Of all the mages present, only Ur had the experience of fighting Deliora with all her strength. She certainly knew how powerful Deliora’s magic attack was. When she went to rescue Gray ten years ago, she had resisted this attack.

This magic cannot be stopped at all.

It would have killed her immediately if she hadn’t dodged fast enough. Even so, she lost a leg because she was one step slower to dodge.

At that time, she understood that she was not Deliora’s opponent at all. She couldn’t kill it by herself, so she used her magic to freeze and seal Deliora forever.

Deliora roared, and an extremely thick and terrifying energy shot straight at Erza and Natsu. The black energy first touched the huge ice shield erected by Ur. However, the huge ice shield only lasted for a moment before the black energy disintegrated it.

Gray and Lyon squeezed out the last bit of magic in their bodies and erected two ice shields. It’s a pity that even Ur’s shield can’t stop it. How can Gray and Lyon’s ice shield stop it? After a few seconds, the two ice shields collapsed directly.

After breaking through the three ice shields one after another, the black energy did not weaken much and continued to charge toward Erza and Natsu.

With a loud bang, the black energy shot through Erza and Natsu. The powerful force created a long crack in the ground and finally rushed to the sea. Looking down at the island from a height, they can clearly see that the island seems to have been split into two.

From this, it can be seen that Deliora is very powerful.

“Erza, Natsu!”

After seeing the black energy, Erza and Natsu had completely disappeared. Lucy’s, Happy, and others in the distance shouted at them.

But at this moment, a voice came from behind them,

“Fortunately, I reacted fast enough. It would be troublesome if both of you were hit.”

Everyone turned to look, and it was Jerry who was holding Natsu in one hand and Erza in the other. Obviously, Jerry used his magic to save Erza and Natsu before the energy hit them.

Even Jerry himself was taken aback by Deliora’s attack, which was really powerful. He can feel the energy contains a unique dark energy.

Putting down Erza and Natsu, Jerry Apparated again and brought Ur and the others to safety because they had already run out of their magic energies.

“What should I do? Even with all of our strength, we cannot kill it completely.” Lyon hit the ground, and he no longer had the confidence to fight Deliora by himself.

After the real fight with Deliora, he discovered that his strength was far worse than Ur, let alone Deliora.

“Just leave it to me. I’ll seal it again with my magic. I’m happy to see you grow up healthy and become an excellent mage.” Ur reached out and rubbed the heads of Lyon and Gray.

At this time, the only one who remained calm was Ur because she had already made preparations to seal Deliora again.

“No, I’ll do it this time!” Gray took a step forward, and his eyes were full of determination.

He didn’t want to see Ur’s sacrifice anymore. All of this started because of him and will end with him.

“Hey, you still want to steal the highlight from me? Just stand there and take care of Ur later.” Lyon got up and ran directly to Deliora. He intends to preemptively cast his sealing magic and sacrifice himself to seal Deliora.

However, he just started and didn’t run very far when Jerry stopped him.

“Don’t be impulsive. Now is not the time for that.”

Jerry admires the fact that they would dedicate their lives to the safety of others. But it really doesn’t need to end like this. Even if they sacrificed one person to freeze Deliora, the matter won’t be over.

Deliora will still be there. It’s just a matter of time before Deliora will rise again. After all, Ur has been frozen for ten years, and she couldn’t recover all of her energy in just a small amount of time.

“Jerry, what are you trying to do?” Erza stepped forward and said seriously.

Makarov once told her that Jerry might hide extremely powerful power, but he was low profile and devoted himself to the study of magic. That’s why he doesn’t show much about what he can do.

If Jerry is really like what the guild master said, there is really such a glimmer of hope.

“There is a way, and it may work. But I have to try it.” Jerry nodded with a smile and Apparated.

According to Deliora’s strength, if he didn’t release some powerful magic, he might not be able to deal with it. However, just when he saw the power of Deliora’s magic, he had an idea. A method that could easily deal with Deliora.

At the same time, Ultear, who had been hiding in the dark, was confused.

Although she said Ur was not worthy of being her mother, when she saw that Ur was resurrected, she couldn’t help but feel happy. Just seeing Ur, Gray, and Leo happy, she fell into jealousy and hatred again. She even hoped that Deliora would kill them all.

After hearing that Ur was going to sacrifice herself again to seal Deliora, her face suddenly showed an extremely angry expression.

“Dare she willing to sacrifice herself for her disciple but abandon me? Am I that disgusting to you? I hope all of you die, and I will make things better myself.”

She decided not to care anymore. After Deliora kills everyone on the island, she uses a method that could control Deliora and bring it back to Hades.

Just after she made up her mind, she suddenly frowned. Because she saw that the mysterious mage named Jerry prevented Ur and others from casting their magic, he came in the direction of Deliora.

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Published On: October 22, 2023

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