“Besides being good at repairing magic, I also know a little about other magics. This Levitation Magic is one of them.” Just as Lucy’s thoughts rose, she heard Jerry’s voice in her ears.

“You can do several magic?”

It is normal for a mage to learn one kind of magic. If they want to learn other magic, they can do it. Jerry’s magic obviously does not belong to the same type of magic.

“I prefer to study magic, and I want to dabble in any type of magic.” Jerry explained it briefly.

In this way, they chatted throughout the entire trip. The train is getting closer and closer to Magnolia City. Although the trains in this world are steam trains, what Jerry does not expect is that they travel several times faster than the steam trains in his world.

Later, according to Lucy, it was because the train had a special magic made by the national mages that helped the train increase its speed. There are so many mages and magic items in this world that it makes sense to make some magic improvements on such a large-scale vehicle.

Unlike the Harry Potter world, wizards are hidden in the dark, and ordinary people don’t know much about them. The people in this world are not too surprised when they see a mage or when they see a magician cast magic.

There are even special magazines that publish information about the influential figures in the guilds. Lucy has a copy of the photo book about Mirajane, the most beautiful woman in Fairy Tail Guild.

The train finally stopped at Magnolia Station.

Magnolia Station is the main station of the Kingdom of Fiore. You can take the trains from this station to Onibus, Oshibana, Clover, Hargeon, and many more.

“The capital city looks amazing.” After leaving the train station, looking around the entire city of Magnolia, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

In terms of area alone, the the entire Magnolia City is at least ten times the size of Hargeon City, and the overall feeling is much more prosperous. From Hargeon to Magnolia, it feels like going from a small town to an international commercial metropolis.

He also found the city full of magical things when walking in Magnolia. Not only people but also many buildings and streets.

In less than a minute, they came to a guild where plentiful mages with different kinds of styles and magic were here.

“I can’t believe I’m going to the Fairy Tail Guild.” Lucy looked at the scene in front of her. Although she was a little surprised, she still showed an excited look.

Jerry looked at the big building in front of him, “I thought Natsu was just a special case, but I didn’t expect everyone in this guild to be like this.”

He saw the tables and chairs in the entire guild hall were almost smashed in half.

There is a mage named Gray over there, who is fighting Natsu, barely naked, and there is a woman in a bikini by the bar drinking wine through the barrel directly.

“Ah, are you new here? Come have a drink first.” At this moment, a girl came over and spoke in a very gentle tone.

She was Mirajane, the person that he had read about in Lucy’s magazine.

“Thanks.” Jerry politely took the drink.

Lucy was even more excited to see Mirajane.

“Don’t mind them. They’ve always been like this, you know.” Maybe it was because she was worried that the newcomers Jerry and Lucy would be frightened by the current scene, Mirajane explained.

At this moment, a white-haired man with a nearly two-meter height was suddenly knocked out of the crowd and moved straight toward Mirajane. Seeing this, Jerry quickly pulled Mirajane over and kicked the white-haired man over.

Although he is a wizard, his physical strength is not bad. Even if he does not use magic to improve his strength, his physical body is several times better than a typical person, given that he has trained them before.

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