A week later in the morning.

Haas was in the bathroom combing his hair. Aisha crouched down and tipped over.

“Dad, you shouldn’t be upset, I just made a tiny mistake.”

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Haas stopped using the setting spray he was holding, and for some reason, he felt awful.

“Well, when I flew to your room just now on a magic broom, that Autobot of yours suddenly attacked me, and then it was broken by my magic counterattack.” Aisha said with sad eyes.

“What, Autobot? You’re not talking about the Optimus Prime model I waited in line for three days to purchase last year, are you, sweetheart?” Haas quickly understood what his daughter meant, and his heart slowed down by half a beat.

Aisha nodded slowly.

“It’s…it’s nothing, it’s just a model. We need to go to the amusement park today, you…you go and change your clothes first!”

The Optimus Prime model is now out of stock due to its restricted availability and now you can’t buy it even if you want to buy it. Haas couldn’t bear to point the finger at his daughter in front of him, so he could only remorse in private that he hadn’t shut the door when he had just left the room.

When Aisha noticed Haas’ expression, she abruptly stood up and smiled as she uttered, “I was joking with you, dad. The Autobot is still there!”

Haas immediately felt as though he had returned to heaven from hell after hearing Aisha’s comments, and his mood significantly improved.

But before he could blame Aisha for misbehaving. Aisha said, “It’s only that I just now unintentionally shattered your two lightsabers. Now, I’m not joking!”

“The light saber? Ah, the lightsaber is fine, as long as Optimus Prime not broken, all is fine. I can always buy the lightsaber next time.”

When Haas learned that the lightsaber had broken, he quickly realized that it was not a special edition and that he could simply spend a little more money to purchase two more.

When he overheard the father and daughter talking in the bathroom at this point, Jerry, who was getting ready for an outing in the living room, laughed to himself.

Although he thought his younger sister was usually silly, she was always quite shrewd when it mattered, particularly when it came to handling Hass.

Aisha initially unintentionally shattered Haas’s prized lightsaber. Haas would not reprimand her, but given that they had a schedule with Mrs. Belle to visit an amusement park for today, he must be in a good mood. The vacation won’t be as enjoyable today if Haas isn’t feeling well.

But now that Aisha has made such a move, Haas’s mood is even better than before.

Jerry smiled and told Aisha, “Stop playing, go into your room and change your clothes, we’re leaving in a minute,” as he saw her emerge triumphantly from the bathroom.


Around 9:30 a.m., Jerry and Aisha arrived at a well-known, sizable amusement park in Manhattan in Haas’s police car, and Mrs. Belle had already there and purchased the tickets at the playground gate.

In reality, Jerry has little interest in visiting the theme park. It’s just that Aisha enjoys it, and Haas rarely has free time to spend with her. He has no issues because Mrs. Belle also wants to use this to improve ties between everyone.

It is challenging to get his attention when compared to learning, performing magic, and soaring about in the skies on a magic broom, than playing around in the amusement park.

“Oh no, help! Let me go down! I can’t take it any longer! I’m going to die!”

Jerry was silently pondering whether or not red stars would be awarded if he used magic to halt the entire roller coaster at this moment while hearing the cries from everyone around him.

Consider how much those on the roller coaster who are so terrified that they are about to cry now want to descend. Red stars should appear on his account because of his actions in stopping the roller coaster, which can be seen as aiding others.

Not today though, if he has time to come by himself another day, he can try it. All amusement rides, including roller coasters, jumping machines, and haunted houses, appear to be eligible for a red star.

After two o’clock in the afternoon, they continued to play. The four left the park starving after using nearly all of the amusement park’s facilities and drove to busy Broadway in search of a restaurant.

“What in the world? What is he thinking, exactly?”

A taxi thrillingly swerved in front of Haas’s vehicle on the busy street. Had he not realized that Aisha and Jerry, two kids, were in the car, Haas would have nearly cursed.

He slammed on the brakes to come to a stop on the side of the road when he saw the cab that loved to overtake when Haas’ automobile stopped at the intersection of traffic lights a little while later. A man and a lady then hurriedly opened the door and exited the vehicle.

The woman yelled angrily at the cab driver as the man got out of the car and started to breathe in and out nonstop, as if he were trying to control his heartbeat.

She was obviously very upset with the taxi driver’s reckless driving.

“Jerry, Aisha, take a look that way. My alma mater in college is Greyburn University. I’ll take you for a stroll there after dinner.”

Mrs. Belle, who was occupying the passenger seat, turned her head to point at a university by the side of the road ahead and then introduced it to Jerry and Aisha while smiling.

“New York’s best university is Greyburn University. Dad wishes you well in getting accepted to a similar university in the future.” Haas, who was still driving, then joined the discussion.

“It won’t be a problem because Jerry and Aisha are so smart. They can attend a better university in the future.” Mrs. Belle encouraged Jerry and Aisha. Haas shook his head covertly.

Jerry is obviously fine. He even believes that Jerry’s IQ makes enrolling at MIT for him not a huge deal. His daughter, who has never passed mathematics, will be a concern. Her potential ability to enroll in a subpar university, let alone Greyburn University, is a concern right now.

It was already 4:00 p.m. when we finished eating.

Jerry and Aisha were brought to Greyburn University by Haas and Mrs. Belle so they might experience college life.

“As expected of a first-class university!”

Jerry couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he walked along the cobblestone road in Greyburn University, admiring the lovely surroundings and the young college students.

He attended a junior college, or that kind of public junior college, in his prior life. The fact that the whole area of the university is less than one-fourth as large as the high school he attended in the county is a drawback despite the fact that the tuition is incredibly affordable.

If his family’s financial position hadn’t been taken into account when he first started college, he almost turned around and resumed his education. He seemed lonely in college in his prior life, but perhaps he can make up for it later.

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Published On: March 10, 2023

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