction of the parking space. On the other side, Jerry was reflective. He looked in the general direction of Greyburn Univesity after turning his head. Without saying anything, he entered the car after Mrs. Belle.


Meanwhile, at Greyburn University.

The pair that Jerry spotted during the day exiting the taxi was there at this moment in the lab of the renowned professor of cytology, Dr. Samuel Stern. Dr. Banner and Dr. Betty, who escaped from Culver University, are these two people.

General Ross invited Bruce Banner, a well-known and brilliant scientist, to investigate and replicate the World War II “Super Soldier Serum” and therefore take part in the “Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project.”

The experiment ended in an accident. When Dr. Banner was exposed to harmful gamma radiation, the Hulk’s second form sprang to life.

Dr. Banner has spent the last five years hiding out in various nations around the globe because he wants to avoid General Ross’ experiment while being well aware of the terrifying power of the Hulk.

He is also looking for a means to repair himself and get back to normal while trying to learn how to control his fury without altering his physical appearance. He traveled to Greyburn University in New York this time because Dr. Samuel had created a remedy that could heal him.

Dr. Banner was ultimately able to inject the antidote by Dr. Samuel to suppress the Hulk form there with the assistance of Dr. Betty. However, the partially recovered Dr. Banner was at this point had a dispute with Dr. Samuel.

In order to create an antidote that may treat innumerable fatal diseases and earn the Nobel Prize, it revealed out that Dr. Samuel had covertly cloned a significant amount of Banner’s blood.

Dr. Banner insisted on destroying these blood samples since he was aware that General Ross and others would create in innumerable irrational and destructive monsters rather than an antidote that could cure fatal illnesses.

The two were arguing as troops under General Ross’ command had already surrounded the outside of the laboratory where they were. Dr. Banner was the target of more than a dozen expert snipers aiming with their rifles.

“You can shoot whenever you want!” Dr. Banner, who was unable to morph, was shot by the sniper on the commander’s orders.

The soldiers who were hiding all around rushed in and carried Dr. Banner, who was immobile, out of the lab in a bundle.

But just as the troops were leaving, an officer by the name of Emil Blonsky came into the lab and coerced Dr. Samuel into giving him Dr. Banner’s serum, which transformed him into the Abomination, a strong monster not quite the scale of the Hulk.

General Ross hired Emil Blonsky, a former member of the British Royal Marine Corps, to combat Dr. Banner. However, the Hulk, who had assumed as Dr. Banner, destroyed Emil Blonsky.

He was then given an unfinished super soldier serum injection, which substantially boosted his strength but also had an adverse effect on his mentality, making him agitated and crazy. In order to surpass Hulk in strength, he intended to become stronger first.


“What happened?”

The abrupt explosion from behind startled Mrs. Belle, who was driving the police car to Queens. She hurriedly used the brakes to bring the police car to a stop on the side of the road.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

They had just departed Greyburn University when a series of explosions started to come from that direction.

“Haas!” Mrs. Belle experienced a horrible feeling and a frightened expression immediately formed on her face as she heard the frightening explosion in the distance and thought about the armored trucks and troops carrying guns that had just pulled into the college.

Originally, she wanted to turn around and drive back to have a look, but when she saw Jerry and Aisha in the car, she finally gave up.


Mrs. Belle and Aisha both passed out on the seats at the same time as the automobile was illuminated by two wonderful rays of light. The truth is that Jerry surreptitiously pulled out his wand, and cast the Sleeping Charm on Mrs. Belle in front of him, and Aisha next to him.

“Fortunately, I hid the broomstick in the car’s trunk before leaving today. It would be too late to run such a big distance otherwise!”

He unlocked the trunk after getting out of the car and removed the guitar bag from within. Jerry felt grateful in his heart.

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