“Stupid humans, today marks only the beginning. In three days, I shall appear randomly in the cities of various countries. Each time I manifest, I will massacre all the inhabitants and feed upon your souls. I shall not cease until every human has perished from the face of this world. So, embrace despair, for your souls will only become a more delectable feast. The souls I have encountered today lack the flavor of true despair.”

Having averted the nuclear bomb, Jerry Apparated directly to the skies above the White House in Washington.

He used a loudspeaker spell to amplify his arrogant and terrifying voice, which resonated throughout the city and was broadcast to all countries on Earth.

Prior to departing, Jerry intentionally unleashed his power, turning the vast lawn before the White House into an abyssal crater.

The message was clear: he knew that this was your nation’s capital, and he knew you were within this edifice.

It would be as effortless as crushing ants if he wished to end your existence.

Yet he refrained from slaughter; instead, he sought to evoke fear and illuminate the nature of true despair.

The effect was striking.

After Jerry departed, the senior government officials gathered in the White House observed the gaping chasm, seemingly an entrance to the netherworld.

Their brows were beaded with perspiration, and even the president, privy to the general plan in advance, found his legs trembling.

A slight deviation in the dark energy column would have meant their encounter with the devil.

At that moment, the individuals assembled, including the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State, realized the truth about the significance of the Avengers.

If the Avengers were to develop further and pose a challenge to their governance, their impact would be limited to specific interests.

With the Avengers’ ethical principles, they would not jeopardize their rule.

However, if the Avengers disbanded, in a situation akin to the present one, they, along with the entire Human race, might face extinction.

The world had changed drastically, introducing the emergence of such beings as Demons, thereby challenging what was once impossible.

“Now, contact the Secretary-General of the United Nations immediately. I propose that we reconvene and discuss the annulment of the previous agreement. We require the Avengers’ protection. What do you think?” The new president addressed the room, scanning each individual.

On this occasion, none voiced dissent.

Still gripped by the fear of the recently encountered formidable entity, none had yet recovered.

The return to their prior safety and security seemed more vital than ever.

Simultaneously, with Jerry’s departure and the conclusion of the satellite broadcast, governments and citizens across the globe found themselves engulfed by panic.

The devil indeed existed in this world—so potent that it had almost seized control of the White House.

What recourse did you possess if it appeared in the skies above your city in three days?

Who could challenge the devil? Who could deliver salvation?

Their immediate thoughts turned to the powerful wizard with angelic wings, the legendary Thor, the indomitable Hulk, and the Avengers who had once safeguarded the world.

The propensity to not be concerned about matters that don’t immediately affect oneself is an inherent human trait pervasive across all nations.

Previously, international public opinion had leaned toward the necessity of supervising the powerful Avengers, citing instances where the Avengers had inadvertently caused collateral harm during their missions, resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

While most people initially felt unaffected by the United Nations agreement, their perspective shifted as they realized that the impending Demon’s arrival posed a grave threat to their lives without the Avengers’ assistance.

Consequently, there was a unanimous consensus among the populace, and they began to fervently denounce the United Nations’ so-called agreement on the Internet, deeming it entirely unreasonable.

These individuals had once supported the Avengers, harboring the hope that the team might reassemble and protect the world from Demons.

Some went so far as to organize large-scale street demonstrations and protests, calling upon their governments to reconsider the agreement.

Just one hour after the live broadcast concluded, the United Nations headquarters building on the east side of Manhattan in New York found itself surrounded by irate New Yorkers brandishing signs.

All of these developments were being monitored and gathered through a computer on a Hawaiian beach.

Jerry chuckled as he watched the information that Vision had compiled.

“I’d say it’s not a major issue. Tony, in a few hours, your phone will likely be blowing up!” he remarked.

As it turned out, Tony hadn’t been misleading the Secretary of State.

Following the press conference announcing the Avengers’ disbandment, the majority of Revenge Alliance members boarded Tony’s private jet for a Hawaiian vacation.

Contrary to the rumors of his disappointment with humanity, Thor returned to the God’s Realm a few days earlier because Jane’s cancer had been cured, and they were to marry there together.

Assuming all went well, they would return to Earth the following day.

“I’m not concerned about the plan going awry, but Jerry, you’re not really a Demon from hell, are you?” Tony inquired, scrutinizing Jerry with curiosity.

The other Avengers gazed at Jerry, their expressions revealing astonishment.

When Jerry had initially discussed this plan, they hadn’t comprehended the nature of the transformation into a Demon.

They wondered whether he’d sprouted a few pairs of black wings.

Today, after witnessing the transformation, they had come to realize that Jerry had indeed become a Demon.

“It’s just a type of magic called ‘receiving.’ By extracting a creature’s soul, you can transform into that creature through the process of receiving. Extract the soul of a Demon, and you become a Demon naturally,” Jerry offered a concise explanation of the principle behind receiving magic.

However, the Avengers struggled to fully grasp this magical concept and focused on the vital point: Jerry had absorbed a Demon’s soul.

“So, there really are Demons in this world?” Natasha and Wanda, both in bikinis, expressed their amazement.

“Real Demons aren’t too terrifying. Think of them as alien beings. With sufficiently powerful weaponry, they can be readily dispatched. What’s truly fearsome are the Demons of the mind—these cannot be killed,” Jerry explained with a smile before abruptly recalling something.

“Oh, by the way, I still have a Demon that’s more than 300 meters tall after transformation. Its song can cause any creatures that hear it to die instantly. If you have time, I can summon it for you to see.”

The Avengers could only stare at Jerry in disbelief upon hearing what he’s capable of unleashing…

Clearly, there were no issues with Jerry serving as their supervisor.

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Published On: November 16, 2023

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