Seeing that Lucy successfully used the key to summon Nikora, answering the Canis Minor key, Jerry couldn’t help rubbing his chin.

Just when the magic circle was formed, and the Celestial Spirit appeared, he sensed special space magic fluctuations. It seemed that it was through the key. It opened up the special space magic and moved the Celestial Spirit from far away.

“Lucy, it doesn’t seem to be able to breathe.” Seeing that Nikora was about to suffocate because Lucy hugged it too hard, Jerry quickly reminded her.

She quickly restrained her excitement and put Nikora on the ground. She then took out a pen and paper from the small bag and said, “Sorry, I’m too excited. Now, let’s sign the contract!”

Nikora nodded.

Lucy began to ask Nikora various questions, such as when it was inconvenient to be summoned, when it was freer, etc., and recorded them on paper one by one.

It was not until all the questions were over. She used her magic power on the paper, and Nikora nodded obediently.

“The most important thing for a Celestial Mage is perseverance. You can only become the best Celestial Mages by paying attention to the agreement with the celestial spirits. This is what my mother taught me.” After formally signing the contract with Nikora, Lucy picked it up again and explained it to Jerry.

“Is this the Celestial Spirit?” Jerry curiously showed a thoughtful look.

Celestial Spirits gave him a very strange feeling because although he could touch the entity, it was not the same as the flesh and blood of normal human beings. It was more like a body condensed by a special energy.

“Celestial Spirit is an immortal existence. When they damage or the contracted Celestia Mage runs out of magic power, they will be automatically sent back to their world.”

“The power of the Celestial Spirit is not only related to their own abilities but also to the mages’ strength. The stronger the mage, the stronger the Celestial Spirit. Therefore, Celestial Mages are very strong. If you want to learn magic, you can become a Celestial Mage like me. ” Lucy introduced to Jerry confidently.

“Thank you, I will consider it.” Jerry smiled.

Celestial Mages can summon Celestial Spirits with different abilities to fight. The enemy’s magic is very powerful and does not easily restrain them.

But he found that the weakness was also obvious. The mages themselves are very fragile, and once they do not have the key, they are no different from ordinary people. From the contract just now, the Celestial Spirit also has its own life in their world, and you can summon them every time.

Of course, this is just what he is observing through Lucy. Maybe the powerful Celestia Mage doesn’t have such a weakness. Overall, this magic has some merit.

For example, even if his creatures are not in the ring space but are released elsewhere, he can summon them at will. In addition, he is also very interested in the composition and the unique immortal characteristics of the Celestial Spirits. He may go to where they live just to learn them.

“By the way, I haven’t named you yet. Let’s call you Plue!” Seeing that Jerry seemed to have his own ideas, Lucy didn’t say much but bowed her head and gave her Nikora a cute name.

Jerry had a surprised look when he heard the words, “Isn’t it called Nikola?”

“Nikora is the general name of the Canis Minor Spirits. Canis Minor has many keys, and each one is summoned differently.”

Seeing that Jerry didn’t understand, Lucy continued to explain, “Actually, there are a lot of different varieties of keys that exist in this world.”

Jerry suddenly realized that the key should be a lot, given that there’s a world filled with those Celestial Spirit creatures. It seems that there are relatively few Celestia Mages and keys.


After completing the agreed condition, Jerry didn’t stay long in the small park with Lucy but waved goodbye to her and planned to find a large hotel nearby to stay at first. Through the magic books and items he bought, he can get a general understanding of this world’s magic development and system.

He’ll wait until tomorrow morning to take the train to the next city. Hargeon is a port city. The best hotels are naturally located near the coastline.

Jerry is not short of money, so after saying goodbye to Lucy, he spends 5,000 Jewels to book a large suite with a sea view and read a book while enjoying the beautiful sea view of the port.

The sun set quickly, and by the time he had finished reading all the magic books, it was already dark outside.

Maybe because of the cheap magic books that are publicly available, the things recorded in several magic books are not so detailed. However, after reading all of them, it can be regarded as allowing him to have some understanding of the history and things around the world.

According to the records in the book, the total recorded history of this world is 784 years, so it is also called X784 years now, and magic has been around since the beginning of history.

However, the previous magical civilization seems to be more developed. Various wizard academies specialize in teaching people to learn and use magic, and the number of wizards is also very large.

Later, due to some unknown disaster, all these academies disappeared, and the magical civilization was hit hard.

It is precisely because of the disaster that caused the damage to the magical civilization that some technological things gradually emerged, such as steam engines and technologically colored things that can often be seen in cities. Guns, cannons, etc., also exist in this world.

However, the world has recognized that the No. 1 power system is still magic compared to technology.

Jerry even felt that if the unwritten disaster completely wiped out the magical civilization, maybe this world would become the same technological civilization world as his previous life.

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